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I am a dog lover espically great danes. My life is around training dogs and all sorts of things with dogs in general. if you need help email me and I will go out of my way to help you. God Bless

  • Dogs from rescues that are tremendously abused will fight with my dogs who are all trained?

    My dogs are all trained from focusing , treats and praise, I do not need water to spray them with but when I get dogs from rescues that I have to retrain it takes alot of work and that is why I use the water method for correction because all of these dogs were either neglected, hit, starved and have to fight for food, left alone in basements or outside with out any contact with humans or animals. They tend to fight with my dogs all the time. that is why I use the squirt bottle because it works on them and not on my trained dogs. that was my point when I said for others to use water because it stops the bad behavior in these dogs and I use a correction word such as NO.

    Can any one who has been in rescues and did this for years give me some advice on how you corrected them and yes I use a crate and gates to keep them apart.

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  • Why does water not work on dogs and what are your methods for correction of abused dogs?

    If you think of a spritz of water, I mean when 2 dogs fight I use a bucket what is your method of correction for abused dogs ?

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