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  • Average Babysitting fees?


    I just received a call from a woman wondering if I could babysit her two daughters every once in a while. Two girls for a few hours one night a week kind of deal. Well, when the range of prices came up I did not know what to respond. I use to babysit a friend's three sons for 5 dollars a DAY. (Mind you I was eleven - thirteen at the time so I didn't know much of anything lol). So..I was wondering...

    What is the average baby sitting fee per hour for two kids?

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  • I'm Eighteen and want a baby...Am I Crazy?


    Ever since I was eleven I had a desire to have children. I know it might sound weird, but I did. I eventually chalked it up to my hormonal imbalance that I had untreated for years. I figured the desire would disappear once I had the imbalance under control.

    Well, now I am Eighteen years old and a college freshman and the desire still hasn't gone away. I still have that desire to be a mother and sometimes find myself cuddling with my boyfriend and just thinking about it. I love children and helped raise my little brother and my little cousin. I want to experience the same thing my aunt and mother have gone through of raising a beautiful child, but I come to realize that according to society I am too young.

    To add to what I would assume is my insanity, I want twins. Now, twins are hereditary in my family. I know that sometimes the "gene" can be skipped so I wonder if it skipped my mother and her brother and that I could possibly have it. I understand that it'd be twice the labor, twice the pain, twice the money and supplies, but I also know that it is twice the love.

    Right now, I am searching for a job, in college and still living at home without a car or license. I am working really hard for the license and car and I am on the possible verge of having a job. I am wondering if I am completely crazy or if I am just experiencing that "Clock" going off that I've sometimes heard about?

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