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  • Old records, Need to find out the cost?

    Does anyone know where can can find the value of old records and albums. Tried e-bay and stuff but can`t find anything close to what i have. 1930`s to 60`s

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  • Who is the real blame?

    Do you think that the Government is the blame for the oil spill due to them forcing oil companies to drill that far out instead of letting them drill on our own land. We have the largest oil found here and they refuse to let them drill on land. The latest is they want to siege the land for parks so nobody can ever drill there ever again

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  • Who is the real blame?

    Do you think that the Government is the blame for the oil spill due to them forcing oil companies to drill that far out instead of letting them drill on our own land. We have the largest oil found here and they refuse to let them drill on land. The latest is they want to siege the land for parks so nobody can ever drill there

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  • How can you support this take over?

    Congress passed a health care bill they themselves refuse to be part of. If it is so great for all of us then why not include them as well. Our health care will be taxed.... Theirs will never be. We will be forced to take what ever the gov. thinks is best..... They will settle for nothing but the best. If this is good enough for you and me it should be good enough for them.

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  • Was Joe Wilson Wrong With His You Lie Comment or...?

    I do agree his comment was at the wrong place at the wrong time but was Obama telling us the truth or what. With pelosi and Reid doing there best to have joe Wilson kicked out of the congress for his you lie comment to Obama i have to ask myself was he really wrong for saying it. Over and over again Pelosi and the rest of the Democrats refuse to answer one simple questin. If they and Obama was being truthful about illeagals not getting free health care from this bill then why have they blocked every ammendment that would put in place everyone showing proper idenifacation before they could get free health care. This sounds very simple to me as it should to most of us. If they really don`t have a hidden agenda about illeagles what is wrong with showing proof that you are who you claim you are. All they seem to want to do is push this bill down our throats before anyone finds out what is in it. Why do they refuse to let any of us as well as our own congressman read this bill before voting on it. What are they really hidding here.

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  • What do you think ever happend to?

    Obama asked congress to shave wastefull spending out of the budget and all they good come up with was 100 millon. Obama himself claims we can cut 500 billion just in the fraud in medicare it self. Why won`t this congress ever take cutting wastefull spending seriously and why do you think they and the left wing media have stopped talking about it completly. All they seem to do is talk about raising more and more taxes to pay for there agenda instead of cutting out the waste they should have been doing all along. They could cut a few trillions in the next 10 years witch would benifit everyone

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  • Will You Support The New Gun Bill?

    Congress will be voting on a new gun bill in the dead of night that will tax every gun $ 50 that you have per year. There will be a line on our 1040 tax form to check and they will take it out of your refund if you have one. Do you support this kind of voting without any debate or will you vote these people out in 2010

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  • Why are so many Democrats leaving there home state when??

    2 of the most Democratic states we have are NY and California. At the same time these states are ones of the most taxed and have the highest budgets def. but still want to give more to those who refuse to do anything to help themselfs. More and more Democrats as well as Republicans are moving to states with lower tax rates. Obama and the Democrats want to pattern the country after NY and California and have everyone pay more than there fair share. Why won`t the Democrats put there money where there mouth is do what Biden and Obama have said there patreodic duty is and give it up. Suck it up and pay the money rather than move out of state and deprive all those lost soles there right to your money. Is this a case of the Democrats saying do what I say not as I do. Since Democrats have caused both states to go broke ( They have been in control for years and years ) do you think they will suck it up and pay or run and blame it on to others.

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  • Oil has doubled since Obama has taken over?

    Why no big out cry for Obama being in the back pockets of big oil as they did to Bush....... Gas at the pump has gone up far more per barral of oil under Obama...... $140 per barrel gas at $4 under Bush.... $ 65 per barrel gas at $2.75... Under Obama gas would be over $6 at the pump with still no out cry..... WHY NOT

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  • Will the left wing vote Republican when?

    Facts are facts and even Obama took every penny from the top 5 % in this country ( who pay 80% of all taxes ) it would not even be close to cover the cost of what he is trying to do... It won`t even pay the interest on it.... When there is nothing else to take and Obama starts taking 50-80 % of the left wing`s pay check will they do the patriotic thing and as Biden said give it up or will they finally see what is going on and vote for everyone paying their fair share and get tired of paying for the ones who refuse to get a job let alone look for one. Now Obama want`s us to even pay for ther car insurance. What`s next !!! I`m sure China will not be willing to pay the bill when everyone is forced on welfare and get everything they need for nothing rather than busting your rear end and get the same thing as those who won`t . Who will pay the bill..... I`m sure the left will still will blame Bush for this as well

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  • With the price of gas at the pump ??

    As the price of gas at the pump keep going up and up will the left who kept blaming Bush for it saying he is in there back pockets finnally agree that it`s caused from globle supply and demand or do you think for some strange reason they will start saying Obama must be in the same pocket Bush was in. After all here in Mi. gas at the pump has increased over 25% since Obama has taken over. 25 % in just 4 months. Or do you think they will come up with some other reason to blame Bush for it still...

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  • Is Obama in the back pockets of big oil or what?

    All we heard everytime gas went up even a dime is Bush and Cheney were in the back pockets of the oil companies and are both getting rich because of it... Here in northern Mi. gas at the pump keeps going up and not yet have I heard anyone say Obama must be making big money because of it...When gas at the pump goes up again to over 3 to 4 dollars a gal. due to the Democrats refuseal to let us drill our own oil will they jump all over Obama for getting kick backs from big oil as they did Bush or will do what they always have done in the past and still blame Bush for it

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  • Do you agree with Obama administations ?

    Under Clinton they called Osama a criminal not a terrorist and as we speak Obama`s administration are calling these pirates the same. Criminals. In fact all they want to do is biuld a criminal case againt them and take them to court. What is wrong with calling them what they really are. TERRORIST!!! Obama does not support these ships even having weapons on board to protect themselfs. All it would have taken was a bassooca and blow them out of the water before they had a chance to board the ship. They would go after the people on the ships before the terrorist

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  • Will the Obamaits finally agree Obama lied ?

    No tax on the 95 % who earn less than $250,000 a year. New taxes on cig`s , cigars and what ever else he can tax. Unless you don`t use any electric for your lights, Use gas or oil to heat your home or put gas in yor car you will not get hit with his tax on energy whitch will cost every house hold between $2500 and $ 3000 a year. I`m sure glad this new tax only hit`s the 5 %. He out right lied to everyone

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  • Where it the big out cry now ??

    It took less than 24 hours for Obama and his left wing spending machine to complain about AIG giving 165 million in bonus money after they got caught giving them the ok to do it. Frannie and freddie said 2 day`s ago they were going to pay out over 210 milllion of our tax money for the same type bonus`s without any complaints from Obama and the democrats in congress. Could this be because they have taken evevn more billions of dollars from them than AIG.

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  • Will Obama and congress give the money back?

    Congress wants all bonus money paid back from companies getting fed. aid even though they slid in a amendment in the dark of night to protect them. Should Obama and the congress who had taken campain money from these same companies be made to pay them back to us as well. This would save the tax payers billions

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  • Should congress and Obama give the money back?

    Democrats put in the stimulus bill the amendment to allow AIG to have ther bonus checks and only when they got caught the insist they give the money back. If they don`t they will tax them on it and make it retroactive. At the same time congress and Obama have taken billions from them for there campains. Should they be held to the same standard as the CEO`s and have to give it back or tax them the same 90% from companies who take Fed bailout money and make it retroactive. This amount of money would bring in billions that I`m sure we can use for better things. My guess they will spin it some how and never have to do it. What`s fair is fair as I see it and what`s good for one should be good for all. They need to give all of us our money back!!!!

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  • Why can`t or why won`t congress?

    Since congress passed a law that taxes AIG employee`s 90% or give the money back to the tax payers why stop there. I agree that a company that takes federal aid should not make that size of bonus but what about the others that had made billions. They even made it retroactive. I`m talking about all the politicians that have taken billions from the same companies.People such as Obama who took over 400 billion , Frank , Dodd and all the others on both side of the isle. If we made them give all that money back and made it retroactive we could balance the budget just from them alone. I`m sure they will always excempt themselfs however as I see it what is goog for one company should be good enough for them

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  • Why don`t Obama pass a law that would??

    Obama wants to have all the bonus money from AIG returned to the tax payers. He lets Franny and Freddy get away with it at the same time. Maybe because he took hundreds of thousand of dollars from them. Would it not be a great idea that any congressmen or president that took money from a company that has gotten Federal aid from the tax payers have to give that money back to the tax payers. Make it radioactive ten years and we could wipe out the intire budget dificit we have. I`m sure congress would vote it down and Obama would veto it but what is fair for one should be fair for all. How can congress try a huge tax on AIG while Obama and the congress took billions from them....All our tax money...

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  • Is it true what Obama said about our guns?

    I heard Obams said he would never go after our guns that our protected by the constitution but at the same time said he plans on

    putting on huge tax on ammo so the average person could not afford to buy them. $250 for a box of 22 shells... All taxes

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