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  • can i use my maiden name in getting a new passport?

    i am Cheryl, 22, living in the Philippines, separated but not yet annulled. my ex husband who left is a Filipino also and now he is in abroad. we got married on year 2011 and separated on early 2012. e left me and we have no communication til now. i want to work and save for our annulment because annulment here is very expensive and i can not afford and it will also take a long period of time and there were no assurance that Judges will grant my petition because Judges here are pro-marriage.

    i have a passport before using his family name and i have not yet used it. i want to get another passport using my maidens name. in my work here and studies i am not using his family name. all my id's are in my maiden name too. my question is..can i get another passport using my maiden name? how?

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  • i am separated by my husband but not legally..?

    i am 22 years old and i got married on the year 2011 (i was 20 years old that time). our marriage did not work and we got separated last year 2012. my husband left me. i am living in the Philippines and now my husband is in abroad (Saudi). we have no communications. living with him and his family before was the worst part of my life. and now i am moving on with my life after that very painful experience. i met an American shoulder who helps me a lot specially on comporting me and believing on myself, picking up again all my dreams and inspired me again. he become a best friend to me. he went here in my country to see me and met my family. and he is coming back next month too. we want to get married but the problem is my married here is still existing. i have a passport and i get it year ago using my husband's last name.

    please let me know what is the best thing we can do so i can travel in his country and live with him. aside from annulment what is the best thing to do. Annulment process in the Philippines takes so many years and there is no assurance that the judges will grant the petition because PHL Judge are pro marriage and aside from that only rich petitioners can afford to make the annulment quick. annulment in the PHL is very expensive and no assurance. please advice us what is the best thing we can do and what types of visa am i going to apply. thanks

    more power and God speed.

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  • if i convert into moslem and then i fall in love with a non-moslem, can we get married?

    i am a christian and i am planning to convert into moslem. both of my parents are christians. i am 22 years old. if i become a moslem and i went to the States (USA) and get married with a non moslem, is it allowed?

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  • if i convert in muslim, and changes names. does it allows me to remarry again?

    i really want to leave my past sad life since my husband leaves me. i want to have a family. a husband and a children. but i can't have it since my past marriage is not yet annulled. i can not afford to file annulment. i am living here in the Philippines and my husband is in abroad and i dunno if he has already new family there. it is very sad for me who is left here. there's someone who is eagerly and willing to marry me, if i convert into muslim, follow the rites and embrace the Islam religion heartfully. and changes my names. does it also allow me to remarry again? i am 22 years old and i dont have child yet.

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  • does converting into muslim and changes my name can help?

    i am married and separated with my husband years ago. i want to embrace and change my religion into Islam. does it helps me forget my painful past marriage and renew my life and start living again, and does it also permit me remarry again? how?

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  • if i am married in Philippines, can i still marry again outside my country?

    my life so complicated. i was married two years ago and our marriage did not work. he left me and now i am still here in the Philippines and my husband is in Saudi. we both already move on. and no contact on each other too for almost a year. what i am going to do, my American boyfriend and i want to get married and go out in the Philippines, annulment process here takes so many years and worst is, the judges are pro-marriage. only rich people can afford to make the process quick...and help the decision in favor of them. please help me be enlighted and gets more knowledge on what to do.

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  • i already have a passport using my ex husband's family name. i have not yet used it traveling abroad.?

    can i get another passport using my father's name? how? please help me.

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  • i am married but has no child. my husband i and separated. i want to marry with my American bf, how?

    me and my husband got married on June 23 2011, we lived together for one year. he is a good partner but the problem is he acted like a wife and i am the husband. when we have problems he always live it to me. he is a mama's boy. his parents always tolerate him. we lived in his parents. if we have problem, his parents and sisters will cover him and talked shits on me. hurts me and insults me. one night me and my husband fight about financial problem. his parents kicked me out of their house and send their son far away from me. i lose contact on him. the world to me that time is too dark,,i attempts suicide twice. but i realized i have to move for i am still so young, i am still 21 years old. and then i met Chris, my boyfriend. he helped me a lot, he become a best friend to me. (through chat), he went here to met me and my family. he send me back to school too.

    now my problem is that, i already had a passport and in my passport i am using my husband's name. my boyfriend and i want to get married. he is a US Army and he want to use the Military assistance in getting me out of my country. there were no divorce here. what are we going to do. please us.

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