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  • Wedding Celebration at one year anniversary?

    I married my soulmate on May 4th of this past year (May the fourth be with you muwhahaha). We got married on our back porch (which conveniently had a terrace and arch that was decorated). It was formal - I wore the white dress and he wore the black tux - and we had about 25 people there. Finger food was catered in - and we had a wedding cake. We do kind of regret the fact that we didn't get to invite everyone because of space (our house isn't that big), We had originally planned everything out and booked it all but then I lost my job due to my department closing - no one saw this coming. We didn't want to postpone the wedding either. So is it horrible to have a great big Wedding Celebration a year later for friends/family and those who we weren't able to invite?

    This is not an attempt to fish for gifts - we don't need anything (we didn't need anything when we got married either - we didn't register(especially since it was my second marriage) but received gift cards. So after that explanation - do you feel that just one year after being married is too soon to have a big party to celebrate our wedding?

    Thanks in advance!

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  • How do I get more leads for my Scentsy Business?

    I'm a part time consultant with Scentsy - We sell the wax warmers, scented wax, and other items such as perfume, lotion, etc. I have my base of people but how do I get more? I want to make sure I don't pick up crazy people... you hear all the time how people are killed after meeting people on craigslist etc.

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  • How do I start my own business selling wedding invitations online?

    I know I need to get a business license and tax id number.. but do i need to do one for every state if i'm going to sell online?

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  • Help with RSVP Card wording?

    The card says

    "Please Respond by April the Fourth, Two Thousand Thirteen"


    __Accepts with Pleasure

    __Declines with Regret

    __ Spouse or Guest __ Number of Children

    If you have special dietary needs please let us know"

    What does the M_____ mean?

    and is the rest of the wording ok??

    Also our wedding is May 4 2013

    is april 4th to RSVP by too soon or too late or just right?

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  • Why do I feel like i'm not deserving?

    So, I hate this feeling... I feel like I don't deserve anything in regards to a wedding, I think it's my depression..

    I was married once before.. turns out he is mentally ill and our marriage didn't work out- (in short, he cleaned out my bank account, not maliciously but he had issues with it, he quit his job when I lost my job, and we just didn't work out) He also tried to end his life...

    I sat and talked to alot of family members this weekend when I get home, and they said it has nothing to do with deserving.. it didn't work out... that is that. I said I didn't feel like I deserved a wedding with alot of people, a gorgeous gown etc... My mom has offered to buy my gown and she will not take no for an family told me if i'm entitled to whatever I want. I told them I didn't want a bridal shower since i'd had one before and they said that's nonsense.... :/ i feel kind of bad here and torn.. and I dont know what to do.

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  • Help with wedding venues?

    I'm supposed to get married May 4th 2013. I'm kind of panicked right now because I haven't been able to find a venue that is within our price range, Jon would like to have the wedding at $5,000 or below if possible.

    The park we were looking at , requires us to book tomorrow and pay in full. We just can't do that. I'm in Columbus Ohio.

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  • Wedding Time of day, what is preferred?

    I've got a few ideas here

    I'm thinking a morning wedding with a brunch meal or heavy appetizers

    I know alot of people prefer evening wedding but it's too expensive.

    Also I'm thinking about having it at a park, which means it'll be alcohol-free. Would you go to a wedding that didn't serve alcohol? I know personally I would but not everyone is like me.

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  • Is this appropriate for a wedding?

    Fiance's parents may want a little more than what we can afford for the wedding. We're going to have low key lunch or appetizers. Maybe even catered boxed lunches.

    His parents may want us to have a full blown lunch/buffet setting. If that's the case, is it appropriate for my fiance to ask for them to help pay for the food if they want that?

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  • Where should I go for a decent affordable Honeymoon?

    We will be getting married May 4 2013 and I wanted to go to Mexico but he's wanting to go somewhere else, as long as it's not Mexico.. lol ... It's got to be affordable.. not thousands and thousands of dollars. We will be paying for our wedding. We're from Columbus Ohio, we thought about Virginia Beach but thats the only option we know of right now.

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  • What dress would look best with my body type?

    I'm a bigger girl, i've lost some weight since this picture but not enough to make a huge difference.

    I'm not posting this picture for snarky answers.. i'm fairly certain i'll get some though.

    This picture is the best picture I could come up with for full body shot, I was crying because my friends threw me an amazing birthday party at Dave & Busters.

    What type of wedding dress would look best on this body type?

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  • Another Second Wedding Question?

    Now I've been told, it's your wedding do as you wish, etc. I have also heard, "your second wedding is to be smaller, and more subdued. I understand this, it's what I want, but my fiance would like it to be more, because he's never been married. He doesn't think it's fair that we have a smaller wedding because i've been married before. I've got a friend who had a BEAUTIFUL "Just the two of us wedding" (her and her groom, minister and photographer), they went on their honeymoon and came back for a reception, which was beautiful as well. I'm not put off by something like that, just trying to weigh all my options.

    Opinions on bigger vs smaller wedding (since ive been married before and he hasn't) A lot of his friends want to be included as well.

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  • Wedding Ettiquette? Is this acceptiable or not?

    So the fiance and I are paying for our wedding/reception,

    we are not eloping, i'm taking his wants into consideration, but if we just do a wedding.. with our parents there... and then have a party afterwards? I've been told numerous things.. I've been told it's ok to do that... i've also been told it's not ok to do that... that its rude.

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  • To elope or not to elope, that is the question.?

    I would prefer to elope.. why? I've been married before, and I'll be paying for this one (well my fiance and I).

    He doesn't want to elope because he's got family who would want to be there and witness the ceremony.

    I see it from his point of view and I keep telling him, it will be cheaper for us. Not drama free though i'm afraid. My mom is totally ok with me eloping, going to VA, or NC, SC or even Hocking Hills here in columbus and just having a ceremony with the two of us.. but we're worried about his family.

    Any advice?

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  • Wedding Guests: who should be invited?

    So for my wedding, my mom is spouting off all these relatives that I don't know, but that she knows. She feels that they are my relatives and I should invite them. I don't know half of these peoples.

    Should I invite them to make mom happy, or just invite who i feel i need to.

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  • Looking for some outdoor wedding venues in columbus ohio with indoor option for weather.?

    Wedding will be May 4 2013. Looking for something inexpensive that would be nice and small.

    Any ideas would great!

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  • Superman themed wedding ideas?

    My boyfriend and I have chosen the date of May 4, 2013 (nothing to do with superman but he wants to be able to say May the Fourth be with you!) Anyways, trying to get some ideas to make this a superman themed wedding but not too childish.. I don't want it to look like a child's birthday party but he and I both like Superman and not quite sure what to do. Any input is appreciated!

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  • How to potty train a puppy.?

    We just adopted a daschund and she's six months old. She's not housebroken, she's had three homes in six months. We have a crate but it's not working. We take her out before work, (Boyfriend leaves at 6 am and I leave and 7:30) we take her when we get home from work, walk her in the evenings, take her out before bed, but she still pees and poops in the house, we clean it up and use a product we got at petsmart (no ammonia). We are going to take her to petsmart for training which will be good for both puppy and my boyfriend and I. But i'd like some other ideas.

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  • When's the best time to start gardening?

    I live in Ohio... what we always say is that one day it can be 65 the next it can snow. When do I know it's safe to start planting flowers and/or vegetables?

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  • WoW: How can I be a great guild leader?

    I have my own guild on Silver Hand and I'm having some trouble recruiting. We're level 2 with five bank tabs and a tabard, I'll be getting my vent back up as well. I've got close to 8k gold in the guildbank and have opened up guild repairs. I know gbank isn't everything but my boyfriend and I are co-leaders and we have some officers but we want a few more players. Whats your opinion?

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  • What are some good weight watcher friendly recipes?

    i love chicken but i don't care much for beef. I do enjoy fish and turkey. What are some good weight watcher friendly recipes?

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