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  • Lady Gaga and Madonna ?

    Why do people keep comparing these too artists there both different from each other My moms grew up in the 80's and was telling me that Madonna was the weirdo of the 80's I don't see how She was different or anything she dressed lik every other person in te 80's nothing special Lady Gaga on the other hand dresses lik no other artists out there there has never been or never will be anyone like her she's different she's one of the most inspiring artists out there she actually cares about all. Her fans and supports causes that are important she stands for what she believes in and shows thenworld you shouldnt care what other think of you now I'm not saying Madonna doesn't have talent don't get me wrong these 2 artist have amazing talent They say Madonna is the queen of pop of she is the queen of pop she would still be in magazines have new music videos new hit songs the queen should never step Dow. From the thrown she had her time then I guess wanted to stop also it took madonna a while to become and icon o the generation it took Gaga less than a yer so I wanna know why these two are compared

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  • what do people believe that theree is such thing as in or out of style?

    people in this world bugg me when people follow trends just to fit in and why do people think there such thing as in or out of style why can people just be themselves and where wht they like instead of what other people have

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  • Hollister Working There (Help) Only for people who work or have worked there?

    I had and interview last tuesday and they said that if we got the job they would call us monday or tuesday and i never got a call does tht mean i didnt get the job or will the call sometime this week i thought i did really good at the interview i made them laugh i answered the questions correctly and i dont see why i didnt get a call yet cause i was also approached to by a recruiter who asked me to work there

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  • what do people follow trends?

    it bother me when people follow each other and all look the same have people ever heard of being different there is no such thing as in or out of style

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