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  • Need an answer ASAP easy ten points!!?

    Ok so this girl is like my best friend ive known her for 10 years now and im going to ask her to homecoming and she knows im asking someone and shes starting to get mad that i wont tell her who it is, im txting her right now and shes getting angry that i wont tell her how do i get her off of my tail with out flat out lieing by saying someone else or something like that. and ive already tried saying dont worry youll find out soon enough and stuff like that

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  • girls plz help me!!! (or guys) thx in advance!?

    i really like this girl and i think that she might like me what can i do to get her to like me more?

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  • i really like his girl but... (girls plz help!!!!!) (guys to i guess)?

    ok so i like this girl and ive told her but she said that she thinks it'd be better if we just stayed friends but i think that she might just be saying that cuz her and my bestfriend went out for like a week like a month ago and she thinks it would be uncool. so is there anything i can do to get her to like me??????

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