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  • How do you remove nail polish from furniture?

    A few minutes ago my 2 year old spilled purple nil polish all over my recliner. I've read not to use nail polish remover. I lso read use mineral water, but I do not have that. I would be grateful for any help you can give.

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  • Does anyone know an e-mail address where i can report vendor abuse of W.I.C?

    I receive W.I.C for my daughter and myself, and tonight I feel I was gouged by a vendor. At a neighborhood convince store I bought milk, and they charged W.I.C $3.99 per gallon. Not only was this over priced (most stores in my town milk is under $2) he was selling the Wal-Mart brand, without permission from the company. I notified Wal-Mart, but is their an e-mail address I can let W.I.C know. I tried the 800 number but its not for vendor abuse.

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  • Where can I buy plus sized maternity scrubs?

    I am enrolled in a medical assistant training program, and will be done in Jan. I do need scrubs for the training. I am a size 22. Where can I find some maternity scrubs that will fit me?

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  • Should I take my daughter to the E.R?

    My 7.5 month old was on the floor crawling around like she normally does. She tried standing up, and fell face first and landed on her nose on a hard wood floor. I picked her up, calmed her, and gave her a bottle, and she seems fine now, but I don't know if she should take her to the hospital. I hate to waste their time if I'm overreacting, but I want to make sure she is okay. No rude comments, this is my first baby,and people tell me I'm way too overprotective.

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  • What do you say to people in public when they tell you you're not doing something with your baby right?

    Tonight I went to church, and the woman my dad was dating before he died was there. Emilee was getting fussy when we were downstairs for refreshments, and the only thing keeping her clam was chewing on one of her books. This woman, who I cannot stand for a various reasons tried telling me I shouldn't let my daughter chew on the book because she could choke, and it's not good her. This was a water proof book. I told her Emilee was fine because she's on my lap, I'm keeping on an eye on her, and this helps calm her down. She finally shut up, and made a comment, " I shouldn't worry anyway because its not my grandchild". My mom over heard this, and said"that's right" So, what do you say when you have people telling you you're not taking care of your baby right? i tried being to nice to her, but its so hard.

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  • Does this sound like cradle cap to you? (Details inside)?

    This morning I noticed my 5 month old daughter had this yellowish brown things in her hair that are like dandruff. Their dried on her head, and it hard to get them out with a baby comb. I gave her a bath last night, and it might also be shampoo residue from not rising it out good, but I don't know. I'm a first time mom, and this is all so new to me. It is this cradle cap or dandruff? How can I fix it. This thing is making her hair look dirty.

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  • Moms, did your baby have Torticollis, and if they did, are they fine now?

    Torticollis is a condition when the neck doesn't turn to both sides completely. At my daughter's two month check up today I was told she might have it. The doctor did an X-Ray to make sure it wasn't a born defect, but he's pretty sure it isn't. The problem is easily corrected with physical therapy, but I'm still worried.

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  • Daughter's dedication is coming up , and I want to sing a song at the ceremony. What song would be go?

    It will be at my church with family, friends, and church members. I come form a laid back Church, so I could get away with secular stuff in good taste, but I want to keep it comptary christian if possible.

    1 AnswerPerforming Arts1 decade ago
  • Day care or having my mother in law baby sit?

    My husband and I are both in college and next semester we would like to go full time so we can get our degrees and get our dream jobs. The problem is child care. Our daughter will be three months at the start of the semester. We found a day care we loved, met the director and the head nursery person. We were very comfortable there. They charge $165 per week. For free we could have my mother in law watch her, but she kind of irresponsible at times. She told us on several occasions if her bf calls while sitting she's taking the baby to the bar. The people they hang with make me uncomfortable to say the least. Should we do daycare, or save the money and leave her with the mother in law, and try to get home early. We need child care 4 days a week, and my mom can't do it because she works all day.

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  • My 7 week old has constipation, is there anything i can do to make her more comfortable?

    I know she cannot have juice yet, but would a small amount of apple juice help. I don't know what else to do. I'm a first time mom, and she hasn't had this problem yet.

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  • if you're on W.I.C, do you need to get a doctor's note if you ned to switch your baby's formula?

    My daughter is currently on W.I.C, and he on Emfail Lipil formula since she was born. She has constipation all the time, and we're thinking it's the formula. We're buying a different type tonight and see if the new stuff is better, but if we do need to switch, do we need a note from her doctor to give to W.I.C.

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  • My house has black mold. What are the long term health problems my daugter could have?

    My husband and I rented this house in July, and we thought it would be perfect to raise our daughter in. We found out the owner rented it out illegally,, without a license and without it being inspected. We found out today our house has black mold, and the tester said it looked it it has been there for at least 5 years. The owner doesn't want to fix it, because the city said it would be easier to have the place condemned than fixed. I'm concerned about my new baby. she wheezes a lot. I also read where exposure can cause lung bleeding. I'm taking her to the doctor in the morning, but I'm worried about the long term health problems she is going to have. Did anyone have this problem, and the kids turned out to be very healthy. Other than the wheezing she seems to be fine.

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  • what does amomitic fluid look like when your water breaks?

    I'm 39 weeks along, and due on Thursday, the 9th. I think my water may have broken because all day it felt like I was leaking fluid. I put on a pad because my doctor said to do that if I think my water broke, and after an hour it's soaked head to L&D. I don't think it's urine because this smells more like sweat.

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  • I think I lost my mucus plug? (it's a little T.M.I)?

    I just had a little bit of discharge come out kind of clear. It was really thick, but it had no bleed, it was almost like water. I'm 32 weeks, and been having occasional contractions today, but right now I feel fine. do you think it's the mucus plug or something else.

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  • What exactly is a growth scan?

    I am 32 weeks pregnant and when i went to my doctor's appointment today, she said at 36 weeks she wants to do a growth scan. Is that an ultra sound they do during the last month? Please be nice, this is my first pregnancy and I already feel dumb for asking.

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  • Poll: when did you start nesting?

    I'm 31 weeks and have been doing this for last week now, and almost finished. I have a few toys and clothing to watch, and I need to finish painting the baby's room, but other than that I'm done! How about you.

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  • Does anyone ow the Evenflo electric/battery breast pump?

    If so, did you have any problems with it. I bought one today, and i read online that some people had it quit working after a couple weeks. I need to know if it's a good product, or do I need to return it. here's the one I bought so you know what I'm talking abut:

    Thanks for your help.

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  • What is the best electric breast pump that I can buy for $100 or less?

    I want to breast fed my daughter and still be able to go to college. Since i will need to pump milk at least twice per week I would like a good electric pump, or some other pump that will get the job done. It has to be $100 or less because my husband and I are both college students. Which pumps worked best for you, and can you provide me with links so I can look at prices and stuff?

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  • How do I inform my college professors I'm expecting, and due in october?

    My husband and I both college students. we have a system worked out for child care this semester where he goes to class three days a week and I go to class two days a week. I'll be taking six credits this semester in English lit, and Intro to Social Work which is pretty easy. The problem is I'm due October 10, and my doctor says I need to take at least a week off, to at the most. I don't know how to explain this to my professors who are both, and have no idea what its like to be pregnant. should i talk to them the first day of class, or send them an e-mail? Taking this semester off is not an option. i took Winter semester off because of fatigue and morning sickness, and if I take off this semester I'll have to start paying on a student loan which i cannot afford now. Nice answers only please.

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  • What should I bring to the hospital for me and the baby?

    I'm only 30 weeks, but I feel like preparing a bag for me and the baby to bring to the hospital. For the baby I'm thinking diapers, outfit for pictures, going home outfit, booties/socks, receiving blankets, car seat cover (the weather in October is unpredicatable where I live), and of course the car seat. For me i figured pillows (the ones at the hospital are not comfortable) slipper socks, change of clothes, pads, and maybe some books or a deck of cards, insurance cards, and hospital forms. Is there something I'm forgettng, or should add?

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