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  • Help reading an older record in Danish/handwritten?

    I am having trouble reading an older birth record and was hoping that someone could transcribe it for me. It is not long. The website is This is the homepage. on it is a button that says "Kirkeboger", click that and another page comes up. On the next page click "Sog i kirkeboger" This will lead to a page with drop down menus. for "Amt" choose "Odense" for "Herred" choose "Lunde", and for "Sogn" choose "Norup". A list will come up with those names and dates. Please choose the fifth row. IT will have "Norup" in red and the dates 1830, then 1841 next to it under the "fra" and "til" respectively. This will open up a new window. You need Java to open it. When you get it open, the information I need is on page 29, or "opslag 29" It is number 11 on that page for Johanne Marie Andersen born on 4 November 1836.

    I know this is alot, but I am hoping someone will be able to read it better than I can. I know it shows the fathers and other family members names, but I cannot read them, or the relationships very well. If someone could transcribe it for me, or direct me to a forum that does this type of thing, I would be grateful.

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  • Is anyone else having trouble saving records on Ancestry?

    I have tried saving multiple types of records on ancestry today. It lets me go through all the steps to save, but when I get back to my ancestor, the record is not showing on their profile page. And it won't let me save immigration records at all. Is anyone else having this problem? Or is it just me.

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  • Help tracing this family, Marie B Lund, Louis P Johnson, Louis Vego Johnson?

    I am looking for anyone that can help me find some passenger or census records for this family.

    The mother is Marie B Lund, born 1875 in Denmark. I have found her with husband and child in the 1910 Federal Census in King county, WA. It says that she came to the USA in 1889. Her death record of 7 may 1956 in Enumclaw, King, Washington states that her Father's name is Lund and mothers name is Elizabeth Kjaerulf, both from Denmark. She most likely lived in Cuyahoga County, Ohio in 1900.

    Her husband, Louis Peter Johnson was born 12 Sep 1868 in Skeby, Fyn, Denmark. I have his passenger record and naturalization. He was naturalized in Cuyahoga County, Ohio in 1899. Came to this country in 1888. In the 1910 census he is living next door to his brother Johannes Jokumsen. Louis Peter Johnson's birth name is Lars Peder Jokumsen, but he went by Louis or Lewis P Johnson while living in the USA. If anyone can find census records for this family, or death records it would be much appreciated. Louis and Marie probably married in 1906 in Ohio.

    Their son is Louis Vego Johnson born 1906 in Ohio. He went by Vego Johnson. Also on the 1910 Census record with parents in Washington State. Any information on who he may have married or any children would be great. I think his wife may be Ella R Kodal.

    Basically I am looking for:

    1900 Census Record for Marie B Lund possibly in Ohio

    1900 Census for Louis P Johnson, most likely in Cuyahoga County, Ohio.

    Probably in the city of Lakewood or Rocky River,

    1920 Census for Marie B Johnson nee Lund, Louis P Johnson, Louis Vego Johnson

    1930 Census for Marie B Johnson nee Lund, Louis P Johnson

    1930 Census for Louis Vego Johnson, Ella R Johnson nee Kodal

    Sorry this is so long, I hope it is clearly stated.

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  • Frank Pearson, resided Prescott, AZ in 1962?

    I am looking for any information on a Frank Pearson that lived in Prescott, Arizona in 1962. The only clue I have is that he lived there in 1962, this information came from my gggrandmother's obituary. Before I found the obituary, I did not even know she had a brother. I am hoping that someone will see this and know exactly who I am talking about.

    My gggrandmother Sophie Pehrson, was born 29 Aug 1885 in Cleveland, Ohio. Both of her parents were from Sweden. I do not know their name, birth, marriage date, or anything. By the 1900 census, Sophie is living as a boarder in another family's house. Pehrson is the correct last name spelling, but Sophie's obit states that her brothers surname is spelled Pearson.

    I have no information on Sophie or Frank's parents, and no information on Frank Pearson at all. I have contacted Cuyahoga county offices to request her birth information, but have had no luck yet.

    Basically, I am just asking if anybody recognizes my Frank Pearson/Pehrson from their own searches or life?

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