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  • TD Bank Yield Information -- For Homework Pleaaase?

    Hello! I am a student and an assignment called for me to inquire with a bank regarding savings account yields. Just a few moments would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

    a. Yield on Savings accounts

    b. Yield on CDs: 3 month, 6 month, 1year, 2 years, 5 years.

    c. Yield on Series E savings bond along with maturity.

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  • Study Questions for my Biology Exam !!?

    I don't have a key to compare my answers to and I am new to this class so I don't know anyone else in it. Some feedback on these questions would be so helpful for me to see if I'm on the right track for my exam. Thanks!

    Compare function and level of development of the coelom in annelids, molluscs, arthropods, echinoderms and chordates. Explain why differences exist.

    How have arthropods and chordates adapted to terrestrial living? In what ways are their solutions similar? Different? Explain how those adaptations may have contributed to the groups’ success.

    What are the four unique chordate characteristics? What is the significance of each structure (i.e., how did it aid in the group’s success)? How are these traits involved in locomotion and feeding in larvae or adults?

    What traits allow craniates to be more active than other chordates? How did those traits contribute to higher activity levels?

    Why is external fertilization more common in aquatic environments and internal fertilization more common in terrestrial environments?

    Draw a phylogenetic tree for the major clades of animals. Indicate the origins of important derived traits on the trees. Discuss structure, function, and evolutionary significance of those traits.

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  • Biological Statistics Help?

    I have been stuck on this problem for HOURS. Please help me understand how to do this because I have about 7 more exactly like it! Thanks!

    The results of the 1999 National Health Interview Survey released in 2003 showed that among U.S. adults ages 60 and older, 19% had been told by a doctor that they had some form of cancer. If we use this as the percentage for all adults 65 years old and older living in the U.S., what is the probability that among 65 adults chosen at random more than 25% will have been told by their doctor that they have cancer?

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  • Biology Bachellors w/ Double Minor in Anthropology and Holistic Health?

    Just looking for some input on what I could do with this degree? I am very interested in traveling and the healing arts, also religion. Thanks!

  • Probability Distribution - Trying for hours! Please help :)?

    Coughlin et al. estimated the percentage of women living in border countries along the southern united states with mexico who have less than high school education to be 18.7. Assume the corresponding probability is .19. Suppose we select three women at random. Find the probability that the number with less than a high school education is:

    a. exactly zero

    b. exactly one

    c. more than one

    d. two or fewer

    e. two or three

    f. exactly three

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