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  • Suggest a good 14/15" laptop for med school?

    I am sorry if this topic has been regurgitated a ton of times but I need some suggestions. I am looking to purchase a 14/15" laptop for med school. I don't need to write on the screen or for it to be a convertible. I find it easier typing as I go and will most likely use OneNote to annotate my notes. I have tried EverNote and was not too happy by its limitations, specifically lack of formatting that exits in the MS Suite and inability to import slides for annotating.

    I was considering a Mac Pro but the new free version of OneNote has several limitations-- one in particular being lack of printing. There may be more. I was considering if one where to annotate notes/create notes in OneNote for Mac, to upload them to Skydrive and then use a Windows PC with OneNote to download them and print them. Not sure if such can be done to bypass this issue.

    Personally, I am not a fan of Windows 8's Metro UI. I would much prefer to use Windows 7. I do have a Windows 7 installation CD but the issue is that all of the laptops right now on the market lack Windows 7 drivers if they come with Windows 8. The lack of a start menu is daunting but there are 3rd party programs (like Start8) that cam possibly remedy this issue. Also, the key appeal of Windows is the fact that Office works well.

    I am considering buying a Lenovo Flex 2 ( but wanted some opinions.

    Thank you.

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  • OneNote for PC and Windows?

    Is there a difference in functionality between the free OneNote 2013 for Windows and free OneNote for Mac? I have the free OneNote 2013 for Windows and I have the ability to print out what I typed. Can one do that on the free Mac OneNote program? Are there other limitations aside from only being able to save to the cloud?

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  • Best plants for a cemetary?

    I am looking to plant a good plant near a grave in a cemetery. I need a breed of plant that grows year round, is easy and cheap to maintain, and does not grow vertically (so that it does not topple the tombstone). I was thinking of planting hederas but I don't think that is a great idea since they can grow vertically. What can you recommend? Thank you.

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  • Greasy Film on Windshield of Automobile?

    I have a 2009 Honda CRV and for some odd reason my windshield gets fogged up with a greasy type film. I tried wiping it with my windshield wipers but not go. It is especially common in hot humid weather. Has anyone encountered such a thing and if so, how do you recommend I try to fix it? I have been to like 10 body shops (Honda ones as well) and no one could help me.

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  • Use of resonates in the following sentence?

    Is "resonates" used correctly in this sentence?

    Having witnessed the EMT save Fred's life, I felt a profound attachment to the medical field and this love continues to resonate in my heart to this day.

    2 AnswersWords & Wordplay7 years ago
  • Dielectric material and capacitors?

    The purpose of a dielectric is to aid a capacitor in maximizing the amount of charge that it can store. However I am confused about whether the best material for a dielectric would be a polar or nonpolar? I had always thought that you wanted a vacuum or a near vaccuum between the two plates to minimize charges from flowing between the plates and thus maximizing charge storage on each plate. However it seems that the more polar a material th better the dielectric and thus the higher the capacitance. Would someone be able to clarify why a polar material is better?

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  • Nondisjunction & Kleinfelter's Syndrome?

    Is this representation of Nondisjunction correct ( Does NDJ of Meiosis I that contributes to Kleinfelter's Syndrome occur in both males & females or is one sex more favored than the other?

    1 AnswerBiology8 years ago
  • Bonds Strength Comparison of Single, Double, Triple Bonds?

    A triple bond is stronger than a double bond which is stronger than a single bond. Thus it takes more energy to break a triple bond than a double than a single bond. However, it also takes more energy to break sigma bond than a pi bond and in such a case, it takes more energy to break a single bond than a double bond. I am trying to reconcile the two rules. Isn't it true that when you break a triple bond to convert it into a d-bond or single bond, you break the pi bonds, but you never really break the sigma bonds since these are the foundational bonds that create the structure at hand. Then shouldn't a single bond require more energy to be broken than a d-bond or triple bond?

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  • Exo/Endothermic with respect to Calorimetry and Phase Changes?

    When one looks at a phase change curve (ie heating curve), going from s--->l--->g is endothermic and the reverse is exothermic. However, when one performs a calorimetry experiment, an observed increase in the final temperature is defined as exothermic and an observed decrease in the final temp is defined as endothermic. That feels counter intuitive when one looks at the heating curve where an increase in temp is endothermic and a decrease in temp is exothermic.

    Is the rationale behind this that when one performs a calorimetry experiment, they are trying to interpret what is happening to the reaction through observed what happens to the surrounding media. Meaning if the media got colder, that means it gave energy to the reaction to make it go and so the rxn would be defined as endothermic, while we feel an exothermic if we just looked at the media?

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  • How to perform a two-fold dilution?

    To make a 2-fold dilution of 10ul of media, what amt of solvent would you use and how would you do this?

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  • Ksp & L'Chateliur's Principle?

    I have a question about Ksp and L'Chateliur's Principle.

    Lets says we have the following:

    NaCl(s) ----> Na+(aq) + Cl-(aq)

    If we add more NaCl(s), the equilibrium does now shift since (s) and (l) do not affect Keq. In addition, the reaction does not shift either b/c L'Chateliur's Principle shifts are not affected by (s) or (l). But what about Q. Q is the [P]/[R] at any time. If we add more solid, don't we in fact increase the value of Q. If so, can't we then compare Q and K to see which way the reaction shifts and/or if we can still dissolve more solid?


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  • Van der Waals Equation?

    I am trying to understand exactly what the Van der Waals equation states about the Pressure and Volume of a real gas compared to an ideal gas. Based on the equation, I think that P(ideal)>P(real) because the ideal gas needs to overcome the IMF of attraction since ideal gases have no IMFs; and V(ideal)>V(real) b/c ideal gases occupy no volume and had their volume been smaller, the gas particles would succumb to IMFs.

    If someone could please correct me if I am wrong and my logic, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

    2 AnswersChemistry9 years ago
  • Lewis Acid/Base & Oxidation and Reduction?

    In Lewis A/B, an acid is an e- pair acceptor and a base is an e- pair donor. So when an acid accepts e- it becomes reduced in its charge. However, acids are usually found with high ox numbers leading one to believe that they get oxidized. I find the OIL RIG and Lewis Acid/Base definitions to be counter-intuitive.

    For example, if one asks which of the following is a stronger acid: Ca2+ or Li+, one would say it is the one with the higher ox number, but based on the Lewis definition, wouldn't it be the one with the lower ox number since you are gaining e- (ie - charge) and should decrease in ox #?

    1 AnswerChemistry9 years ago
  • Mild Gastritis Treatment Question?

    I have had an endoscopy and was diagnosed with mild gastritis. I also did a stool test. Both tests were negative for any bacterial infections. My doctor attributed the cause of gastritis to stress, but offered me no treatment options. I disagree that stress is the sole cause as I wake up with stomach pains and gasiness every morning. I am unable to eat certain fruits (apples, bananas) and salads because my stomach hurts after. I do not know what to do, but just taking antacids does not seem like a smart way to go. What do you think is the cause and are there any drugs that could get rid of it as I do not wan to take pills for the rest of my life? Thanks.

    1 AnswerOther - Diseases9 years ago
  • Integral membrane proteins, trans-membrane proteins, and peripheral membrane protein differences?

    What is the difference between integral membrane proteins, trans-membrane proteins, and peripheral membrane proteins? How is each one functionally different with regard to the type of molecules that can pass through it?

    3 AnswersBiology9 years ago
  • Is the impact of an earthquake felt more higher up or closer to the ground and why?

    Does everyone in a tall building, for instance, feel the same effects of the earthquake or are the magnified the higher up one is? Also, where is the brunt of the earthquake felt the most, closer to ground level or higher up.

    1 AnswerEarth Sciences & Geology9 years ago
  • What is the luminosity of the sun?

    A) 4.5e20 W

    B) 3.2 e25 W

    C) 4.0e26 W

    D) 9.3e34 W

    mass of Sun= 2e30 kg

    radius of sun= 7.2e8 m

    Each square metere of the spherical surface of the sun radiates 6.5e7 J of energy into space every second.

    radius of Earth= 6e6 m

    Earth is considered to be in a circular orbit around the sun at a distance of 1.5e11 m.

    I know that the formulas for Power is W/t or Fv. However, I do not know what the time is, yet the work is given in this problem. Thanks.

    1 AnswerPhysics9 years ago
  • Why is there an extra band on my agarose gel and what may have caused it?

    Why was this observed? What may have caused it?

    1 AnswerBiology1 decade ago