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  • Need Some Japanese Anime Series with nice Romantic Stories and subjects?

    Hello , Ilike watching some new Japanese Anime series online , I like the one which has great story , good directing with beautiful and romantic story , I don't like the ones which are full of Blood , Robots , spacemen and sex , I like clean , cute and nice ones

    I liked my Childhood anime series so much , the ones as Daddy Long Legs , so I still like more the ones which are inspired of good or famous stories

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  • can anyone introduce great anime Series as good as Daddy Long Legs? some new ones I want?

    I like knowing about any Japanese nice Anime serie , when I was a child I liked some Anime Series such as Daddy Long Legs , Anne of Green Gables , .... so can anyone introduce such nice , romantic Japanese animations which has such good story too?

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  • please introduce the most beautful Opras from the past until now?

    hello everyone , please let me know the most famous or most beautiful Operas , Operatic Duets from the past until now ,

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  • please introduce a fiddler and singer as Alexander Rybak?

    hello everyone , in eurovision 2009 ,I really liked the performance of Alexander Rybak from Norway (song: Fairytale) the interesting point for me was that he is a great fiddler and singer at the same time and plays such joyfully and hilariously , now please let me know much more singers who are fiddlers or folk dancers too ,

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  • Sympathy for John Travolta and Kelly Preston?

    I have created this topc for people who like to put sympathy for John Travolta (one of my most favorite actors ) and Kelly reston(his wife) who has lost their 16 yrs son recently (2nd Jan 2009) , I felt myself so sorry and sad when I heard this news , so I show my sympathy to them , and the all people who like to share their sympathy , please write their comments , maybe later , some day he or his relative can see this page , then they know the other people also indicate their sad feellings about the death of Jett Travolta , at least through the words , ...

    I think , onone can prevent sad events in his or her life , no a super star , no a millioner can be just happy for ever , I hope John Travolta and his family found peace soon and never encounter such huge sorrow any more ,

    I hope 2009 will be a kind and nice year to everyone and not any bad news will be heard any more

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  • Negative and Positive Roles! Which Actors are the best or most famous in Negative roles?

    There are many actors or Actress who esp play in just Negative or Positive roles and are famous for the kind of role they are playing in , now it is interesting to know Which Actors are the most famous Icons for the Positive and hero Roles (a good Police , a great human , as a whole someone good or hero)and Which Actors are mostly famous and great for their Negative roles(enemy of people , Killer , involved in crimes,...)...

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  • Can you tell me Some Good Family Movies esp with a pet?

    Hello , I have just seen a nice and sweet movie with a cute dog in it :Lassie (1994), so now I m wonder if anyone can introduce some interesting Family movies esp the ones which have a cute pet(Cat , Dog , Horse ,...) and the sweet connection between the animal and persons(esp a child),... as These kind of movies are sweet for watching with the family ,...

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  • 27 dresses, What's your Ideas?

    I watched 27 dresses last night,I liked it,

    it was charming and cute to me

    the idea of the movie could be indicated well and simply,although it was typical &rather formulaic too &we could guess its end somehow but I found it a nice

    romantic comedy movie ¬ not a silly one(as some teen movies)it was a good one in romantic comedies,I know these kind of movies can't be called as very great movies in the hostory of Cinema,but I call them Cute,sweet movies,they can afford some sweet hours for many people and sutiable for most of family members

    (the are usually PG or PG-13)

    in this movie Katherine Heigl was great and we could believe her(except in showing the slides which end to breaking of her sister's wedding,the senaryo must be written better for this matter)I like James Marsden too,I liked that in this movie he could win!(not loser as Enchanted &The Note book)

    anyway I like your any idea int his movie &if you can,please introduce any other cute &good romantic comedy like this?!

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  • Movies about Musicians and Painters , which ones you have seen or prefer which other samples you know?

    which movies you prefer or know about painters and Musicians,these are some samples which I know or I've seen:


    Immortal Beloved(1994)Gary Oldman as:Ludwig van Beethoven

    Copying Beethoven(2006)Ed Harris as:Ludwig van Beethoven

    Amadeus(1984)Tom Hulce as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

    Chaykovskiy(1969)Russian movie,Innokenti Smoktunovsky as Chaykovskiy

    Song of Love(1947)Paul Henreid as Robert Schumann


    Painters and illustrators:

    Lust for Life(1956)Kirk Douglas as Vincent Van Gogh & Anthony Quinn as Paul Gauguin

    Frida(2002)Salma Hayek as Frida Kahlo

    Modigliani(2004)Andy Garcia as Amedeo Modigliani

    Pollock(2000)Ed Harris as Jackson Pollock

    Surviving Picasso(1996)Pablo Picasso as Pablo Picasso

    Moulin Rouge(1952)José Ferrer as Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec

    Moulin Rouge!(2001)John Leguizamo as Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec

    Klimt(2006)John Malkovich as :Gustav Klimt

    Miss Potter(2006)Renée Zellweger as:Beatrix Potter(children writer and illustrato

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  • Please pick the more watchable movies among these movies?

    Hi,I want to borrow some movies for watching so I want to choose some movies from the list of the collector so if you please help me choose the more watchable, better movies among the below movies,(choose from any Genre or year,off course I mostly like Crime -Gangeter ones):

    Cache, Miller's crossing , Bad Company , The Hostel

    Payback, A Lady From Shanghai , My Super Ex-girlfriend

    Traffic, The Sea Inside , Brotherhood Of Wolf

    Once Upon A Time In West, Lolita(1997)

    Insomnia, The Postman Always Rings Twice

    Hostage, The Constant Gardener

    Wild Orchid, wild orchid 2 ,The Jacket

    Hanower Street, Death And Maiden

    Gothika, Gloria , Elektra, Intersection, disclosure

    Human Stain, Point Of No Return

    The Ballad Of Jack & Rose,Hunted(2003),

    Straw Dogs, True Romance, Walk The Line

    Syriana, 9 Songs, Princes Diareis, 16 Blocks, Pursuit Of Happyness, The Abandoned, Spanglish,Interpreter

    The Good German, Stranger Than Fiction

    Murder By Death,View From The Top , Bang,Bang,You're Dead

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  • Discuss about Mysterious Movies!,the ones in which the main character is the killer but himself doesn't know?

    There are some Mysterious Movies (Crime , Horror movies) in which the main character is involving in finding the secrets, mystery aroud a murder but finally he finds out that himself is the killer! such as these movies : Secret Window , Angel Heart , Number 23 ,...

    and in some movies the characters are seeing ghost , etc and finally found out that themselves are the Dead (ghost ) ones! such the movies : The Others , The Sixth Sense

    Do you know any other such movies as the explantation I have told, if you know tell other samples ,

    and as a whole which ideas you have about any of these movies or these kind of these movies?

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