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  • What about the name Kaia?

    Not expecting just enjoy the look & sound of names. I saw the name Kai and wondered why not Kaia (Kigh-uh). It's similar to Maia (My-uh) which I love, though Maia can also be spelled Maya, not sure it would work with Kaia, since Kaya, I am sure most folks would say Kay-uh (Kay as in the name of the first letter K-uh.) Anyway just curious what other's think of the name Kaia (Kigh-ugh). I suppose it could also be spelled Kya.

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  • What do you think of Jenna Claire?

    Not expecting. I just happened to hear this name combination and wondered what others think of it.

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  • When male cat sprays is it a visible amount of urine?

    Was given a beautiful Russian Blue male cat about a year old. I plan to have him altered/neutered. There is a smell but no visible sign of him spraying or marking territory. Which is why I am asking if the amount they spray is a large visible amount or minute quantity that might go undetected. I have seen him using the litter box and the smell is never then. I've never had a male cat, always female. I'm not sure if the smell is the cat or something else.

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  • Why would someone not change address on checking account after moving 2 yrs ago?

    A former tenant in a two family owner/occupied home recently ordered and had delivered a box of new checks to a former address. The owner/landlord rec'd this order in the mail and then took it to the issuing bank as the address label requested be done, if where this order was delivered was not to the correct name or address. At the bank the owner/landlord was informed that the checks had been issued to the former tenant using the former address on the checks not just as a mailing address. The bank confiscated the checks and shredded them as the owner/landlord provided proof that the former tenant had purchased a home and moved out from the apartment two years ago. The owner/landlord called the previous tenant to ask about the situation. The owner/landlord was informed by the former tenant that the former tenant could and would use whatever, address the former tenant wanted on their checking account or any other accounts. The former tenant then requested the checks be held so to be picked up in the morning. The owner/landlord then informed the former tenant that the checks had been taken to the issuing bank, where the bank manager said if this was a purposeful misuse of a former address then it would be fraud and then the bank manager shredded the checks.

    My questions are: 1. Why would a former tenant purposefully use a previous address on banking accounts? 2. And could or would this have any negative affect on the owner/landlord of the property?

    If pertinent, the former tenant never owned any part of the home or apartment and other then a tenant at will situation there were no other business or even social engagement between the landlord and the tenant.

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  • Names for these initials? Girl and or Boy?














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  • What is 51O2c%2BCWtTL._SS400_?

    Found questioned icon named: 51O2c%2BCWtTL._SS400_

    on my laptop desktop. Is it harmful or benign?

    If harmful, how do I get rid of it? Properties read "unknown application".

    Also found IE8-WindowsXP-x86-ENU set as a desktop item.

    Properties say it is a "self extracting cabinet".

    Can I just delete the icon or is it a program I need to delete or uninstall?


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  • What do you think of the name Clarice?

    Not expecting, just curious what other's think. I read the name in the paper the other day and thought gee I haven't see this variation of Claire mentioned on yahoo answers. So what do you all think? *:)

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  • What do you think of Aveline or Avelina?

    I recently saw the name Avelina in the newspaper and I remembered I had seen the name Aveline in a friend's genealogy, his grandmother's aunt, if I remember correctly. I've only seen this name twice in print and never heard it pronounced. Just wondering what other's thought of it. Not expecting, so its not something I will be using. Though it's kind of pretty. Could even be Avaline or Avalina. *:)

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  • Do you prefer Emery or Emmarie for a girl's name?

    Not pregnant, just curious. Which do you prefer Emery or Emmarie? I was answering a question in regards to the name Emery for a girl when suddenly I realized Emery sounds like Emmarie. So why not spell it Emmarie instead of Emery? While for a boy it should be spelled Emory? What do you all think? *:)

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  • What's your definition of Trendy, etc.?

    Please define what makes a name:





    Old Fashioned




    Feel free to give an example or two of names (boy or girl) which you consider to be any of the above terms. Also what other terms do you use when describing a name. Thanks. *:)

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  • Who is the name Cohen/Cohan for?

    I've never heard of anyone with the first name of Cohen/Cohan until recently when other people have been suggesting its use as a first name. I am curious where this started. Is Cohen the name of a new TV or movie character? A sports figure? I have a friend with a baby named Brady for Tom Brady. And I know surnames often become first names, like Connor, Brady or Grady. But this is the first I've heard of Cohen. *:)

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  • What do you think of the name Bravo?

    Not expecting. This is a name, which several years back, I remember hearing a mother calling on the playground. Just curious what others think. I never heard of the child again, so I don't know if it was his real name or a nickname. *:)

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  • Which do you prefer Honor or Honora?

    Not expecting, just curious. *:)

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  • What do you think of the name Elias?

    It's pronounced Eh-Lye-Us.

    Not expecting - just love names. *:)

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  • What do you think of the name Sandara?

    Pronounciation is San-Dara or Sand-Dara. *:)

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  • What do you think of Lola Kate?

    Not expecting. Just like reading other's opinions of names.

    I love the name Louisa Catherine, it's a traditional, old fashioned sounding name. Which is what made me think

    what would be a modern sounding variation or nickname for

    Louisa Catherine and the name Lola Kate came to mind. *:)

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  • What do you think of Louisa Catherine?

    Not expecting. Just like to read people's opinions.

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  • What do you think of the names Yvonne or Yvette?

    First names or Middle names? What goes best with either? *:)

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  • Would you name your daughter Jasper or Timothy?

    Not Expecting. Just curious if anyone knows of girls named Jasper or Timothy. The last question I answered the asker was looking for a boys name that couldn't be used for a girl. Someone wrote Timothy, but I know I've heard of a girl by that name. Which made me wonder about Jasper, or Kevin or Scott too Have they been used as girls first names?

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  • Which spelling do your like the best, Clara or Claira?

    Just saw the spelling, Claira, today and think it looks prettier & more complete then the more traditional spelling of Clara or Klara. Any opinions? lol Of course there are & I can't wait to read them.

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