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  • Where can I buy a baby hedgehog close to Indianapolis, Indiana?

    I have seen in other websites that I can get a baby hedgehog at uncle bills pet I know that's not a good place to get any pet! So I am looking for a close by breeder.. Please help!

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  • Anyone good at anologies?

    I need help on my vocabulary for English, I don't understand analogies. Can anyone help me?

    1 Procrastinate is to delay as _____.

    a) leaf is to tree

    b) Climax is to story

    c) envision is to imagine

    d) nemesis is to friend

    e) high is to low

    2. Novie is to experienced as ____

    a) expert is to knowledge

    b) quibble is to important

    c) wheel is to bicycle

    d) peel is to banana

    e) savory is to flavorful

    3 Atlas is to maps as _____

    a) appetizer is to meal

    b) thwart is to block

    c) refute is to truth

    d)night is to day

    e) cookbook is to recipes

    4 Jovial is to saturnine as ___

    a) truth is to fallacy

    b) red herring is to dinner

    c) star is to sky

    d) miniscule is to tiny

    e) nut is to bolt

    5 Roadblock is to obstruction as _____

    a) walk is to jump

    b) scuttle is to movement

    c) wet is to swim

    d) bland is to flavorful

    e)curtain is to window

    6 Prosaic is to rare as ___

    a)eulogy is to speech

    b)pet is to dog

    c)actor is to script

    d) fast is to slow

    e) quaint is to new

    7 Accolade is to praise as ____

    a) fictitious is to reality

    b) veracity is to fallacy

    c) cataclysm is to disaster

    d) match is to flame

    e)indisputable is to uncertain

    9 Embarkation is to journey as___

    a) appetizer is to meal

    b) prodigy is to child

    c) innocuous is to harmful

    d) astute is to clever

    e) fruit is to apple

    10 Archaic is to ancient as ____

    a) paragraph is to words

    b) obtrusive is to bold

    c) orthodox is to true

    d) hair is to head

    e) gas is to car

    Please help what you can! Much appreciated!

    1 AnswerWords & Wordplay9 years ago
  • How do i make free ring tones?

    Awhile ago i went to this website and it said to copy the youtube URL to this box, and you could pick the 30 seconds of the song you wanted. Then you would send it to your phone and it would be a ringtone. Does anyone know what website that is or anyone like it?

    Thanks (:

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  • Can you give me tips on cheer leading?

    Football cheer tryouts are coming soon and i need some tips on jumps (mostly toe touch and some hurkeys) i cant get my legs up that high but its ok. and i can do a backhand spring but i still need tips on that too. so please give me some tips if you can! thanks!

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  • shabooya cheers!! NOT FROM BRING IT ON PLEASE!!?

    can you please help me with shabooya cheers!? i need some and i already have the 1's from bring it on so please dont anwser with those! help me be creative! please! thanks!!:)

    3 AnswersVolleyball1 decade ago
  • my toad doesn't eat thing that r bigger than it so i cut things up and it still doesn't eat!! what should i do

    my toad is the size of a blueberry or a little bit bigger and i feed it a sentapeed and it eat it big it took it about 25 mins is that normal?

    8 AnswersReptiles1 decade ago