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  • Best camera to record and take photos at a concert?

    So I am always going to concerts but my digital camera isn't that great. It's bad quality and zooming in, oh don't get me started on zooming in. It just makes everything blurry, furry, can't see squat. I want the best camera to take to concerts. Don't even mention anything about how they don't allow best cameras for a reason and blah blah blah. I KNOW. I didn't say something with amazing audio quality that's as great as a movie's or video quality that will be good enough to put on T.V. I'm asking, THE BEST I COULD GET. Note I said COULD. Just the best out there for concerts is all. Remember, photo AND recording.

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  • How long can you store instant camera flim?

    Okay well to be exact I am looking to get the fujifilm instax 210 camera but I've never had an instant camera before. I know nothing about them. How long will their film last? Does film have an expiration date in general? I want to buy a decent amount of packs of film but I don't plan to use it all at once. Even though the Fujifilm brand film is cheap, it's still expensive for me and I want to use the film slowly. But I don't want the film to end up drying up or becoming distorted and unusable. Please understand, I know NOTHING about instant cameras or much about this brand. I just know that this brand is cheap and very popular.

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  • What movie is this (In description)?

    I'm not sure when this movie came out, but it's basically about a girl who was murdered by a man and her spirit walked the earth. Kind of like that? But the main point that I remember is that she loved taking photos and she took pictures of flowers. They seemed to emphasize that. Also, she was on some other world? Like heaven, not sure, it's a scene where she's in a field. She met a girl and that's all I can remember. Please answer anything that comes to mind! The info I'm giving is possibly incorrect, so forgive me.

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  • Best laptop under $300?

    After many responses I've seen, I understand that you cant get a good laptop for under that price. But I'm asking for the BEST laptop of under that price. Just something that is good for a college student who is bored and surfs the web all the time, goes on youtube, watch dramas and videos (online of course), downloads a ton of music (Like on itunes and such) and just simple things like that. I am CONSTANTLY online, so I hope that it could hold up. I hope that the quality will be alright (Like the screen resolution and the sound quality). But I know it's difficult to have that under $300. So that's basically it. Sorry for being so picky. Oh and I'm considering this laptop

    Tell me if this is good.

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  • Which is a higher position? The founder or CEO of a Ent. Company?

    So I was just curious which was the higher position. I am fully aware what the two are. Is the founder and former CEO higher than the current CEO of the ent. company? It would seem like it. If not, why would the founder give away their position as CEO if it is the highest position? Please answer kindly. Thank you in advanced!

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  • Many questions about the movie Red Dawn (2012 remake)?

    Okay so I watched the whole movie and I'm very confused. I didn't get pretty much the whole thing, so hopefully you guys can answer some of my questions!

    1st) why did the North Koreans invade?

    2nd) I don't get it. As I saw in the movie, it's not like they killed everyone. They even let some people just walk around (when the guy and his gf went in the shop and changed clothes and just walked back) and the part when there was people in subway, eating like nothing is happening. I thought they were invading people and keeping them captive. Why were there many people just walking around while this "war" was happening?

    3rd) Why didn't any of the U.S troops come help them?

    4th) Were they invading everywhere, or just that one town? I just don't get it. there were so many north koreans and they werw afraid of the wolverines who were a small group of people. This is what puts me off the most.

    Okay so those are my questions. Please dont call me stupid, I know. I really don't understand so please kindly answer my questions and describe the movie more in detail. Thank you in advanced!

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  • My teeth are sensitive after I got a filling?

    So i know this is common if you get silver fillings but I heard it could take about 2 months for it to go away. It's been a day and when I drink, it really hurts. And i got 14 fillings (I know that's a lot, don't comment on it please!) so my mouth basically hurts. It's been about a day since I've got them so it might go away soon, i don't know yet, but i cant drink. So what do I do? Just not drink until it's gone? Or take it like a man and force myself to drink? Thank you in advanced for your answers!

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  • What can i use to stick posters to wallpaper?

    So I'm not sure what my wallpaper is made out of. It's kind of a plastic-y, type of thing that's has a bunch of ridges. I don't know, I heard there was different kinds. Anyway, what can I use to stick posters on to it? I cant use any kind of tape. It just peels off in the end. And i don't want to use tacks. I've used poster tape that's double sided but even that peeled off. So any suggestions?

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  • What's a reasonable priced camera with very good audio?

    Can someone recommend some cameras with very good audio recording quality? The quality of the video and picture taking is important too but i am mainly looking towards something with very good audio. For maybe recording myself singing and also concerts. I don't like how when recording at concerts sometimes the audio will just sound like vibrations and its not even audible. Thank you in advanced!

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  • Best bluetooth speakers / sound system at a low price?

    I want really good bluetooth speakers or sound system, whatever you'd like to call it, at a pretty low price. Nothing that requires me to buy it online. Hopefully in local stores (Best buy, walmart, ECT.) I need something that would be excellent to use in my room that has PERFECT AUDIO QUALITY, bass, and all that good stuff. When i want to drown out the world and have music exploding in my room, enough to go deaf LOL. Oh, and PLEASEEEEEE have the bluetooth connectivity be good. Like far enough to connect about 5 meters (16 ft) A little less could be alright. I know it's hard to find something like that UNDER $100 but hey, give me what you got. I really need new speakers. I don't want like giant ***, huge speakers that's meant for a freaking screen T.V. But i want something decent sized for my room on a counter. OH ALMOST FORGOT. I need it to be able to be plugged in and shiet. No batteries only type of crap. I want to listen to my music for LONG AMOUNTS OF TIME without worrying. So hard to please, right? Well I'm picky with buying anything over $20. And i know you never know until you try that's why i asked for ones at LOCAL STORES. I'll try your suggestions and see what i like best. Thanks in advanced! (I bet no one's gonna read this far) LOL..

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  • Can someone recommend really scary horror mangas?

    Something very creepy and dark. Something like the manga "ibitsu" . That has a wicked, creepy story line and is scary. None that move please! Like this one. " Now the moving pop ups scared the hell out of me. But i'm not saying give me one not as scary. I want one VERY SCARY just without the moving. Thank you! Oh and Gore is okay! It can be very gory! I'm old enough ^_^

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  • Asian drama with hard to get or clueless girl?

    I've been trying to find an Asian drama with a hard to get or clueless girl. I just HATE dramas have a girl who falls in love first or is all over a guy (if that makes sense?). For example "IT STARTED WITH A KISS" I dislike it so much i never gave it a chance. I know i can't judge on the first episode but the fact that she has unrequited love for him and he doesn't even like her, no, just no. I know he falls in love with her eventually but i just cant continue to watch it. So now you know what i dislike. The closest I've found to my ideal drama is "Secret Garden" Man that was amazing! She was just so hard to get and he was so persistent, so cute. Also, when i say clueless, i don't mean stupid or clumsy. I dont really know if clueless is the right word but what i mean is that when guys like her, she's so clueless. She doesn't realize that they like her. Stuff like that. Oh and i LOVE love triangles! But i only like love triangles where 2 guys are after one girl. I dislike it when the girl is in love with a guy and another guy likes her. No. I just want her to be oblivious that BOTH GUYS like her.

    Dramas I've Watched: (This is just telling you what i have watched, these aren't suggestions of what kind of dramas i want you to give me. I just want you to give me dramas of what i stated above) :

    -You're Beautiful (I loved it BUT i didn't like how she fell in love first. But the way all guys fell in love with her, that was perfection ♥)

    -Ikemen Desu Ne (Japanese version of you're beautiful so same opinions)

    -One liter of tears (Wow so sad, i loved it though ♥)

    -Secret Garden ( Five stars, LOVED IT)

    -Hana Kimi (Eh, liked how there was 2 guys who liked her BUT i didn't like how she went there for that one guy. Kind of killed it but still really good)

    -Hana Yori Dango (I watched all seasons and i really liked it. I kind of didn't like how she liked the other guy in the beginning but it was still good)

    -Ouran High School Host Club (Liked it a lot! I read the Manga, watched the anime, BUT i wish there was A LOT MORE romance. But still a good drama!)

    -Koizora (Really sad, but good!)

    -Dream High (This was actually really good! Pretty close to what i'm looking for actually! Oh and NO DREAM HIGH 2. I didn't like it)

    -Atashinchi no danshi (This had like NO romance. Was a little disappointed)

    -yamato nedeshiko shinchi henge (Eh, like no romance. Seriously i need ROMANCE)

    -Asuko March (She liked the other guy first, i disliked that so much! TT^TT BUT there was a love triangle so it made it a little better)

    -A Millionaires first love (Never finished it. I don't really think I'll like it but i i need to watch more.)

    -Kimi wa Petto (This was so cute! Gosh i loved this!)

    -Lovely complex (Didn't like it. I don't know why i finished it, maybe cuz i was bored and it was short since its a movie.)

    -Paradise kiss (This was pretty good. Different. Not what i'm looking for but .. good)

    So that's it and I AM SO SORRY I AM SO PICKY. I may have sounded demanding and rude but no harm! Just desperate for a good drama that fits what i want. Thank you in advanced!

    3 AnswersDrama8 years ago
  • Songs wont Sync to Ipod Touch?

    Certain songs won't sync into my Ipod Touch. No message pops up. There are no lost files or anything. It just doesn't show up into my Ipod. It's weird because they were all there when i first synced them in. Then i deleted all my songs so i can resync them in and some songs were missing. I found the songs that were missing and manually put them in my Ipod but they just wont show up. No lost files, they are all there. I decided to auto sync my whole Ipod with my library and still missing songs. Can someone help with this? I also have the new IOS 6 so maybe it's a glitch. Also, how can i delete lyrics on songs that were already there? I edit my song info and delete the lyrics but they still show up no matter what. Please help! Thank you in advanced!

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  • How do I teach my puppy not to potty on the bed or the carpet and teach her to potty on the potty pads?

    I just got a new 18 week old puppy and she keeps peeing and pooping on my bed and the carpet. Before she always slept with me but since she keeps pooping and peeing on my bed I'm training her to sleep on her own bed. I have a pad laid down away from her bed and she just wont use it. She used it only once and that was the last time. I've been reading a lot about potty training and it still wont work. I know i'm not suppose to hit her (lightly smack her butt) but if i dont how will she ever learn? She never uses the pad so i cant praise her every time she does it. I'm becoming hopeless. I've had dogs that pee on carpets but never one that peed on beds. I can handle the pottying on carpets but i just cant handle her peeing and pooing on the bed. I know the solution is just have her not sleep on the bed but what if i want her to just lay there with me while i nap or something? I need her to stop! Help please, anyone! she also cant be supervised 24/7 so i need a way to teach her without having to be there all day.

    8 AnswersDogs8 years ago
  • How do I train my puppy to be more calm?

    I know she's a puppy and she cant help getting excited but its too much. She always jumps around and she always kisses my face while SCRATCHING it. Its painful. I want her to be calm and not jump around so much. I don't take her out much but that's because she's too small and hasn't even gotten all her shots yet. She still plays with the other 2 dogs in my house though. Running around with them and play wrestling with them, so its not like she's getting locked up all day doing nothing. She's actually active for most of the day, so i know its not from little play time. Please help!

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  • Can someone make me a custom cover photo for my K-Pop page?

    I recently made a K-Pop page on Face Book and i'm wondering if anyone would make me a custom cover photo that says 'Official Daily K-Pop' . It must have a K-Pop Theme and i would actually kind of like it to be a compilation of different, very known, Korean boy/girl groups/singers. If your interested, Please make one and send it to and the one i like best will be the winner, ill pick you as best answer (So answer as your name) and i'll make you an admin (: Please actually be interested in the Genre! Be creative ! c:

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  • Will anyone do free art for my IMVU of my avi ?

    Those really pretty art that some IMVU people have as there main picture. It would be nice if someone made one for me.! My email is and ill message you the photo and my name if you're interested (:

    1 AnswerDrawing & Illustration8 years ago
  • Who is the singer of the song Dango Daikazoku from Clannad?

    I try to find her name everywhere but when i do, all it says is clannad.. unless that was her name. Anyways, please help! Thank you in advanced! (:

    3 AnswersComics & Animation8 years ago