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  • what can i do or use to make my hair healthier?

    well i have used lots of chemical in my hair...i have colour many times, done highlights,straightner, blowdrier etc... and my hair get split ends so fast... i just cut ir like 3 weeks ago and it feels horrible again... what can i use to help it become healthier... thanks in advance

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  • need advice! thankz in advance...?

    i am a mother of 3 (9,7 (girls) and a 6 years old boy) and 5 months pregnant to a baby girl... to make the story short i had bad relationships in the past... i felt in love with my ex-husband and loved him to death but he was irresponsible, will not come home to sleep and most likely cheated on me as one time he came with a hicky and another girls phone number in his redial... well i couldnt take it no more so i broke up with him and since he didnt want to deal with all this he left the country and i raised my kids bymyself with god by my side... this happen a bit more then 4 years so my little son was only a bit more than a year.. i dont know my mom she left me when i was a toddler and neither did i knew my dad (my grandma and aunt raised me) my grnadma passed away and my aunt got really sick so i ended up with my dad when i was 12 years old.. worst thing in my life... my dad turned to be an alcoholic, hit women and went to jail many times... it got to the point that he started touchin me ina sexual way when he was drunk and i was 15 close to turning 16... so as soon as i turned 16 years old i ran away from my house.. dont really have relatives here as they are back home... i went to my cousins house then my dad started treating her that he was going to call the police on here saying tha she was teaching us inappropiate stuff which wasnt true so i didnt wanted to be a trouble for her so i run away from her house too and went to leave alone...then after i meet my ex-husband and since i felt alone and going trough all that i wanted a child to keep me company, anyways i had my first one when i was 17.. had the other 2 and then no matter how hard i try to safe my marry i was i decided to stay alone... now i am 27 years old and 4 years ago when i got separated my x left me with many debts, like bills and rent behind , then thank god i was able to pull it off and met this guy... he helped me so much with everything including me going back to school, getting my driving license, r3e3nt and bills etc... things werent great but they were ok until he got arrested... when he got arrested no one wanted to help him out as he doesnt have much family here either so he begged me to help him out then he was going to find some one else to be his surity and i felt so bad, so guilty after everything he helped me so i helped him... years went by and we were leaving together... he is 10 years older than me.. he is 37 and he has no kids so he asked me from like 2 years ago that he loved my kids but he wanted to have one off his own.. he promise me that he will change 100% ( never did he not sleep at home or party with his friends he has a really bad attitude and temper) so after 4 years i decided to put things on god hand and took off my IUD...2 months went by and he was sad because he though he couldnt have kids,,, 3rd month i got pregnant and he was happy at that begginning.... than he started acting the same and pay no attention to me or my baby...i think things got worst when we find ouf we were expecting a baby girl cuz he wanted a son and i really dont want any more kids... it got to the point that i felt he was using me since he has immigration problems and needs a kid to help him stay in the country so i told him i wanted to stay alone for now... so we slip i am so confuse... i am so scare.. i dont want to go though the same thing again and be a single mom and strangle with my kids..i feel like a horrible mom cuz i know my little one is listening to me but i can barely handle my 3 kids... i dont know what to do is been 2 days and he hasnt even bother to see how we are doing... i hope god and my little one forgive me for everything that goes though my head..i dont know what to do i feel so horrible, guilty and a bad mother... sometimes it crosses my head that i dont want to have my baby and then sometimes i feel like i am just like my real mom and then i feel like i am bad person...

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  • has anyone has a 3d ultrasound....2012?

    Has anyone had a 3d ultrasound prove baby gender wrong this year ..2012?

    ok here is the thing... i was told in my ultrasound that i am expecting a baby girl.(2d ultrasound but she said she wasnt 100%). to be honest my husband since day one had a feeling is a baby girl but me had a feeling a baby boy.. so we got a 3d ultrasound done and the lady told us it was a baby girl,,, since me and my husband were trying to have a baby for 3 months so we pretty much were sex active the whole 3 months so i cant really tell when i got pregnang except going by my last period day which was at the end of may (irregular period) sometimes i tend to get it the beginning of every month... so june i never got my period and got a pregnancy test somewhere around july 6 and it came out positive.,.,, every time i go to the doctors they keep on changing my due date...first i had it for march 11, then march 9, now march when i when to get my 3d ultrasound i was around 20 weeks going by my last period (well thats what i was told) ...before the ultrasound confirm that was a baby girl everyone kept telling me i was carrying a boy, even a week after i was told is a girl other people that didnt know i was expecting a girl told me it looks like you are carrying a boy and then i am like no the ultrasound said is a girl...i am still not 100% well i dont feel like is a girl..i dont know if is because people telling me it looks like i am carrying a boy or is it because i wanted to be a boy... i am just confuse as my hubby has no doubt is a girl... either way, regardless off the gender we just pray to god for a healthy baby and we will love our baby...but has anyone had a 3d ultrasound proven wrong this year?

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  • pregnant with a little girl and will like any name ideas?

    Well i am 5 months pregnant and expecting a little girl/....i will like my daughter name to start with th little "k" but i will also will like something unique...any ideas will be really apreciated as we (me and my husband) are thinking for middle name Alexandra.... thankz in advance..

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  • has anyone had a 3d ultrasound and been proven wrong when the baby is born?

    I am just curious if a 3d ultrasound has been for for anyone as i have heard stories that it can also be wron when it comes to the gender determination..

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  • how many people had used the chinese lunar baby predictor?

    well here it the thing... i am 18w5d and i have used the chinese lunar baby predictior to predict the sex of the baby...i know it says its for entertainment only and is only 50/50 but i try for my previous pregnancy and it was right for all of them and now for this one it says i am having a boy and i really hope is a boy ... my ultrasound is in a week and cant wait to see if is true :)! i want to know what people think about it and people that have used what were the results?

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  • is there any way to know if having a boy or girl?

    Well i am 18w2d pregnant and cant wait to know if i am having a boy or girl. I am a mother of 3 (2 girls and 1 boy) but all my pregnancies where different then this one. I will love to have my last little boy but whatever god sends us we will accepted and welcome with much love we just pray for a healthy baby. I have had horrible morning, evenin, afternoon sickness, with everything including water. Now that i am 4 months they are a bit better but i still have some it will only be like once a day. My hubby gets most of the cravings i dont really crave for nothing just eat plums and apples as now i am starting to eat more salty food like meat products... i still cant drink much water, my iron was low, my pressure was high, my belly is low and everything at front, i sleep most of the times with my pillow and facing left, my skin got more dry then usual,i lost weight at the beginning of my pregnancy, my feets are colder than usual no mater how warm i try to keep them with shoes on or off same thing, my face got a bit dry but not really acne, i got so lazy...i try doing the chinese prediction test but it always gives me a different answer... i was born on march1986, due date march 11/ 2013 and conceived on june 2012 , the niddle on the string goes up and down.. when i do all this test it comes some boy and some girl? :s ... i know they are just for fun but i am dying to know what i am having and hopefully will find out in 10 days but they just seeing like a long wait... so for now i am just having fun trying to guess...

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