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  • Why is she playing hot and cold?

    I've only known this girl for a couple of weeks and in that time we've gotten really close. We've chatted for hours on facebook, been out on a date, even slept in the same bed twice and kissed the second time while spooning/cuddling (no sex). But after the second night together, she started acting more distant than normal. I've texted her a couple of times and she responds with short answers (same with facebook chat) and she seems kinda disinterested at the moment. I thought things were going great, and she even verbalized that she felt the same, but who knows.

    Do you think maybe she is just really busy and can't tell me so I don't worry like this, or do you think she is weirded out for some reason, or she's taking time to slow down and make sure this is what she wants, etc. It's driving me crazy, and although she isn't acting VERY different from what I'm used to, she has changed a little and I can tell. What do you guys think is up with her?

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  • What should I wear to an Apple Interview?

    I'm headed off to an interview at Apple this evening. It's a group interview seminar type thing, and I'm a 21 year old guy. The job is for specialists, which are the sales type people that walk around the store in jeans and Apple tee shirts. Do you think I should wear a good pair of jeans and a nice tee shirt or something more formal? I'll be in a group of probably 10 people or so, and I don't want to stick out as under or over dressed.

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  • Help with a girl... what does she mean?

    I've been really close to this girl for a couple months and we've become great friends. I've hung out with her a lot but never tried to kiss her or screw her, because I thought that she just liked me as her friend, and I didn't want to jeopardize that. Nevertheless we've been really flirty with one another from the start, and a lot of people think that we're dating, and there is kind of that will they won't they vibe between us. We'd both talk to one another about people we're hanging out with (of the opposite gender) and have been really open with one another.


    The other day I decided that I had had enough, and went about asking her what we were to one another. She mentioned something about me never trying to kiss her or sleep with her, and I told her that I don't do that with friends... so I wanted a straight answer as to whether or not we were friends or if she wanted more, and she said that she wasn't really sure what she wanted, but that she was open minded. She also said that she lets things that she likes happen and tries not to over think things. WHAT DOES SHE WANT?

    For the record, I think she wants me to kiss her or make a move on her, and I'll do that unless you guys think that I should do something else and have misunderstood. Thanks for your help... I need closure to this constant confusion and questioning bullcrap.

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  • Why is she playing hot and cold?

    I've been on a few dates with this girl I like, and we get along great, but we aren't calling each other boyfriend/girlfriend, and aren't in a relationship yet but we're still dating. Anyway, I know that she likes me, and she'll often times ask me to hang out, and suggest things for us to do etc. Recently she told me a few different times that she likes to do a certain activity, and so I asked her in a text if she wanted to do that activity tomorrow. We were texting back and forth, and as soon as I asked her she stopped texting back. It hasn't been a full day yet since I sent the text, but I find that to be really odd.

    Why do you think that she would be doing this? She could at least say that she is busy or something if she couldn't tomorrow, but saying nothing at all just seems messed up.

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  • What does staying the night imply?

    I've been out on a few "dates" with this girl i like already, and I've been asked to come down to a girls house for a couple of days and stay the night. She has 3 roommates and no empty beds except for an extremely uncomfortable couch that i have already told her i will not sleep on for fear of becoming paralyzed in a joking way. she responded with "well we can't have that now can we" but she didn't explicitly say that i could sleep in her bed either, so I'm a little lost. I will probably bring a sleeping bag with me so i don't seem so presumptuous as to thinking that i'm going to get laid, but i think there is probably a good possibility that i will. thoughts?

    a few more details:

    -got drunk texted twice the other night from her... that was a first for me (asked if i would come take her home even though i'm hours away)

    -flirted a lot with her

    -been out of a few dates with her but not kissed yet

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  • What is a study date, and what does it mean?

    There is some girl in college who I think might like me, but has sent mixed signals as to if she does or not. She's called me adorable before, has praised my artistic abilities on numerous occasions, mentioned that she has an EX boyfriend, and chatted with me on facebook for over an hour at a time. But on the flip side, she dropped a little line in one time that said that there is a fine line between her being friendly and flirty, and I don't know if that was directed to me or not, since she was talking about how guys don't get signals when girls are into them.

    Enough backstory! She just sent me a message saying "study date this weekend?".

    I've never heard this term be used, and I did a little research to see if that meant more like a real date, or just something strictly as friends or whatever. I'm curious to see if you guys think that this is more like a real date (in her eyes at least) and if so, if you think that she likes me or not.

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  • Do you think that this girl likes me?

    I'm a 20 year old guy in college, and she is a 26 year old who sits next to me in a class. We've only known each other for a few weeks, but we've become very friendly. Recently however, she has started to show what I consider to be flirting signs. She is always saying hey and asking how I am, she laughs a lot when I talk, she has drawn on my notebook, she constantly leans over to talk to me during class, makes funny faces and plays little games to get laughs out of me, gave me gum, patted my leg, etc.

    Now I'm not an idiot, and if she were my age, I would no doubt consider her to be into me, but I am stunned that she, being an incredibly hot 26 year old would be interested in me, a 20 year old. I'm nothing to sneeze at, but she is REALLY pretty, so it's making me second guess my initial thoughts about this. Plus, I've never dated anyone older than me, so I really don't know if she really is flirting with me, or just considers me to be a friend (or a lamp).

    Help me out! I'm going out of my mind here. Thoughts?

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  • Question for guys who have finished puberty?

    Did your jaw (lower jaw / chin) grow during puberty?

    If so, could you please say when (late, early, middle of puberty)? Thanks

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  • Indent on bottom of nose?

    Hello all,

    If you've ever noticed there is a trait where an indent or cleft can be seen along the bottom of a nose (in between the nostrils). A good example of this trait is Johnny Depp's nose ( Both of my parents as well as my brother have this trait, and as I am in puberty (at which point the nose goes through changes), I'm wondering if I too will develop this trait.

    Do you think that this is a dominant trait? Do you have one of these, or have seen people with one?

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  • is there an easy way to...?

    tell my friend (who is a girl) to stop pretending that she is into me (playing hard to get) and stop passive aggressively interfering with my attempts to get with other girls without ruining my friendship with her? I don't dislike her, but she is really starting to piss me off!

    any help is appreciated, i know that is a run on sentence/question.

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  • is this girl just a tease?

    i've known this girl for a little over a year now, and we've become friends, but she is just different from most other girl friends of mine. For example, she is very hands on / touchy. Like, if I'm sitting behind her in a class, she might spontaneously lean back and grab my face and play with my hair. She's leaned on my shoulder before (while sitting next to me) while we were watching a movie in a class once too. I can't understand this, because she had a boyfriend last year, and was (on facebook) declared "in an open relationship."

    I've been trying to forget about her (after figuring she was a dead end for a girlfriend possibility) and I was sitting next to this other cute girl in one of my classes. it was going well for a couple of days, and then out of nowhere, she (the "tease") moves from across the room to start sitting next to me! I think she is just trying to ruin my other opportunities to get with other girls... sick sh it! What do you think about this girl, and how should i deal with her?

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  • Is this (url in description) legitimate advice?

    The URL is self-explanatory... all I want to know, is if this sounds like good advice to anyone who has either done this, or has had this done to them by someone. Thanks

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  • Ladies, what hints do you drop to guys you like?

    Preferably if you are high school to college age, if that matters...

    Do you smile at them, laugh, talk, etc.? Please be specific. Thanks

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  • Do girls/women do this?

    Do girls and women make it obvious if they are into you, or play the whole hard to get game...

    will they make it happen, or help to make it happen, or rely on you to instigate things

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