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  • What kind of mental illness could a he have?

    So a family member of mine has a mental illness, not sure what but wouldn't mind some ideas. He is in his mid 40s and as acted this way since he was an adolescent if not earlier. He lived with is parents until the age if 35 and is now living on his own. Here is a list of some of his symptoms

    -Not physical but verbally very abusive

    -Yells very loud all the time especially when someone doesn't agree with him

    -expects everyone to do things for him whether is doing his income tax or making him food

    - when we eat out he expects someone else to pay for his meal

    - he always says he speaks the truth and that he never lies and has even if he is wrong.

    - you have to acknowledge any statement he makes, so if you don't reply with a "ya" he literally says "huh" over and over again until you say you heard him.

    -only takes himself into consideration and thinks everything wrong he does is always someone else's fault

    - is obsessed with girls spends hours on online dating sites everyday

    - very good with computers

    - tells his mother EVERYTHING and I mean everything he calls at least 2 times a day and he has to replay his day over to her.

    - his gifts to other people are things he bought for himself but didn't like or didn't fit him.

    - he takes things very literally, can't be sarcastic with him

    -does what he wants to and doesn't think about the consequences he went to a city came home with "his" new dog even though he left it at his parents house and has never boughten it anything

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  • Could the tv fanatics please help me out?

    Could you all sign this petition to move csi back to a weekday, because csi hasn't aired for two weeks now because football went late

    1 AnswerDrama6 years ago
  • Stores or companies like lush that make bath bombs?

    Just looking for some other stores or companies that make bath bombs besides lush?

    1 AnswerOther - Beauty & Style6 years ago
  • Etsy username?

    Which do you like best




    Please pick between these two and if you want you can also offer suggestions, It will be a photography account

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  • Is there a difference between a lawyer and an attorney?

    Is there a difference between a lawyer and an attorney?

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  • This or that italian names?


    Adrina or Maria

    Caterina or Alessandra

    Gabriella or Emilia

    Serena or Isabella

    Rosa or Lucia

    Bianca or Adele

    Carlotta or Lara

    Belinda or Pia


    Leonardo or Michele

    Christian or Lorenzo

    Luca or Mario

    Max or Gabriel

    Dante or Angelo

    Montel or Montrel

    Antony or Eduardo

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  • This or that girl names ABC?

    This or that

    Alexandra or Amy

    Bailee or Belinda

    Charlotte or Chloe

    Danica or Daisey

    Ellie or Emma

    Felicia or Farrah

    Georgia or Gemma

    Hailey or Haper

    Ivy or India

    Jennifer or Jade

    Kassidy or Kendall

    Lauren or Lila

    Madison or Meghan

    Olivia or Opel

    Penny or Piper

    Quinn or Queenie

    Rachel or Renee

    Sara or Samantha

    Taylor or Tatiana

    Unity or Ultima

    Vanessa or Valentina

    Willow or Wren

    Xandra or Xena

    Yolanda or Yasmin

    Zara Or Zoey

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  • This it that boy names ABC?

    Andrew or Asher

    Brody or Brett

    Camden or Cole

    Devin or Daniel

    Elliot or Eric

    Fredrick or Finn

    Gregory or Grayson

    Hayden or Hudson

    Isaac or Ivan

    Jacob or James

    Kaiden or Kyle

    Logan or Luca

    Matthew or Mark

    Nathan or Noah

    Oliver or Otis

    Patrick or Parker

    Quinten or Quincy

    Ryan or River

    Samuel or Shawn

    Tyler or Terrance

    Urie or Ugo

    Vincent or Vladimir

    Wyatt or William

    Xander or Xavier

    Yannick or Yo

    Zane or Zeke

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  • This or that girls names?

    Choose your fave!!!!

    Candace or Cadence

    Amber or Ruby

    Rose or Violet

    April or Autumn

    Kalista or Kiana

    Mackenzie or Madison

    Lila or Laila

    Ziva or Zara

    Elizabeth or Victoria

    Sofia or Isobel

    Selena or Athena

    Natalie or Natasha

    Sara or Stella

    Ellie or Ella

    Aspen or Venice

    Blair or Bellamy

    Morgan or Jordan

    Katarina or Katherine

    Felicia or Tabitha

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  • 50th anniversary come and go tea ideas?

    What are some ideas for my grandparents come and go tea? There will be a slideshow, quiet music, tea and food but I feel that there is something missing. What are some ideas to keep the guest entertained?

    I read about placing a disposable camera on every table so the guest can take pictures but that is really the only idea I have. Please help my non-creative mind.

    Also since it's a come and go tea there won't be a program so nothing like people giving toasts/speeches. Guest will be in all age groups but mainly seniors. Thanks in advance

    3 AnswersEngagements & Weddings6 years ago
  • What is Kalinda's Job on the good wife?

    Is she a private investigator or something else?

    2 AnswersDrama6 years ago
  • Favourite high end makeup brand?

    Just curious to see what other people enjoy

    6 AnswersMakeup6 years ago
  • Free online photo editing sites?

    Are there any good free online photo editing sites, I use snapseed on my iphone a lot so something similar to that. :)

    3 AnswersPhotography7 years ago
  • Can stopping taking vitamins affect your mood?

    I had been sick with a stomach bug for awhile and I had stop taking my vitimins ( a lot of magnesium, calcium, vitamin B-6, omega 3 and D Drops (I have Pmdd)) can randomly stopping taking these affect the way I feel ( really down, tired, frustrated) thx

    Diet & Fitness7 years ago
  • Is it normal to have cramps on birth control?

    Is it ok to have cramps on birth control when I'm not on my period? It my first month of being on a new birth control (yaz) so is that why?

    1 AnswerWomen's Health7 years ago
  • I feel really angry what can I do to calm down?

    I feel like ripping apart everything In my house and screaming at the top of my lungs I had a crappy day today and wondering tips to relax and calm down

    7 AnswersMental Health7 years ago
  • FICTION books about investigative journalism?

    I wondering if there are any fiction books where the main character is a journalist or investigating something (don't really care what as long as it's not fantasy/scifi)

    2 AnswersBooks & Authors7 years ago
  • Tv shows like animal cops and dog town?

    Are there any tv shows similar to animal cops on animal planet and dogtown on discovery?? Or any tv shows about vetrinarians or rescuing dogs

    1 AnswerReality Television7 years ago
  • Songs like a moment like this by Kelly clarkson?

    What are some songs like a moment like this by Kelly Clarkson???

    Bq songs like warrior by Demi lovato

    1 AnswerRock and Pop7 years ago
  • Single word for someone who has to be right?

    What is A word for some who has to be right, even If they are wrong.

    4 AnswersWords & Wordplay7 years ago