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  • How do I fix the brake light on my '98 Stratus?

    To give the history here... I learned my right tail light (inner brake light) was out. I checked the number of bulb I needed, bought it, and replaced it. Nothing: the light is still out. I messed around with it a little, switched the bulb for the brake light with the one for the turn signal (it had a different number on it; I wondered if the parts book gave me the wrong number), but still no tail light. And now no turn signal either! Frustrating.

    Anyone have any ideas? I'm thinking it might be the circuit board; when I was changing the bulb in the first place, it looked like no one had touched the tail light assembly in eons - the access to the bulb wouldn't turn, and I had to use a screwdriver to pry it loose. And I had to do the same thing with the turn signal bulb. So maybe I bollixed up the circuit board? The other two lights in the assembly work (the outer brake light and the backup light).

    Two questions here, really:

    1 - Is the circuit board the most likely culprit. or if not what is?

    2 - How difficult is it to change the circuit board myself? (Or to do whatever repair is necessary?)

    Thank you!

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