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  • How much do high school foreign language teachers get paid?

    Just out of curiosity, how much do high school foreign language teachers get paid? I hear that they are in way more demand than English teachers. If need be, I can teach French.

    (salary preferably in California, but I'll take any answer you can give me)

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  • If you have a male dog with a lot of hair (Pom, Samoyed, etc.)...?

    This might be a dumb question, but if they have long hair, doesn't the pee get on their fur? Or do you shave the belly part and just let the side hair hang over (so you can't really tell that the belly is shaved unless the dog is on it's back)?

    I'm considering getting a male Samoyed, I'm just not sure how the hair/pee thing is going to work out with a male dog.

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  • Hair falling out?

    Last fall, a ton of hair started falling out. I went to the doctor, got everything (thyroid, blood, hormones) tested, turned out I had anemia which was causing the hair loss.

    Went on iron pills (August), hair stopped falling out for the most part. Then in December, the hair started falling out again. Not to the extent as it was before, but still quite a bit.

    I don't have any real stress, everything's been tested. I don't use harsh shampoos, I don't pull my hair back tightly, I'm not on birth control, I have mild dandruff, and I don't color/perm my hair. I do blowdry/straighten it occasionally, but not on a regular basis.

    My hair doesn't come out in clumps, nor does my scalp look "exposed" or have patches. My hair seems a bit thinner, but not to a huge extent. I lose around 100-150 hairs a day if I brush it, 30-50ish if I don't.

    What I'm thinking is, the iron pills make my hair grow superfast. Since my hair grows faster, does this mean that it would also shed at a faster rate

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  • Can my dog get fleas/ticks just by walking around the block? Is 1 monthly bath enough?

    Can my dog get fleas/ticks just by walking around the block? There are other dogs in the area (all owned, no strays), he'd be walking on the sidewalk and possibly through other people's yards.

    Also, is one bath with flea+tick shampoo enough to prevent/deter fleas and ticks, or do I need medication?

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  • Why are female dogs more expensive?

    I've noticed that breeders charge anywhere from $200-$800 more for a female dog.

    Why is this? Higher demand?

    I've thought about it for awhile and I can't really figure out why, exactly. If anyone here knows, please tell me!

    Thanks. :)

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  • Rav4 making weird screeching/grinding/rattling noise? Battery dead?

    My 1999 Rav4 decided it wouldn't start today. I live in Southern California so cold weather isn't the issue.

    It has power locks and power windows, neither of which will work. If I put the car into ACC or anything else (not turning on the engine), nothing starts, not the radio, not the air, nothing.

    If I try to turn the engine on, it makes a sort of screeching/grinding/rattling noise. It's a little hard to describe, but the engine doesn't turn on at all.

    Do you think it's a dead battery? Or something more serious?

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  • How do I socialize my dog?

    I live in a house with my parents, myself (a college student) and my brother (a middle school student). We're planning on getting a puppy (Yorkshire Terrier) this summer and I have no idea how to socialize it with other dogs and people.

    I think I can take the puppy to the park, where there would be kids, and get him socialized there? Would that be a good idea? I don't really live near any kids (all are mostly college students), which is why I suggest the park.

    As for dogs, I don't know of any true 'dog parks' around here, but there is one park where a lot of people walk their dogs, and then if I go to the beach there are many dogs there. Would this be a good idea? I like the beach more than the park and would have no problem taking the pup there. I've noticed that the dogs at the beach are better socialized and friendlier as well.

    I want to get him socialized as early as possible so I don't have problems later on. Thank you!

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  • How big is your adult Yorkie?

    I know if Yorkshire Terriers are bred to AKC standards, they will be no bigger than 7 pounds, but I'm having trouble visualizing this in terms of length/height.

    If you have a Yorkie, can you tell me how big it is? Maybe like, weight, length and height, if all of that is possible! Guesses are okay. If there's a generic object that you can compare it to, like a certain shoe size or whatever, that would help too!

    (Please, only ones that have been bought from reputable breeders, and that fit the AKC standard. Also before people get angry, I'll add that I know responsible breeders don't breed for the 'teacup' or 'tiny' dogs, and I'm not looking for those! Just looking for an average size of healthy dogs.)

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  • Yorkshire Terrier breeder recommendations in SoCal?

    I've searched online, before you ask!

    I've narrowed it down to about 3 breeders to check out, but I'm wondering if anyone has a Yorkshire Terrier that they've gotten from a responsible breeder, a breeder that they would recommend? It's a bit difficult choosing a breeder, but I don't want a pup that hasn't been bred/raised properly.

    I'd rather not pay over $2000, but I'm not opposed to slightly higher prices.

    (I don't want to hear about dogs without papers or dogs that you got for $400 out of the newspaper, sorry.)

    Thank you in advance!

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