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  • How can I get my boss to let me stay home?

    First of all, i'm 17. I know if I straight out say I'm sick she will not let me stay home. She made me go to work on Christmas Eve with the flu which was in full force might I add, she's made me cover another persons shift (only a few hour notice) while I had an extremely catchy virus which puts everybody else there at risk, and I have no idea what I have right now but I'm beginning to think it's some sort of flu. Either way, I'm absolutely miserable.

    I work 2 shifts tomorrow-morning and night and I know there is NO way I'm going to be able to stay there for 12-13 hours. I went in today because I was too afraid to call in but I had to go home early. She's out of state which is why I was able to go home early today but it got to the point where I couldn't sit up and any kind of movement was just horrible especially lifting things and moving which is basically all I do. How can I get her to let me stay home?

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  • New parakeet?

    First of all, I'd like to say that I DO have bird experience

    I've had parakeets my entire life but I've never had one as loud as this one. She just screams and chirps ALL day long. There's nothing wrong with her and she's always getting attention-what is her deal?

    Second question- After a week of waiting and having them in cages next to each other I finally put my 2 parakeets together, I've had one for almost 3 years and he's only had me as a friend but he would always sing and chirp and was just over all happy-it's been 2 weeks with this new bird and I haven't heard a single chirp from him. They play and they get a long great-the bonding is going very well but why is he suddenly so quiet?

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  • Horse randomly reared at me?

    I work at a barn and the other day I was leading a horse out to the paddock. Nothing was out of the ordinary and nothing was around that could have spooked him but out of nowhere he started rearing and striking at me with his hooves.

    If you knew this horse you'd know that is NOT him, he's a very very calm and gentle horse. Any idea as to what could have caused this? He hasn't acted up since then so I'm just kind of confused?

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  • Graduation theme? Thank you!?

    I know most people do their school colors for graduation but I do it online so I don't have school colors...

    Any good theme/color ideas?

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  • Binomial expansion of the expression?

    Use the binomial theorem to find the binomial expansion of the expression.


    Showing the steps would be helpful! Thank you

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  • what do these supplements do?

    So, i work at a horse farm and i normally fill the buckets wwith their amount of grain and supplements but as i was doing that today i realized i really have no idea what these supplements actually do...

    So can someone explain them to me?




    Slick Mix


    Smart hoof(assuming this helps hooves lol)

    Sand clear(i think my boss mentioned it clears ingested sand out of the intestines to help prevent sand colic?)

    I know this is a dumb question but thanks!!

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  • Fear of leading big horses?

    I don't know why but I have always had this fear of leading big horses and tend to only stay around 15.3hh at the tallest...

    I work at a horse farm and there is one huge horse 18hh and he is very well trained yet I'm terrified to lead him? My fear is of being stepped on and I know that's absolutely ridiculous but how can I get over it?

    I have to bring him in tonight and out again tomorrow morning but I'm like freaking out over it...any tips? :/

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  • What do you consider "too far" when disciplining a horse?

    My previous trainer got bit by a horse and broke a pitch fork over the horses back

    My boss has broken buckets over her horses heads for not behaving and smacks them with whips

    Another trainer of mine kicked the horses stomach repeatedly while swearing at it...

    Every trainer/boss always tells me I'm too soft with the horses- I don't see how, I smack them when they need smacked, I yell when they need to be yelled at-the horses respect me and don't try to act up yet they're terrified of my trainer now...they literally tense up and start to shake when she walks into the arena or one day I was leading a few horses out and she went to pet one and he completely backed up and tried getting away as if he were going to be hurt.

    I'm not comfortable beating the crap out of a horse...where is the "line" between putting a horse in it's place and abusing them?

    I KNOW horses can take another horses kick with no problem but I see that as something totally different.

    Am I wrong for not being so tough with them and only giving them a smack when I feel it's necessary or are the others wrong for having these horses literally terrified to even be in the same room with them but they see it as the horse "respecting" them. They come to me and play with me but they know not to get in my "bubble" unless I allow them too they don't go to my trainer unless forced too.

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  • Switching from Western to English?

    I work at an English barn and I've really started to like English riding but I've always rode western.

    My boss offered me a discount on lessons since I am an employee and I've taken up the offer

    What do I need? Would it be silly to buy breeches, half chaps, and the shoes because I'm just now beginning or should I just stick with my jeans and boots for now?

    Any tips on switching?

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  • Math help?! Thank you!?

    An airplane has a speed of 325 miles per hour in still air. if the plane flies directly south and encounters a 40 mile per hour wind blowing directly east which is the closest to the resultant speed of the airplane?

    Given a matrix A, what is A^(-1)

    A=[0 19]

    [0 1 ]

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  • How to stop shocking horse in winter?

    Every time I groom a horse, I'm constantly shocking them!

    There's one horse at the barn who I haven't groomed and I've been warned to be very careful and not shock her because she will start going crazy and kick everywhere and anywhere..I'm literally terrified to groom her now...I try to be careful as possible but still manage to shock all the horses

    is there anything I can do to stop the shocking?

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  • What are my chances of getting this job?

    I know, only the owner can give me the real final answer but if I came to your barn, would you hire me?

    I've been working at barns for 4 years although I've only worked for lessons, not real money like this job will be.

    I catch on and remember things quickly.

    I've dealt with untrained/spooky Arabians (worked at a farm that specifically bred Arabians), I then moved on to a stable that races Thoroughbreds and took care of them.

    I've watched a farm for over a week multiple times with 50+ horses (Not an exaggeration, there were literally 50 or more horses there between the owners horses, horses in training, and horses being boarded) (which this was the Arabian farm)

    I used to clean 17 stalls daily plus feed/water, lead out to the paddocks, and scrub water buckets

    I can lead, feed, lunge, water, groom, clean, I know how to drive and control a bobcat.

    I genuinely love horses and all animals, I would never ever do anything to put any in harm.

    This new barn I have an interview with only has 15 horses so it would be quite a lot less work for me..

    My only problem is she asked for references, one having to be an old trainer/boss at the other barns...

    The arabian barn didn't end very well (I took the blame for my best friend who worked there too and yeah...) so I don't feel comfortable using her...

    The Thoroughbred barn is mainly a summer job and unfortunately I lost all the information about the lady I worked with (Phone broke) and I can't just "google" her barn to get the info again because it wasn't her barn, she like me, only helps out there but she gets paid whereas I got lessons from her..

    Considering I don't have the horse reference (I am trying hard to find some information though) do you think this would be a deal breaker? :/

    I know it sounds weird but working at a barn is literally my dream job LOL


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  • What to wear to job interview at a farm..?

    It's an English barn- from the pictures i've seen it's really nice but, what do I wear?

    I'm sure i'll look silly showing up in nice dress pants and a good shirt, considering it's a farm..full of horses and their

    All I really have (I ride western) are nice jeans and my cowboy boots- that's the only thing that I can think of that would make a little bit of sense but i've always been told to never wear jeans to an interview...

    Please heeelpp! Lol

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  • Constant cramps on Birth Control?

    I started birth control about 2 months ago-

    My first cycle came and it was just spotting with cramps but that actually lasted on and off the entire month..

    The second time I should have gotten it on the first- the cramps began as normal except now I've had cramps for 18 days. They're not all day they come and go and act up at night (I take my pill at 7pm)

    I'm not on the pill to be sexually active (and i'm not in the first place) I started it to stop the horrible cramps...they're definitely not super painful anymore..just the every single day part is really annoying.

    What can/should I do?

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  • What comes first? (202020)?

    I know I just asked a question but another came to mind;

    (I don't plan on getting a horse any time soon, I'm just curious)

    What comes first? Finding the stable you're going to board at or finding the horse..?

    Because to me I see it as, you need a barn first but then I think of it as do barns allow you to book stalls in advance? or how does that work..?

    5 AnswersHorses7 years ago
  • New job at barn- tips?

    I'm a Western rider but i'll be working at an English barn...any tips?

    Winters coming- any good warm workable gloves? any warm clothes recommendations?

    Just any tips in general will be helpful..

    I have worked at different barns for the last three years but never for actual money like this barn- just for lessons.

    How different is an English barn from a Western barn?

    3 AnswersHorses7 years ago
  • re potty training a dog..?

    About 2 weeks ago we babysat a dog and she was TERRIBLE. She pooped all over our house and peed. I understand, she was in a new unknown territory and was marking and probably nervous.

    Anyways, when she pooped in the middle of our living room my dog got up and did it right after her in the same spot. Ever since my dog has been pooping everywhere.

    She was potty trained and now it's all gone down hill..she'll go outside and actually use the bathroom (I know for sure considering I'm the one to pick it up LOL) then she'll go inside and go again in the living room or dining room. I have little sisters all under the age of 9 and it's just so unsanitary and my mom freaks out every time. However, I cannot scold my dog because we never catch her doing it, we don't find it until she's probably already forgotten about it.

    Every time she goes whether she pee's or poops we use cleaner specifically meant for dog urine then soak it with vinegar and baking soda yet that doesn't seem to get rid of the scent because she still goes there? :/

    So, I was thinking is it too late to train her to use a bell? She's 3 and she's a Beagle but I was thinking of maybe just starting completely over and clicker training her and using a bell. Is this possible or because she is..or was already potty trained would the clicker have no influence on her? I wanted to use it for other tricks as well though.

    Any ideas, tips/tricks? on how to get her to stop pooping in the house and occasionally peeing?

    and no, I am not and will not rub her nose in it.

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  • How to keep tangles out of long/thick hair?

    My hair is VERY thick and is down to just above my elbows.

    I can leave it down for as little as 15 minutes and it'll tangle, I put it in pony tails- it tangles, I put it in a tight bun-it always falls out and tangles in the process, I tried a tight braid every night but I'd wake up and the top would be tangled because I move around so much.

    What can I do?? I use conditioner in the shower, I use detangler when I brush it.

    I've broken combs AND brushes trying to brush through it in the shower with conditioner in so that's a no.

    I do not want to cut it as I always grow it out and donate it.

    Any good products or hairstyles that will help keep the knots out?

    4 AnswersHair7 years ago
  • Should I bring my dog to the vet?

    She had diarrhea this morning but seemed fine and ate her breakfast as usual but now she's just laying around and sleeping, a few times she has rolled onto her back then just lays there and stares at me or she'll rub her eyes (which do look a little irritated) and all over her face with her paws?

    I can't really do much until my mom gets home from work- But I did text her and tell her I think somethings wrong with our dog so hopefully I'll get a reply on her break.

    Should we bring her into the vet? (She was just there 3 weeks ago and was in perfect condition) but bringing her in again is no problem.

    Could it just be a little stomach bug or what?

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