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i enjoy stating my opinions, also asking offensive questions. call me a bitch, whatever i dont really care, all i want is some answers and stuff. im 15, i feel this way, and want to voice my questions and opinions. so uhm. please try not to be to offended, understand this is an expieriment. i enjoy reading ur comments though. keep it up. do email me too. i want to know ur opinions on certain things, i need things to write in my newspaper, and i need subjects, email me, IM me, i'll be your friend. ^_^

  • Is it just stress (pt. 2)?

    So I am currently 2 weeks and 3 days late on my period. I took 2 at home tests, and went to a free clinic for a 3rd all were negative. Now I am having light spotting. I am worrying which I'm sure isn't going to make a period start if there is supposed to be one. I was very stressed out last month while I was on my period. Is that stress just affecting me now? I hear a lot about women testing negative and having late periods with spotting and they end up being pregnant. My husband and I aren't ready for babies! Someone please help put my mind at ease!

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  • Is it just stress?

    So my period is 2 weeks late. After the first week missed I took a pregnancy test, and again after the second. They were both negative. I have been having period symptoms for the last week or so but my period just won't start. Last month when I had my period I became really stressed out which actually caused my period to end early. I'm wondering if stress from that long ago will affect my period now?

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  • Suggestions for college audition material?

    I will be attending William Jewell next fall, it is a private liberal arts college.

    im planning on a double major in music education and performance.

    ill be audtioning for a scholarship as well as a spot in the music department.

    because of the economy i havent been able to afford private tutoring for a couple years, though i do play in 4 orchestras at school, 2 are made by audition only, and the others are with a brand new intstrument.

    so the only thing i really know is that i need two contrasting pieces, ive looked at a few things with my teacher at school, but im still a little lost. any suggestions?

    auditions are in february.

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  • What was the cultural impact of Star Wars?

    How did Star Wars (the original trilogy [ep. IV-VI]) effect scifi, and the filmmaking industry, in the 70's and today. What was the cultural impact of Star Wars?

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  • i have this playlist....?

    ok so here's the deal. im dating this wonderful, amazing, awesome, guy. and hes totally amazing. i love him. but im not sure how to tell him. but i have this idea. we make cds for eachother all the time, we both enjoy music thouroughly. so i thought, "i'll make him a cd of people singing about being in love with someone..." hoping maybe hed get it. anyway. my question is...does anyone have about .... 5-10 songs they think might be useful to me?

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  • How come when i ask about gay rights i get a ton of answers right away?

    Just wondering. because i asked last night because i was bored, and i got 20 answers right away. i had posted 2 more questions and only gotten 6 answers. how come gay rights causes such a scene with people? i asked a simple question. "tell me about gay rights, leave out religion" what i dont understand is how so many people get A: offended and B: defensive about it.

    sure gay bashers piss me off, but i was bored. i just want to kno whats so special about gay rights, why is it such a big deal? why isnt it just like anything else? why is it so hard for people to just accept other people? im confused. just some food for thought there.

    also, i do understand that gay couples do have rights, but not as many as they should have.

    love is love no matter the gender. its a feeling, you cant stop love, you cant stop hate. but you can start tolerance.

  • Gay rights?

    thats all i want to know. why arent there any?

    oh and here is another thing to think about for you religious cult leaders.

    if God didnt want "gays" to exsist. Then why did he create them. because face the facts, he did. you dont just wake up one morning and say "oh i think i'll be gay today."

    as a huge GSA activist i just want to get your opinions. it baffles me really.

  • Why are kids not allowed a voice?

    im 15, i have as much of a voice as a 50 year old. too bad none of you want to hear it. but my question is why?

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