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  • Starting a coupon club?

    I would like to start a coupon club with the ladies group in my church. However, I don't know how to go about this (and have tried to Google it, but have been unsuccessful at finding any helpful articles). One idea I have is to have a shoebox with different coupon categories and have the ladies just put their coupons in the respective categories and then take the coupons they need from the box. However, this seems like it would take a long time to fish through them and to clip coupons (I personally collect the Sunday coupon inserts, so thinking about clipping ALL the coupons I do not use would take a VERY long time). Another idea I had was to have each of the ladies write a list of common items that they purchase with coupons, then email that list to all the ladies and when one of the ladies finds that coupon, they can clip it and give it to that member who needs it. This might be complicated too, however. Idk. What do you think? Ideas, suggestions, if you found a GOOD article on the matter, lemme know. Thank you!

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  • What's this TV commercial for??

    So you know that TV commercial where the clerk is throwing away groceries instead of bagging them? What product or whatever is that commercial for?

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  • What's this TV commercial for?

    So you know that TV commercial where the clerk is throwing away groceries instead of bagging them? What product or whatever is that commercial for?

  • What country songs are good for starting out married couples where money is tight?

    And not to worry. One good one I found is Luke Bryan's Pray About Everything. Any other ideas? Thank you!

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  • Similac Sling Pack diaper bag?

    Who has used the Similac Sling Pack diaper bag they give you for free at the hospital? How would you rate it? Is it so good that I should delete the diaper bag I have registered for? Thanks!

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  • Homemade baby formula?

    Is there a way to make homemade baby formula that is cheaper but just as good for a baby as the purchased powder formula?

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  • Is it ok to put where you are registered with your baby birth announcements?

    I could really use all the items I registered for, so I was wondering if (if there's some leftover after showers), it's ok to put where we are registered with our baby birth announcements?

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  • What's a good grocery money saving website?

    I am already a member of The Grocery Game and of I really like the Grocery Game's format and easy accessibility, but I have to pay for it. CouponMom is free, but not as thorough as the Grocery Game, which is disappointing because the Grocery Game shows more of what I buy. Does anyone know of another similar website I could check out? Perhaps one that costs less than the Grocery Game or is free like CouponMom? Thanks!

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  • Family of 3 Survival?

    I have currently just finished my first trimester of being pregnant. I am a lead cook for Aramark, but the business with which we serve out of is closing down in February. I have been offered to transfer to a further location, but will not be able to do this because the new location is too far away and nearly all my pay would go towards paying gas. So, come February, I will be quitting. This is good in a way because I would like to stay home with the baby when he is born this June. But here's another problem: my husband has a fairly good job and his pay is just too much to get any assistance. So you name it, be it food stamps or leap or whatever, he makes just within $50 to $100 too much. In addition, I can't apply for unemployment because if you refuse a transfer or quit, you can't get unemployment. My husband and I have a mortgage of $1,000/month and a car payment of $600/month. He makes roughly 27,000. I have recently started "playing" the Grocery Game online to see if that helps us save on money. I have no problem getting another job now, but with the economy as it is especially where we live I have concern that I won't be able to find another job. In addition, if I quit again when baby is born, and stay unemployed, will we a family of 3 with a newborn survive? Give me your best money-saving tips. PS, once I'm on my husband's insurance that will add $350 a month we must pay, and when baby is born, we will be paying around $500 a months for insurance. How do we survive?

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  • Road Trip During First Trimester?

    As of Christmas day, I will be 12 weeks pregnant. On Christmas, my husband and I plan on driving a 20+ hour trip from Colorado to Tennessee to visit family. Is this safe during my first trimester? Any suggestion, ideas, concerns, etc.? Thanks for any help!

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  • Ideas on strip tease music?

    I am planning to do a strip tease for my fiance the night of our wedding. I already have the attire and I know what dance moves to do, what I am missing is music that I like. I would like to buy one or two tracks thru itunes preferably. However, I'm open to buying a CD also. I want something instrumental, without singing in it, that is quicker than sax but slower than fast pop. Ideas please!

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  • What's a good source for food coupons?

    What's a good source for food coupons without signing up to get ads or a billion annoying emails? Perhaps a website where I can go and print them off? Trying to save money on food. Thank you!

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  • Unique yet beautiful wedding processional music??? Suggestions?

    I know about the tradition songs, but I am hoping to find a nice instrumental processional music to play both for the bridesmaids processional and for my (the bride) processional. I have a pianist, celloist, and violinist playing for my wedding. And I would like something as beautiful as the traditional and yet unique. Any suggestions?

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  • What's that country song?

    What's that country song out on the radio where the guy sings "It's America" or "That's America" or something and it mentions "it's a Springsteen song..."???

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  • Silk Flower Bridal Bouquet?

    I am attempting to make my own bridal bouquet using silk flowers. I have mainly blue roses and white daisies. I may attempt adding some baby's breath and white roses. Anyway, i am having issues making it look beautiful. I can't get it even and rounded enough. Does anybody have tips or know of a helpful website (preferably with pictures or videos) that can assist me in making it? Should i use the foam things and if so how to hide them....yes help please. Thank you!

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  • Can Gamecube games be used in the Wii?

    Can Gamecube games be used in the Wii even tho the disc is smaller? Does it need to be set it something?

    12 AnswersNintendo Wii1 decade ago
  • Flowers at Ends of Chairs instead of pews...?

    How do you attach flowers to the end of a row of cloth chairs in a church for a wedding? They don't have regular pews, they're actually chairs without arms. And the backs are attached to the seats so we can't really tie anything to it. We though about pinning the flowers to the seat, but don't know it that will work or worse if someone would damage the chairs by accidentally ripping it off. Has anyone out there had a wedding where they attached flowers at the end of chair instead of pews? Thank you!

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  • What color of rubber stamp ink looks blue on lighter green paper?

    Need to know for my wedding invitations. Thanks!

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  • Will the post office allow a 2" by 3" card mailed as a postcard?

    My response cards for my wedding are 2" by 3". Does anyone know if the post office will allow my guests to mail these back by themselves, no envelope, with a postcard stamp? Thanx!

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  • Wedding Website Ideas?

    What are some good and awesome wedding website ideas? My fiance and I have a website thru eWedding. So, what are some good things to add to it, or some unique and or fun things for it? Also, how did you or someone you know went about getting their website address to friends and family and the password? Ideas--lemme know please!!! Thank you!

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