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  • How to get rid of gnats in my bedroom?

    At least I think they're gnats. They're sort of sesame seed sized, black, fly around, and they are attracted to light. I find at least two buzzing around everyday whenever I try using my tablet. I don't bring food into my room, but I'm planning on getting rid of the trash can in my room.

    How do I get rid of them? I've heard of the apple cider vinegar trick, but I only have white vinegar. Will that work?

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  • Why do we need to wait 12 years in school to go to college?

    I feel like if you're smart enough to pass the tests to get the verified credits for classes needed to graduate, then you should be able to graduate whenever you want. It would save people a lot of money.

    I think I could have graduated in 8th or 9th grade. Highschool is too easy and boring. I've been making straight A's in all my eight classes and there is virtually no gifted program. There are a bunch of people in the gifted class who really shouldn't be there, so it feels like a regular class. There are much more freedoms, responsibilities, and challenges in college.

  • Would I look cute with this haircut?

    I really like short haircuts and I wanted to try something different.



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  • I have the worst science partner ever!?

    I was working with these two other people on a power point project and one of them keeps forgetting to email me the project. She tells me that she's been stressed out this week and that she is trying to do a better job on her homework since she usually doesn't do it. Those are just false promises that she constantly uses in my opinion, and I have known her for years. She may not care about her grades, but I do. The project is suppose to be a major part of our final grade and I'm sitting here crying because it will most likely ruin my chance of straight A's and it wouldn't even be my fault. I feel like my parents value me less if I don't make straight A's. I told her that I could take the flash drive it was on, but she refused to give it to me. It's not even her's to decide because it belong to the other group member. It doesn't even take five minutes to send an email, but she still doesn't do it. I gave her a week to do it and reminded her twice. She promised she would email it to me today, but it's already 8pm and there is still nothing from her. I am ready to punch her the next time I see her. I almost broke down in class worrying about the project. What should I do for the project? It's kind of too late to do it myself and start from scratch since it has to be 25 minutes long, and it's due next week.

    I can't really tell my teacher about this because he said that it has to be due on time or we get points deducted. No exceptions.

    And people wonder why I have trust issues and work alone... ;_;

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  • will my body even out?

    I've had leukemia when I was eight years old and the radiation kind of messed up my ovary glands and natural growth hormones so I couldn't produce estrogen very well. My doctor said that my cholesterol was borderline even though I ate the same food, maybe even healthier since I packed lunch, than the students around me. I didn't have my first period until I was sixteen. Afterwards, it stopped again and appeared about a week ago. I don't have a big bust and I think I have more stomach fat than I want. I also have rounded thighs. I'm currently taking meds to boost my estrogen (I started maybe 2-3 years ago). I try not to eat too much fast food (once every week or two) and I walk 20 min to get to and from the bus to school. I also started weight-lifting (bench press: 100 reps/20lbs). Could it also be that I've been eating too many carbohydrates (I'm Asian, so rice is in my blood)? I'm 5'3 tall, weigh 113lbs, and currently 17 years old, but I look like a 13 year old. Thanks for any help. XD

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  • Am I being too apathetic?

    I haven't cried in four years and I'm a teen. Aren't they suppose to be more emotionally unstable than usual at this time of their life? I watch sad movies (grave of the fireflies, hachi, toy story 3), but I haven't shed a single tear. I don't even cry while mincing onions for cooking class. Sure I feel sad, but I get over it within minutes. Crying changes nothing. Generally I don't express anger towards people. It's more like annoyance, but even then I'm so subtle that they're oblivious to it. Then again I don't give a reason for people to be angry and yell at me, so as not to rile up my temper, because I'm not very sociable. Jealousy maybe (I'm a straight A student), but not anger. I can't comfort people. I tend to look at both points of view and from my logic, what they want to hear would be opposite of what I want to say (teenage problems am I right?). I use my head instead of my heart. For example, if you were to ask me the meaning of life, I would look it up in a dictionary, or if you showed me a picture of an ink blot and asked me what it looks like, I would say it looks like an ink blot. I feel indifferent. Don't mix this up with depression though, I know I have something to look forward to.

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  • Am I using colored pencils right?

    Are there any specific techniques or tricks when it comes to using Prismacolor pencils? I'm mostly self taught, but my art teacher introduced me to this type of media. She retired, but she donated all the colored pencils from the pencil bin to the students when she left, so that's how I got interested in them. How much would you pay for this? Does being 15 years old and unprofessional affect the selling price?

    (Link - 5 hours):

    (Oerba Yun Fang WIP - 6 hours):

    Thanks! :D

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  • What do you think about my art?

    I never feel satisfied with my art. It all just seems ok. What are some tips to improve? I know I have a lot to learn since I'm only 15, but it overwhelms/annoys me to the point where I don't really know how to feel about my art. Critique please?

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