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  • El camino sitting for 6 years.?

    I'm about to buy an 1968 el camino that's been sitting for about 6 years. It has a 327 small block in it and ran good when it was parked. I am planning on taking the heads off to replace the gaskets and oil the pistons. I also am gonna drop the fuel tank and clean it and do plugs and wires and new cap and rotor. Any other advice on what I should do before trying to crank this 327?

    3 AnswersChevrolet8 years ago
  • 1981 Ford LTD Crown Victoria?

    I recently purchased this car and now I have a little money to put into it. It has a 302 5.0l V8 and because all the smog emissions crap it's only rated at 130 hp. What would be some cheaper upgrades to add some decent power. I was thinking a new intake with a holly carb. Some headers with a true dual exhaust system setup. Any links to parts that you recommend would be great. I really don't wanna tear into the block until I can get new heads, cam and everything. Just looking to add maybe 50-60hp for now. Thanks in advance.

    7 AnswersFord8 years ago
  • 4 stroke engine straight pipe?

    I have a brand new 7hp 4 stroke engine thats going on my go kart. I'm looking at making some minor performance mods to it. If I add a straight pipe instead of stock exhaust thats about 16 in in length and 1-1/4 in diameter. What kind of power gain should I expect? also any other bolt on or simple performance ideas would be great.

    2 AnswersMotorcycle Racing8 years ago
  • 4 Stroke engine starting problem?

    I have a used 4 stroke 6.5 hp engine that I bought for $25. I was planning on putting it on my go kart but I have an issue getting it to start. I can spray carb cleaner into the carb and it will ignite and the engine will start and run for a few seconds. But I took the fuel tank off and cleaned it and replaced the fuel hose and put fresh fuel in and for some reason the engine will not start, Im not sure if there is some sort of shut off valve for the fuel but thats what im assuming. Any advice would be great.

    2 AnswersMotorcycles8 years ago
  • 1990 Chevy 350 Tbi stalling issue?

    Well my main issue with this truck is that when im in drive or reverse it will stall and die if im not on the throttle. Also when I am trying to take off it stalls sometimes and takes a second to go. This engine has 340k miles on it and im looking to replace it once i can but i need to make it last a little bit longer. I just rebuilt the throttle body only a few months ago. Im thinking either EGR or fuel pump or fuel filter.

    4 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs8 years ago
  • What do I need to put my 454 in my truck?

    I have a 1990 Chevy K1500 Stepside with a 350/5.7L and a 700r4 tranny. This truck has 340k miles on it now and its time for a swap. I have 454 that I just got rebuilt and I would like to put in this truck. I am looking at a 4l80e tranny too. Im just wondering what else I may need. Such as will I need a different driveshaft? I have hear the 4l80e is slightly longer so the driveshaft has to be shorter. Also can I use my 3.42 gears with this tranny or do i need to put in 3.73s?

    2 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs8 years ago
  • how do i downgrade my psp slim?

    i also would like to know where to buy or how to make a pandora battery

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