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27 year US Marine, enlisted and officer. College via GI Bill, commissioned and rose to Lieutenant Colonel before a great paying job induced me to transition early. Been stationed at every major Marine Corps base in US and overseas, Vietnam. Familiar with VA disability process (more than I desired). I keep abreast of current Marine Corps and military affairs via links with other active duty and retired officers. Worked for Pentagon as contractor after retirement leading to interface with joint military world to include MARSOC and SOCOM.

  • Why did Yahoo change a perfectly fine Answers display to one that is unusable and chaotic?

    The change to the display makes it impossible to pull up specific subcategories e.g. only the questions that I answered. Simplicity has been replaced with extreme complexity that they just as well close down the site. Additionally, there is no way to contact Yahoo Answers to address the content of this question!

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  • Where Can Vietnam Vets & Relatives Find The Virtual Vietnam Wall?

    Thought following website would be of interest to Vietnam vets and their families.

    There are several options for viewing this Virtual Vietnam Wall. By State, by military Service, by Name. It is quite impressive and an easy way to find someone who fell in Nam and is on the wall.

    A Vietnam Vet.

    Please pass the info on to others. Semper Fi.

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  • How many military veterans know who to successfully work the VA’s disability rating process?

    Following is your answer based on experience. Request other vets working the system to provide input as well. This issue does not show up enough in this forum. Too many vets getting the short end of the VA stick.

    1st: Any package for service connected disability submitted to the VA should be via your State’s Veterans Service Department (not the Fed VA). Their Veteran Service Officers (VSO) are located in all 50 states and primarily located in major cities, but often travel to smaller cities and towns. The DAV has a great rep, but may be difficult to get face to face with VSO – a face to face is critical! The VFW and American Legion are hot and cold – depends on the size of the post and how well organized they are.

    2nd: Use the VSOs because they know and talk the VA disability rating language and disability codes used by the VA. The VA raters follow the BOOK explicitly. Every document sent to the VA should go via the VSOs – they will have a record and will have proof of when your package was submitted so that you can receive back pay should the VA loses it (not unusual occurrence).

    3rd. The VA often schedules the vet for a medical exam with a VA contracted physician (usually QTC, Inc). These physicians are usually foreign born with some English conversation problems and are usually internal medicine or general medicine. They are usually NOT specialists in the disability that you are claiming e.g. Not orthopedics, not psycharists (PTSD), not neurologists (TBI), no experience in cancer related illnesses (e.g. agent orange, gulf war syndrome), not OB/GYN (female vets). This means their diagnosis is often wrong or partially correct. This can result in a bad VA rating decision especially if the rating specialist ignores the military medical records. The VSOs can advise the vet concerning the QTC medical exams to ensure a fair, complete, and impartial exam report.

    4th. If your claim is denied, totally or partially, you have the right to APPEAL. DO IT if you have the documentation (post military medical and/or med records). The VSO will help you do this and provide your best options. It is due 60 days from the date of the VA award letter (zero percent is considered an award). Miss the 60 days, you start all over in the process.

    5th. If you do not have it, get a copy of your medical records at time of discharge or retirement. If you are already off active duty, send a request to the National Personnel Records Center using their form SF 180 (available from their website with detailed instructions -

    LtCol, USMC-Retired Pass the word

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