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  • thank you guys i am getting induced today?

    Thank u for all your support to all that answered my questions I came in to labor and delivery I was 3 dialated and having contractions without feeling them I thought they where bh contractions I'm excited BC I dnt knw the sex of the baby so good luck to all

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  • 40 wks 2 days over and still no doctor can I just walk up to labor and delivery and request an?

    Induction. I have had prenatal care from a doc stopped at 37 weeks we had some problems and I have seen another doc till now but she is not able to deliver me BC were we work there is not labor and delivery. Now my question is can I just go and see if the oncall doc can perform an induction I have really tried and begged ither docs to take me but no luck and I am just out of it already I have no sign of giving birth anytime soon do you think he can perform it or send me home please help

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  • 39 weeks 5 days pregnant anything similar happen to you??? what a bummer?

    Ok hello to all my baby mommas all day today I've been having contractions first they were 15 min apart and now 8 to 10 with mild back pain I called l&d and they said come in at 5 to 3 apart well I'm bummed already BC I am so tired I have walked a lot already relaxed bathed and I am still stuck at that time could this be bh all day well I have had bh but these pains r stronger laying moving standing is all the same and I feel as if I have to take a bowel and nothing my discharge is much more and don't forget about the nausea I have never had a pregnancy like this before geez I hope its a girl this time lol

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  • Amniotic fluid 39 and 5 days what color is it?

    Well today in the morn I woke up and moved my legs to get up and felt a watery discharge come out I looked at it and it looked like rice water it feeled watery and at the same time slimy sorry tmi ever since then I feel like something is coming out and I go to the bathroom and its discharge I have mild braxton Hicks I think but they r very irregular but I feel slight discomfort in my back I don't think my baby is engaged BC I still feel flips did any1s labor start this way or its just me tired of the waiting game ohh and when I do get the contraction it feels like I have to pee and when it stops the urge is over I dnt have a uti

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  • ok im 39 wks and 5 days and still no doctor?

    For some that might not remember I posted a while ago that my doc had left and the one taking over is way to far from where I live so I decided to look for a new one which I have not found yet I work in a hospital that doesn't have L&D and I have been seeing an ob there but she can't deliver me I'm so worried that I might go over and who will induce me =[ can that happ even if I haven't seeing the oncall doc that took his place trust me the other doc and his staff got a little out of my mouth but I hope and pray everything will be ok I don't understand it this is my third child and I have never gone over or had to deal with this

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  • 39 weeks and needs ur help please?

    Hello I'm 39 weeks preggo with baby 3 I woke up today with cramps period Ike as soon as I felt them it brought flashbacks of the period days lol I also have a dull backpain nausea I lay dwn and I feel like I have to go to the bathroom 1 I lost my plug a while ago slowly please help

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  • 37 weeks pregnant and scared?

    I'm 37 weeks pregnant and have slight cramps like when u get ur period they begin at my back and go to my front and lots of pressure I haven't dialated but my urine is a pinkish color but no pain while urinating ohh and to top it off I dnt have a doc he went on vacation for a whole month and the other doc is who knws where and I haven't really felt my baby move maybe four times today is that normal

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  • 37 weeks pregnant and doc walks out on me?

    Hello every1 I'm 37 weeks pregnant and with mild contractions I went to my docs office only to find out he went on vacation. I had an appt with him tom. Nobody called me I verified my # with them mind you I gave them every number there is. NW I dnt knw what to do they only gave me copies of my records and sent me away is that legal or what

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