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im the genuine hopeless romantic men cant understand women? no problem women cant understand your bf? fixable aswell experienced fish hobbyist got any questions just contact me and ill see waht i can do.

  • friend no license, hit parked car fled scene of accident, witnesses? what do i do?

    hi i lent my friend my car to do a errand, me not knowing he didnt have a license he hit a parked car and fled the scene there was a witness ,didnt find out til got ticket violations in mail, friend confessed , what i am asking what do i do when i go to court? tell them my unlicensed friend drove my car and ran away or take the blame and get points on my license. i live in the state of nj

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  • aquarium salt?

    i got API salt

    i heard that salt is good for the health

    of goldfish

    but im worried about it

    is the salt like a water conditioner or is it

    just a add in

    and are they meant to eat it or waht if they do should i be worried?

    and what does electrolytes do for a goldfish ?

    and does it disolve or will it be in my tank until i siphon it out

    and does salt have any negative effects on the tank it self?

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  • 1)combonantion of fish(?) 2)is there any other way to measure space for gorwing fish?

    1)right now i have a ranchu/lionhead tank and a ryukin tank both 45 gals and now that im moving i dont think i might have space for two tanks is it even possible to combine theses two kinds of fish in a 90or 125 gal tank or am i going to have to use a divider if i want them in the same tank together and do they make dividers for 90 or 125 gal tanks?

    2)is there any other way to measure future growth of goldfish besides the one inch per gal thing

    persay there was a 10 gallon high tank hypothetically

    would the fish nesscarily grow ten inches cause it has ten gallons or is it matter if the tank is 10 inches long that it might grow ten inches?

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  • pearlscale?

    i just aquired a a beautiful pearlscale

    from a breeder friend of mine

    i did a little research on it

    but i so contfused some say it cant be with other fancygoldfish and some say they can be

    same say if the scales fall of that they wont grow back some say just give it time

    i want to asimilate it with my other goldfish but im afraid waht might happen

    i tryed it with my lionhead goldfish and it started to get harassed my it was it a fluke or

    was it attacked cuz maybe it was ill or are they uncompatible

    are they compatible with black moores and ryukin ?

    take in mind all my goldfish are no bigger then 4 inches and the pearlscale is only 2inches

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  • what to do with fish?

    ive had goldfish for a while now and

    im trying to raise beautiful fish so i can later on breed them

    but one fish that i had for a about 6 months

    had beauty potential in the begining with a veiltail

    but later on showed deformation on the tail

    and now the tail hangs low and just droups

    unlike other veiltails i have what should i do with it

    i tryed to find someone who would take it but there arent any

    and i feel bad to perposely kill it just cuase its ugly

    waht can i do ?

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  • what kind do you use?

    what kind of medication do you use for your fish?

    liquid , powder , medicated food or medicated fizz tabs?

    and waht works best?

    2)what brand name do you usally by ?

    3)what size and how many tanks do you own?

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  • novice (?) for experienced fish hobbyists?

    right now i have a twenty gallon with a divider dividing a shoal of cory cats and one ranchu goldfish aka lionhead gold fish

    but i only bought the divider cuz i only had another fish that didnt get along with my lionhead but it died so im wondering do i really need the divider still or can a remove it and my cory cats and ranchu get along?

    3 AnswersFish1 decade ago