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  • Tattoo ideas what do you think?

    Hello before you say what do you care what others think. I don't care I just enjoy outside opinions, suggestions and such. Anyways I want the word bad wolf on my shoulder. It has to do with Doctor who and I just really wanted something small to pay tribute to my favorite show. I love the idea I just wonder what ya'll think about the placement. SHOULDER and the font which would be as follows


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  • Infinity tattoo? Overdone but who cares?

    So me, my mom, and my dad want to get a matching tattoo. We all want something super small. I was thinking an infinity sign. I know they are overdone and everything but all our other ideas would be too large.

    What do you think?

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    Okay I am seriously pissed. My Christmas is becoming heavily ruined by one atheist. First I'd like to say I'm agnostic, so while I don't have a stance on religion I hate all intolerance and hateful preaching. I also have A LOT of atheist friends so I know that you guys as a collective are not usually mean spirited. However this guy is really getting to me.

    This is what he wrote just click the link below

    First I suffer from a real mental illness so saying that having faith in something greater is the same thing as what I deal with everyday really hits a chord. Also I have had 2 friends commit suicide so the fact that he is suggesting it makes me feel disgusted. I don't care what you believe or what you don't or whatever but comparing faith to a full on mental illness and suggesting suicide to what could be many young people reading it makes me feel terrible and it's ruining the generally cheerful holiday mood I am in?

    What do you think? How do I handle it? I know I should just ignore it but I can't ignore someone who is openly suggesting killing yourself when it's such a subject I identify with.

    Thanks and I appreciate everything you have to say, so long as it is kind. Happy Holidays!

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  • Something I don't get about Christians?

    Okay so if the only way to be allowed into Heaven is through accepting Jesus as their savior that would mean that everyone who doesn't (Jews, Buddhists, pagans, all other religions including those who came before the supposed son of god and all good people who didn't grow up in the religion of Christianity) would go to hell and burn forever but someone like Hitler who did terrible things will go to heaven because he simply believed. also how do you account for the fact that the bible was written after Jesus time and the fact that there is no record, outside the bible, that he even exists.

    Also why would you want to follow someone who would send all these people to suffer in excruciating pain. that doesn't sound loving to me. also doesn't the idea of heaven and hell sound like a way to just scare people into that religion. kind of like saying if you don't follow you will burn for all eternity.

    it just doesn't seem nice.

    I'm not trying to be mean. im religious, just not christian. and i simply have always wondered these things. also what makes jesus different than some man who claims to be the son of god in todays world.

    thanks for any of your opinions. i know it may have sounded harsh but i'm just generally curious?

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  • Family tattoo? Anchor? Opinions?

    So both my parents have always wanted a tatoo. They each want something fairly large but agree that they should get a "little one" before jumping into it.

    I have been wanting to get a tattoo recently in regards to my family, because after entering college and dealing with a lot of things this year I've realized they really are my anchor. They keep me grounded and alive and sane. Anyways sense we all want tattoo's I suggested a family tattoo and I was thinking of a little anchor.

    Something cute and small. That way I get my tattoo and they get their try out tattoo.

    I've been scraping my brain for ideas of something small and the anchor is what I've come up with. I know it generic and such but the idea behind it is really why I wanted a tattoo like that in the first place. To represent the people who keep me grounded. And I think getting it together and knowing we have the same thing will just be a wonderful reminder.

    What do you think?

    If you have any other ideas I'm always up for hearing them?

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