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I am a Christian I love God. I love the Rangers. Been a fan of the Rangers since 1999. I live in TEXAS!!!

  • Chemistry Help Please?

    I need help with the gas laws for chemistry. Please and thank you.

    How many moles of gas are contained in 655 mL at 23 degrees C and 850 mm Hg pressure?

    A gas occupies a volume of 0.350 L at a temperature of 18 degrees C and a pressure of 980 torr. What will be the volume of this gas at standard conditions?

    Carbon dioxide is usually formed when gasoline is burned. If 30 L of CO2 is produced at a temperature of 1.00 x 10^3 degrees C and allowed to reach room temperature (25 degrees C) without any pressure changes, what is the new volume of the carbon dioxide?

    A steel ball contains 22.8 milliliters of a gas at 98.35 degrees C and 740 mm Hg..Determine the internal gas pressure that the ball will have if the temperature is decreased to 0 degrees C.

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  • Who wants to raise money for world series tickets with me?

    We need to raise a lot of money for tickets. Standing room tickets are over $300. Let's raise some and share seats together. Lol these are ridiculous prices for tickets, but I am so happy for the Rangers.

    Would you pay this much for world series tickets?

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  • What do you think of the way the Twins and Rangers game ended?

    First the ump wasn't even looking, second this is the rule...

    Rule 7.09(h) says, "(h) In the judgment of the umpire, the base coach at third base, or first base, by touching or holding the runner, physically assists him in returning to or leaving third base or first base."

    Did it look like he assisted him to return to the bag? ...Heck no

    I'm not saying that we would have one because they were still down by 1 run, but to end it on that, that is just crazy.

    What are your thoughts?

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  • When will Trevor Hoffman get save # 600?

    Trevor Hoffman is 4 saves away from 600. It looks like the Brewers have another closer in Axford though. I don't watch enough Brewer games to see if Hoffman is pitching in any 9th inning save situations. So my question is when do you think he will get it? Will it be this year?

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  • Question about Contacts?

    I just got contacts a week ago. My doctor told me i could sleep in i slept in them last night. I woke up today and it was ok for about an hour or so. Then it started feeling like dirt or something was in my eye. So I used some eye drops that are for contacts and put them in my eye and that did not help. My left contact felt so dry i couldn't even get the thing out(My eye did not feel dry just went I went to touch the contact it self). I took my right one out and I noticed a rip on it.

    How could this rip have happened and why was my left (the contact itself) so dry that i couldn't get it out?

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  • Is this place safe to buy MLB tickets from?

    Anybody ever heard of platinum stubs? I am debating whether or not to buy tickets from here and I'm asking you guys if anybody has bought from here and is it safe?

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  • Anybody else see this?

    OK....yes it's another question about Jim Joyce..but as the ball went into Armando Galarragas glove from the flip from Cabrera it looks as if Jim bawls up is fist and is ready to punch the air to call him out then he changes it to safe...anybody else see that?

    This entire thing pisses me off and I just wish that Galarraga could be in the record books but no doubt this will never be forgotten. What a class act for Galarraga too for holding it in on the field that surprised me, I think I would have gone crazy lol.

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  • What do you think of my Fantasy Team?

    It's on and tell me where i can improve and who should i package for a trade just any input and rate the team from 1-10.

    C-Joe Mauer

    1b-Jose Lopez

    2b-Howie Kendrick

    3b-Kevin Youkilis

    SS-Troy Tulowitzki

    OF-Chris Coghlan

    OF-Ichiro Suzuki

    OF-Shin-Soo Choo

    U-Julio Borbon

    P-Giants(It goes by pitching staffs)


    Jason Heyward

    Scott Rolen

    Travis Hafner

    Garrett Jones

    Juan Rivera

    Todd Helton

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  • Need help with a slogan?

    Ok I have a project to do and the only thing that I am stuck on is a slogan. The product is Puppy Power(I know stupid but my teacher made us use that.) It's dog food that is all-natural and helps build strong bones. Any ideas I could use for a slogan?

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  • Anybody see that terrible call?

    The shortstop for the Red Sox slid and turned around and threw the ball to first that took the 1st basemen off the bag and the 1st basemen clearly tagged the runner in the stomach way before he touched the bag and called him safe...what is up with the umps this year?

    BQ: Who are you rooting for in the postseason?

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  • Two Cycles in the same night?

    Troy Tulowitzki had the cycle a couple of hours ago. Now Jason Bartlett needs a single to complete this feat and is currently in the 6th inning who thinks he will get it?

    BQ: When is the last time 2 cycles were in the same day?

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  • What do you think of the Red Sox with Halladay?

    Rumor has it that Yahoo's Gordon Edes reports that the Red Sox offered Clay Buchholz, Michael Bowden and Ryan Westmoreland to the Blue Jays for Halladay do you think the Jays will accept this?

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  • Is Pujols getting ready?

    Is Pujols getting ready to be a broadcaster or something lol. He talked alot yesterday and now he is again! I'm glad he's talking about God though right now. You think he's going to be a broadcaster?

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  • Why does Chris Berman have to call the Homerun derby?

    Nobody wants to listen to BACK! BACK! BACK! while he sounds like a duck. Why does he call the homerun derby?

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  • Seats to Ranger game?

    Ok im going to a Ranger-Angel game at The ballpark in Arlington...the tickets are section- premium infield 34 row 2 I think they're pretty good anybody got a picture or something?

    BQ-How is your team doing this year.

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  • Why on Nancy Grace??????

    Why is it just now saying Michael Jackson is dead? It's saying breaking news and everything they're pretty late.

    BQ-Are you horny.

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  • Did David Rollins????????

    Did a guy named David Rollins get drafted in this years first year player draft? Im wondering because he went to my high school and pitched there

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  • Will Arod or Soriano?

    Will Arod or Alfonzo Soriano turn their season around? because a guy is trying to trade me both of them for Adam Lind who is having a nice season my Outfield is already good. But do you think i should trade Lind for Arod and alfonzo? both are batting in low .200's

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  • Should I do this fantasy baseball trade?

    Hes offering me Alex Rodriguez and Alfonzo Soriano for Adam Lind my outfield looks like this...Jason Bay, Jacoby Ellsbury, BJ Upton, Adam Jones, and Carlos Lee. My third baseman is Ryan Zimmerman and Chone figgins Should I do this because he is in neeed of outfielders. My only problem Arod and Soriano aren't that consistent and thats what you need in fantasy. should i do this or not

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  • Which game would you go to?

    Im deciding which game to go to...I live in Texas and am going to watch the Rangers's either the Astros. Rays, or Red Sox....there is some great tickets 9 rows up in the lower infield which are great seats when they play against the red sox...the question is what do you think will be the closest game and a good one to watch

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