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  • Why do people's music tastes change?

    Do music preferences change due to certain events in a person's life? Does what type of music listened to reflect anything about a person?

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  • What personality traits may be attributed to a listener of a certain type of music?

    Does there seem to be a general trend in what kind of personalities listen to what type of music? Say for example, does listening to hard metal reflect aggressiveness and anger in a person's life?

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  • How do I ask for a raise as a tutor?

    Recently, my boss offered me the opportunity to teach a writing tutoring camp during the summer in addition to my regular responsibilities. I work part-time at a tutoring company where I spend most of my time working with kids, mostly in elementary school. I am a college student being paid $7.50 /hr for my regular tutoring (company starting rate, also is CA minimum wage. I have been working here for 1 year). I would like to negotiate with my boss for a separate pay for this writing camp. I will probably be working with about 5-7 kids at a time. What is a good amount? Would $10 /hr be too much to ask for?

    Also, when going about to ask for the actual raise, is it a better idea to hear the offer first or to let my boss get a piece of my mind first?

    2 AnswersCareers & Employment1 decade ago