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  • Which of these should I buy?

    a 2006 Ford Escape with 200,000 miles (company vehicle) maintained by a dealership


    1995 Toyota Camry 140,000 miles with an unknown maintenance record driven by the "little old lady who only drives it to church on sunday"

    The Ford costs $1400 and the Camry $800

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  • Should your car speed up when you let off the brake?

    In a car with an automatic transmission, if you are sitting on a level surface in drive and you let off the foot brake but do not touch the accellerator, how much if any speed should the car pick up? I drove a friends car today and when i let off the brake it went up to about 15mph. Is that normal or is something wrong?

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  • Should I attend a church that has doctrines I disagree with, or should I not attend at all? (see details)?

    I was raised Catholic, I've attended Baptist, Episcopal, Calvary Chapel, and a neo-charismatic (think new-school Pentecostal) church. Each church I've attended has doctrines I believe are un-biblical, however, I believe each church has members that are saved.

    I believe that all churches in the current age have at least some false doctrine. I have not attended any church in about a year.

    Do you think this is the place to use discernment and take what the pastor has to say with a grain of salt? Or, do you think that I should remain an "independent" Christian who believes that Jesus would be disgusted with each church body if He came back tomorrow?

    As for doctrine, my biggest issue is with the Prosperity Gospel, the Name It Claim it philosophy. The church I am looking into is pastored by a man who trained at the RHEMA training center, which is known for its prosperity teachings.

    I am especially interested in "Baptist style" bible teaching, but I love the neo-charismatic music (IHOP, Onething Conference, etc.)

    No offense to any non-believers out there, but for a question such as this, fellow Christians hold more weight in their answers.


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  • Need advice, thinking about quitting my church (advice from Christians preferred)?

    Bear with me; For the past few months ive been attending a Calvary Chapel, google them FMI. There are many people there who are financially better off than me, and they are not afraid to show it. Last week, the pastor made a comment about people who "tip" as opposed to Tithe (give money). As you may know, a true tithe is giving ten percent of your income to the church. the pastor seemed to be calling out those people who "just throw a twenty in" he said "do you expect me to believe that you only make 200 dollars a week?!"

    Thing is, i work for little more than minimum wage, so i do get about 230 a week after taxes. This type of church is known for being somewhat harsh and bullyish, as well as partially adhering to "Prosperity Theology", which is the belief that rich people are favored by God, and poor people are poor because they upset God. I do not believe a shred of Pros. theology, God and material riches are opposite ends of the spectrum.

    So my question is this: Should i stay in this church, and feel like an outsider?

    They offer courses on how to better yourself, but they charge a hefty fee. I consider myself a conservative evangelical Christian, but lately my motto has become: "I love Jesus Christ, but i cant stand Christians"

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  • Where can i buy leather cord?

    i want to make a necklace with a small cross on it. i know where to get said cross, but i cant find leather cord anywhere. i dont mean online, i want to buy it in a store, what kind of store sells it?

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  • Can I Have My Paycheck Deposited In a Paypal Account?

    I have the paypal debit card, i was just wondering if i can have my pay directly deposited into my paypal account and bypass my bank entirely.

    3 AnswersPersonal Finance1 decade ago
  • Why can't I get iOS 4?

    I have an iPod touch, its not jailbroken or anything, but when i click "update" in iTunes, it says i have the current software version 3.1.3.

    How do i get iOS 4? it was my understanding that iPod touch could get it just as the iPhone.

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  • Which is a better processor?

    Intel Celeron M 575 at 2.0 ghz (single core). vs Intel Core Duo T2250 at 1.73 ghz.

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  • How long should I attend a church before calling it "my church"?

    So this past Sunday i started attending Calvary Chapel Bangor. Faith is very important to me and i love a good discussion, but when people ask me which church i go to it just seems a little tacky to call CCB "my church" when i have just started attending.

    8 AnswersReligion & Spirituality1 decade ago