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  • which colleges can i expect to be admitted to w/my sat & act scores and which scores should i submit?

    i'm going to be a senior next year & i have some burning questions.

    i got a 2030 on the sat--620 math, 690 reading, 720 writing

    sat subject tests--520 math level 2, 760 us history, 690 literature, 630 world history


    i have about a 4.3 gpa so far & i'm taking 3 ap classes next year. i volunteer at my church almost every weekend for 2 hours.

    i really want to go to stanford, uc berkeley, or ucla.

    do i have any chance of getting into stanford or am i just not smart enough? do i have a pretty good chance with the ucs?

    should i retake the sat? if so, do i have a good chance of improving my score?

    will colleges i apply to see all my sat subject scores? if so, should i retake math level 2 & try to improve that horrible score? was it a mistake to take that since math isn't my strong suit?

    should i submit my act score to colleges or will that 30 hurt me more than it helps me?

    should i be doing more community service?

    thanks :D

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