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  • How can I tell whether she feels chemistry between us?

    I recently had a fifty minute conversation with a great girl who attends college in the city I'm living at. She's away for the summer but we've managed to stay in touch. I just feel a very strong connection with her, and though I'm definitely pursuing other girls in town at the moment for short-term flings, she's definitely been on my mind as an ideal long-term interest. She just has an amazing personality, she's fun to talk with, she's very compassionate and charismatic, and we can have long fulfilling talks about nearly everything.

    I know how I feel about her, but what are some signs during phone conversations that'd reveal whether she feels the same way about me? How can I tell whether she's approaching this phone conversation from a friendly perspective or if she'd be open to the possibility of dating me when she comes back to town? Are there tell-tale signs and catchphrases women will use on the phone that'll reveal her true feelings, or will I simply have no idea?

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  • Will communism end in Cuba after Fidel Castro dies?

    I'm not writing a paper on the subject or anything like that; I'm just curious as to your opinions. I did a bit of research into the subject back when I was in college (a couple years ago.) So, do you think the communist regime will be overthrown after Fidel's death (which will hopefully happen sooner rather than later), or will communism persist in Cuba?

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  • Playing phone tag with a girl I like...? What should I do next?

    I've been fairly interested in the possibility of pursuing a girl I've known for a few months. I'm not infatuated with her (yet,) but I do think she's pretty attractive. Unfortunately, four weeks ago she left town. I won't see her again in person until she comes back in August.

    For the past three weeks, I've tried to start a phone conversation with her...just to keep the positive vibes going. What's resulted so far has been a three week game of phone tag. I call her, a few days later she calls me back, I call her back a few days after that...etc. At least we'll both leave each other messages.

    I know she's very busy...and I'm a pretty busy guy myself...but I can't believe the timing hasn't worked out!

    Is there anything I can do to help ensure that a conversation does happen without coming on too strong? I don't want to scare her off by e-mailing her and asking her to list a few times she'd be free to talk...for example...that'd be ridiculous! But this phone tag is wearing me down...

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  • Given how much liberals hate the concept of stereotyping, why do they stereotype conservatives?

    Many liberals hate the idea of stereotyping, for good reason. You shouldn't stereotype the opinions of a black man just because he's black, or stereotype women into the role of housewife, or stereotype an Arab immigrant as a terrorist. Libs are always first to point out that people should not be grouped into demeaning catagories.

    But then in political debates these same "open-minded," "well-educated," liberals accuse all conservatives of being...

    * Brainwashed by Rush Limbaugh. (As in, "Why do conservatives believe ___?" "Because Rush told them to," implying that every conservative can't think for themselves.)

    * Desperately in love with GW Bush (there are many conservatives who dislike him, for the record.)

    * White hillbilly rednecks from down south flying confederate flags (there are plenty of well-educated conservatives as well as African American and Asian ones)

    * Fundamentalist nutjobs (Many conservatives aren't even Christian)

    Libs: Why is this form of stereotyping acceptable?

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  • I find black women really attractive, but are any out there who'd like a white guy like me?

    My (predominantly white) friends tend to mock me a bit for generally finding black women very attractive -- I've probably run into more African-American girls I've wanted to date than white girls I've been attracted to.

    I tend to tilt conservative when it comes to politics, though, and I don't have a personality that seems terribly compatible with most black women I've hung out with. (Don't misinterpret this as a stereotype. I understand there are many exceptions out there, I just haven't met many.) Most of my friends have told me there's no hope in me meeting a black woman who'd even want to date a white man, let alone date a guy with my personality and preferences.

    Should I just give up and concentrate on girls of my ethnicity?

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  • She wants a spontaneous guy, how do I act more impulsive with her?

    I have feelings for a girl who recently confessed that she prefers "spontaneous" guys.

    Of course, if there's one weakness to my personality it's that I'm not "spontaneous" at all. To the contrary, I'm one of those meticulous "nice" guys who prefers planning everything out and acting "by the book." How can I be more spontaneous in my friendship with her without spooking her out or making my interest in her too obvious?

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