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  • How to tame a wild toddler at the doctor's office?

    My 18 mos old son is super high energy and into everything more than most kids his age it seems. Normally this isn't a big deal, but I really need some advice for the doctor's office. We have to go a LOT because he gets a new ear infection every 4 days that he's not on antibiotics. (We've tried the chiropractor and some other alternatives without success and now he's scheduled to get tubes in 2 weeks.) The problem is how very stressed out I get at the doctor's office. He thinks its great fun, but he is constantly trying to get away, open doors, and take off running down the halls. He even tries to trick me into moving away from the door so that he can make a break for it. If he's not doing that then he is trying to push every button or open every cabinet or drawer and pull out or throw on the floor every item he can get his hands on. I've tried taking toys and even snacks, but he's a complete wild man in this new environment or maybe I haven't found the right ones.

    He goes to daycare where he plays all day and at home he frequently will just run and run up and down the halls, yelling the whole time. I can deal with the high energy at home no problem because I can contain him and there is little he can get into to hurt himself, but I feel almost traumatized after every doctor's visit and its really hard to remember anything the doctor has said because my mind is constantly on what he is doing. Any advice would be much appreciated.

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  • any idea what kind of rash my baby has?

    This morning when my 8 mos old woke up, he had a weird rash on his stomach. It had red edges and a more whitish center that was raised kind of like a mosquito bite but about 4-5 inches in diameter.

    We decided that since he was wearing fleece pajamas and it went away within 30 minutes after removing them that it was probably heat rash and that we would dress him in lighter pajamas now that the weather is warming up.

    Now it is 13 hrs later and we just finished bath time. He might have had one small bump on his leg and a slight red spot on the back of his head before the bath but that was it. He was in the bath which wasn't particularly warm (just like we do every night) and after only about 5 minutes of playing and no soap of any kind added, he just suddenly started breaking out like crazy in these rashes. We could literally watch them appear and start spreading. He got them on both of his ankles and his calves and thighs, butt, back, arms, wrists, chest, neck and the back of his head.

    I had some trouble getting pics clear enough to post for this as he wouldn't stop moving but here are a couple:

    He doesn't seem particularly sick otherwise, and he doesn't seem to notice the rashes at all. He is still getting over a cold that he has had for about 4 weeks now and he just finished a 10-day course of amoxicillin yesterday afternoon for a mild ear infection. His breathing does seem a bit congested, but it has been that way for a couple weeks; however it does seem worse today. He hasn't eaten anything except breastmilk and formula (the same kind he has eaten since he was a week old) today and yesterday because he is still refusing solid foods. Finally, he has been having diarrhea for about about a week, including today, but we have been attributing that to the antibiotic.

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  • Doctor told me lab work would be no charge, but now I might have a $700 bill?

    I'm now 5 months pregnant and have gone to the same OB doctor and had lab work done several times with the same insurance. I'm being billed at a single rate for the entire pregnancy from the doctor. All the lab work done before now as free. About a month ago the doctor asked if I wanted to do the blood work to check if the baby has Downs or other genetic issues. I asked if there would be any charge for that and they said no, so I figured why not. Today I get a letter from my insurance company stating that the the lab company was out of network and that they aren't covering any of it and that the lab company may charge me $720. Now I'm really worried that this is exactly what the lab company is going to charge me. I'm having a baby and my husband and I are already doing everything we can to make certain that we will be able to afford my maternity leave. This extra bill would be a huge burden. Can they do this? I was told it was free. I would never have had the testing done if I had known it would cost this much as the risk of these disorders is very low. If I am in fact screwed, how do i keep this from happening in the future? I trusted my doctor's office to tell me the truth.

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  • Outside plumbing question?

    Last night the temperature got slightly below freezing in Houston and we got a gushing fountain from one of the pipes on the side of our house. We think this is for the sprinkler system, but are not certain. Here are some pics of the pipe:

    The copper top seems to have blown off the top of this. We are new, first-time homeowners and this won't be the first time we've learned the hard way what we should have been doing. My question is, do you think that this happened due to the temps getting to about 28 degrees? Also, can we just go buy a new copper top to put on as it looks like the plastic attachements seems to have snapped. Any advice is apprecitated.

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  • Eating more sodium lowering blood pressure?

    Any one ever heard of a person's blood pressure actually dropping after being put on a high sodium diet? The diet change was my doctor's recommendation along with increased water. Resting rate went from an average of 105/56 down to 95/51.

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  • Would tile and wood floors look ok together?

    Our kitchen and living room are together in one large great room. Currently the kitchen has large off-white ceramic tiles while the living room has pale beige carpet. We have two cats and a dog who have killed our carpet. We are trying to decide how best to replace the carpet when we get ready to sell our house in a few months. We have considered getting a durable wood laminate and placing it throughout the house and then we could replace it now rather than wait as the pets are now fully house trained and the cats won't be able to claw it up. My question is, do you think that wood laminate would look ok next to the tile or do you think it would look completely out of place?

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  • Does anyone have any experience with dog shoes?

    I have a 7 month old black lab that loves to go with us when we play tennis. He's gone with us twice now, but the problem is that after running around for an hour on the tennis court his feet get really raw and he even had a tear in one of his feet this last time. To keep this from happening again, we were thinking about getting him some dog shoes. My question is, does anyone have any experience with these for larger dogs? I want to buy some that will stay on his feet when he's really running and not do more harm than good. Also, I would like for them to hold up reasonably well. I would like to stay under $50 if possible, so if anyone has any suggestions on ones they love that would be great. None of the online stores I've been to seem to have any reviews for dog shoes.

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  • Does anyone else have a cat that asks to have the TV turned on?

    We have a 7 month old tortie who will get up beside the TV and meow until we turn it on. She knows when we've hit the button, and she gets so excited during the 5 seconds or so it takes for the image to come up. She doesn't actually watch it once it's fully turned on, but we find it hilarious that she gets so much enjoyment out of getting us to do things for her.

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  • Can I claim my married brother on my tax return?

    My brother is 27, and I have financially supported him for the entire year. He made no money last year. I paid his rent for the majority of the year, although for the last 2 months he has lived with a friend rent free. During this time I still paid for all his food, entertainment, car insurance, phone bill, etc. I know that based only on this, I should be able to claim him. The only thing I'm worried about is that he is still legally married even though they haven't lived together or even really interacted in about 5 years. She will file her taxes as married, filing separately. So, I am wondering if I can I still claim him as a dependent?

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