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27 year old guy, who is into various things, like sports, anime, games, music, reading. I'm single and have some flaws, but i make the best of it and try to find those who can look past those flaws to see the me i want them to see. I'll ad more later just need to think properly.^_^

  • Can someone recommend a good workout routine or a site to ask about such?

    In case someone here can help.

    I am a 6'0", 35 and male and i need to lose some weight(currently at 215lbs) and most importantly gain stamina\energy. I have on hand the following:

    2 5Lb weights, 2 10lbs weights, 1 20lbs weight, and a Elliptical machine.

    The downsides i have also are as follows: i have seasonal allergies, i deal with high anxiety and the room where i can workout is very warm in the summer. due to the high anxiety it is very hard to go outside.

    My goal is as stated to lose weight and gain energy.

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  • Anyone have ideas for what to put on leftover jasmine rice?

    Normally when i have white or jasmine rice i go with soy sauce add a bit of butter to it sometimes with sea salt or use tempura dipping sauce(you would be surprised how much less you need to sue over soy). but well tonight having some steak and rather than make something else like pasta, a potato side or another rice side, i thought best to sue some leftover jasmine rice. but well not sure what best way to kick it up so it would go well with the steak. So anyone got some ideas?

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  • My sunburn is still itchy anyone know why?

    On Memorial day i was sitting outside on my lounger holding a cold drink with both hands and watching my niece play, well 3 hours later about 5pm est i noticed the back of my left hand burning, and after like 7 or 8pm when i went to take shower i finally realized is was my first ever sunburn. Well since i never got a burn before we had no aloe in he house so got the Tuesday. Well its almost a week since i got the burn and the area on my neck is fine, my forehead is fine though did peel a little, and majority of the forearms are fine. Now that brings me to the back of my hands and some of the forearm. It still itches even with a good coating of Aloe on and well still not much lessening of the red on those areas. So is this normal for these areas or is it maybe worse than other spots or what? I really not been outside save for Friday morning and afternoon to help my mom with our cats to see the Vet but i made sure i put aloe on, drank proper liquids and kept in shade as best as i could as well as the Ac been on too. so just wondering. It is the first sunburn in my life so its all new to me.

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  • What kind of bug is this, does anyone know?

    I've been searching the web and even showed my mom and told my dad about this bug that i found in my room, but seems i can not find the answer.

    First i want to say that i have no rugs in my room, its just a hard wood floor, also these bugs were first seen on an old pillow which had a drink stain on them and mostly found on the floor. Also i have never gotten and bites or anything and once in a while see one on my bed sheet's but not on mattress itself.

    instead of a description going to link to a pic i manged to get of this thing.

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  • Why did the Bruins power-play continue after 2 mins?

    I am a Bruins fan and an avid hockey fan as well, So majority of the rules I know since they are pretty straight forward. However during the Bruins Vs Vancouver game, my brother in-law and myself were a little baffled on one issue regarding the Marchand 5 min major. during the major Vancouver got a hooking call having it be a 4 on 4 for 2 mins, and the Bruins scored, yet the 4 on 4 was still in effect.

    so that gets me to my question, why did it remain 4 on 4 after the bruins scored. I mean I didn't like it either but Marchand did clip the Vancouver player so would it have not gone back to a Vancouver Power-play after the Bruins scored?

    Btw I don't want and debates on whether you think the Clip was intentional or not since that has nothing to do with the question at hand so please if someone can explain reply. I looked around but since the game I could not find any answers about it.

    4 AnswersHockey9 years ago
  • What should I do for my iTunes library before upgrading my Os?

    Ok this hopefully will be something simple to ask. I need to upgrade my OS from xp to windows 7 soon but my biggest concern is my iTunes library. Now i know you can back-up to CD and dvds but is there any way to back-up on another drive?

    reason why i am concerned is because if my i-pod touch 4th gen 32 gig needs a new ios i would lose everything on my i-pod if my library on iTunes is empty from lets say having to reinstall iTunes like i assume i would need to do after i install windows 7.

    I am not that knowledgeable with apple products So I do not know if i just have to install iTunes on windows 7 and hook up my i-pod and just back-up or sync. I assume though that is not the case, so what are my options?

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  • what are some exercises I can to work on my belly?

    I'm 30 almost 31, male and despite of course eaten right and trying to do some exercise i need to focus on my belly area most of all. Does anyone have some good workouts to focus on that area as well as of course the love-handle area and etc?

    I have a elliptical, two 10lbs weights, two 20lbs weights and four 5lb wrist\ankle bands. also one of those shake-it weights.

    I also want to add my stamina is not as high as it used to be due to various things so if someone has ideas on a routine or break time between workouts please let me know. hopefully i can get 5 solid ideas.My sister suggested i look at yoga exercises and palate exercises but no idea what to look for.

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  • what is the earliest a baseball team ever got into the play-offs?

    This is a one-two questions.

    First anyone know the earliest time by date and the year a MLB team has earned a play-off birth? Also the team would be nice.

    Second, what is the most games a division champ has between them and the second place team in the division?

    I tried looking at various sites but could not find much info.

    1 AnswerBaseball9 years ago
  • how can I deter cats outside without effecting our indoor cats?

    We have two cats that are 4 years old, now they are pretty much twins , one is very friendly to pretty much anyone who enters the house, but hates thunder heh, ans the other is very scared when people come around and when he was about 1 year old a neighborhood cat tore a hole in one of the window screens that were very old and dragged him out, he was frantic. Since that incident he gets scared of new people in the house when they visit, even my own sister and father it takes time for him to come out. now recently he went beserk on his older twin when seeing a blakc cat outside my mother's window this was the second time in a week. he will hiss and growls at his brother and takes a while to calm down. We know its not the same cat as 3 years ago but still. So we are trying to find a way to deter the cat from a select area where the cellar's bulkhead is by one of my mom's-widows. We want something that will deter the cat outside without harming it, but not also effect our two cats who are indoors. so any ideas what would be the best method?

    Note: we still need to get both out cats fixed and such but even hen it may not remove the fear one of them has toward outdoor cats who see them sitting in windows.

    The bulkhead btw is right below one of the windows in my mom's room and our cats love having that open for the fresh air.

    3 AnswersCats9 years ago
  • How much media can be put on an 8 gig i-pod touch?

    I want to get an I-pod touch and my sister asked me if an 8-gig would be enough, since moeny is tight for her with a baby coming in March so just wanting to know something.

    How many songs can be put on an 8 gig i-pod they would be mp3s, also i have a few fan-made music videos i may want to add so if someone knows i-pods please let me know a rough estimate.

    3 AnswersMusic & Music Players10 years ago
  • Can anyone help regarding a PCI-E power cable?

    Ok A few months ago i bought parts for a brand new pc and recently got the video card and well the power supply PCI-e cable is a 6 pin and the motherboard requires a 4 pin. A friend said there are adapters but i've only seen one and it was not very good rating wise. So I'm looking to find out if there are adapters or if i need to get another power supple.

    2 AnswersAdd-ons1 decade ago
  • Is it ok to drink orange juice with Tylenol allergy sinus?

    I know silly question but since we tossed the box away yesterday and with it in ready for trash day. i can't really look at the box so the ones i have at the moment i am wondering if taking Tylenol Allergy Sinus with orange juice is ok or not. I know normally grapefruit should be avoided but i cannot remember anything regarding orange juice.

    1 AnswerOther - General Health Care1 decade ago
  • Are there any charts showing how both republicans and democrats voted?

    I want to include some references with some comments i make on certain political issues in the future and So I am wondering if there is a place where you can find out how bills and laws have been voted for in a chart showing maybe a list of those from both sides voted or a state by state chart showing how both republicans and democrats have voted on a certain law or bill that has passed or not passed.

    Does such a chart exist?

    1 AnswerGovernment1 decade ago
  • Is Arizona in possible trouble with the Census Bureau?

    I got to thinking now that Arizona has this law to basically rid illegal immigrants form its borders, I have to ask a census related question.

    I have read some towns and counties across the US being in legal troubles because of false census data whether its people counted more than once or in some cases not being counted at all when they should be. So I have to ask Is Arizona in any legal trouble with the federal Government not due to what is going on now which is whether the state or any state for that matter is allowed to do what Arizona is doing or trying to do, but because if you look at the money standpoint of this new law they have counted illegal immigrants who are now or will soon be not in the state anymore. Would that not be under falsifying census data to collect more money than it needs?

    Please I want to hear from those who really do know this aspect of the law.

    4 AnswersLaw Enforcement & Police1 decade ago
  • Is there any WWE star who is NOT in it for the money?

    I was talking to an fiend of mine who used to watch the WWE and she stopped because she dislikes Vince and thinks he should have let Shane take over sooner and get rid of the current writer for someone better(Freddy Prince is not a good writer). Anyway another reason she said she stopped watching was she thought that most if not all WWE stars are more in for the money than the fans. I'd love to hear if there are any who ar not and if so who.

    13 AnswersWrestling1 decade ago
  • Does anyone know a site for precipitation amounts for MA?

    Does anyone know a good site or two that has current precipitation amounts for 2009 for Massachusetts? I've look on a lot of sites with no luck.

    1 AnswerWeather1 decade ago
  • What is the best way to clear away Ear wax?

    I've tried after showers of course and using warm to hot water on q-tips. I never go deep of course, but I want to clear out my ears once in a while of the wax that builds up, I never tried Hydrogen Peroxide and rather avoid it if there is a better method like i heard olive oil but does it need to be heated or just room temp? any ideas would be nice.

    2 AnswersOther - Health1 decade ago
  • Are Football Fans and Analysts getting dumber?

    Ok, this has been driving me nuts since the day those 11 new rules were posted out there. So much talk and debate about them as well as some ridiculous claims have been said. So here are my questions.

    1: How many of the rules do you think are good and how many do you think are bad?

    2: The so called Brady Rule.. How many out there think this is because of some sort of Patriots demand or rule THEY in some cases as ppl said 'Paid" the commissioner to make?

    3:Finally the most important one of all, and for good god I hope someone gets this right. Who makes the rules and who has a say in them?

    4 AnswersFootball (American)1 decade ago
  • Any house-hold methods for drain cleaning?

    We have two drains that seem to be starting to get slower at draining water and both use the stopper which is attached so tough to remove that... Anyway what methods besides using those expensive drain cleaners can be used as a drain cleaner?

    5 AnswersDo It Yourself (DIY)1 decade ago
  • Which is the better way to massage or safer?

    I have been feeling tension in my neck, shoulders and back, and i am resorting to massaging the muscles.. Also my calves are a bit sore as well. So I am wondering which is better or safer way to massage them. when they are relaxed as in not flexing, or making them firmer?

    Also is heat or ice recommended and if so in what moderation?

    2 AnswersAlternative Medicine1 decade ago