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  • Renegotiate my Army MOS before shipping out?

    How do I go about renegotiating my contract for the Army to change my MOS ?

    I have 13D but that's because they said my vision was 20/25 correctable and I need 20/20. My glasses are two years old and even then it wasn't at 100% strength so I know I can get 20/20 correctable. Do I go back to MEPs with a recruiter or do I just tell my recruiter ?

    And I qualify for 11X and 19D, the ones I actually want. I want to renegotiate for one of them because my eyesight test at MEPs was wrong.

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  • Can I switch my MOS before going to BT in the Army ?

    I have 20/25 correctable. My glasses are old and I can get 20/20 glasses strength. Can I go back to MEPs and change my MOS before BT ? I have 13D but I cant 19D or 11X. I qualify for it in everything besides vision.

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  • Can I pick a different MOS in the Army?

    Im 17, still in high school, officially a Soldier with 13D MOS. I ship out August 25. I wanted 11X Infantry or 19D Cavarly Scout, but my vision isn't correctable to 20/20. One is 20/20, the other 20/25. Only my first contract is over and I reenlist and take the asvab, could I get 19D or not because of my vision ? And is there any way besides surgery for me to enhance my vision ?

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  • Marines on-base colleges , how does it work ?

    I am planning on joining the Marines next year, once I graduate. I understand that I need to get through boot camp first, in order to go to college, but how does it work? How do I even sign up for their college?

    Also I recently read something that said their college allows you to take courses of your choosing, and that they offer 10. Does that mean I can simply choose the courses I want (Homeland Security, criminal justice, for example) and not take simple things such as math?

    And also, after boot camp, if I choose to go to college does that mean I cannot be sent out on the field? I dont mind being on the field, just curious.

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  • Would it be trespassing to go onto a private schools' track field to run ?

    I have this private, all boys school about two blocks away from me. I want to work on my sprinting, and they have this HUGE track field that would be perfect to train on.

    Am I allowed to go on it without permission? I do NOT attend the school nor do I know anyone who does. Would it be trespassing? Or would it be okay? All I want to do is run.

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  • Girls, how do you feel about being ignored by your boyfriend ?

    Okay, let me be specific. By " ignored " I don't mean he's not paying attention to you. I mean if you were doing something , but your boyfriend just didn't seem to care or wonder what it was. For example : You two are texting , then you suddenly stop responding all together for a while. You're not doing anything , just washing the dishes and making something to eat. He doesn't even text you to ask what you're doing , why you're not responding , etc.

    How would you feel about him not seeming like her really cared ? What would be going through your mind ?

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  • If you have the Air Force experience on a resume, do you get paid more at your job?

    For example: If I was to be in the Air Force for four years and had training in Aerospace engineering, and then came out and went into the career of being an Aerospace engineer. Would my salary be more than a person who learned about Aerospace engineering in college but didn't have the training on the Air Force field ?

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  • Will running to lose weight also lose muscle mass quick ?

    Okay . . . so , I'm in great shape , as people tell me. I'm training for the Air Force , which I'll be joining next year after graduation. I want to be in top physical shape because my cousin went in and was out of shape and told me the physical challenges would've been easier if he was in great shape. So everyone says I'm in great shape , and I agree . . . except for my stomach. It's just my lower abdomen that I don't like. A six pack is clearly visible but not as much as it used to be. I like to run , and I'm going to start again by jogging everyday and then working out in the gym (Jogging outside because its more challenging than a treadmill). All I want to lose is the little belly fat I have to get a tighter core , and running will speed that up because I like to eat. Will running/jogging to lose weight also get rid of my muscle mass ? If so , how badly ?

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  • Can a story be written like this?

    I just got the idea to write a story in a different way. It begins with an escape of the protagonist. She breaks out of a secret facility using her powers. And, once out, she finds others who escaped in a nearby forest, all hiding. By the twist is, unlike other stories where the protagonist eventually fills the reader in I everything, I won't be doing that. The protagonist continues on with her life ad everything she needs to do...her missions, etc. And the reader has to figure out everything that's happening on their own. Does that sound good ? It sounds fun to me.

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  • Any ideas for this book?

    Help me find a book where the main character is kidnapped in the beginning and taken to a place , they don't know where they are but they do know they need to escape along with the other people they met in the place.

    Don't suggest the Maze Runner.

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  • Forced marriage or wait?

    Okay, so that is a bit complicated. Me and my girlfriend plan on going into the airforce. But, we will be split up unless we get married and then join. I'm unsure if im even inlove or not because I have nothing to compare this feeling to (never loved any gurl before) now , there is a fear. What if I do marry her JUST to stsy together un tgr airforcr. What if I don't truly want to get married to her? I do see us in the airforce togethrr, but that's as far as it gies in my head. She says she cann see us married, living together, etc. I dont see any of that tet. Plus, she's not how I want my wife honestly. What to do ?

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  • Help , I'm confused with love.?

    I do know I love this girl. At the beginning of our relationship , we started off as friends , then messed around , then I fell for her. She's felt love before and she's been in love before. This is my first time feeling either one. Is it real ? I don't have anything to compare this feeling to. How do I know if im in love or not ? P.S. There was a point where my feelings for her completely stopped and I was thinking about ending it. She's inlove with me , I know that. I don't know what I'm feeling anymore because I have nothing to compare it to. Help , please, I'm confused.

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  • Sleeping disorder?

    My girlfriend hasn't been able to sleep right for months. She'll fall asleep around 9-11pm, for example, then wake up around 1-3am EVERY NIGHT. The longest she's been able to sleep was about 6 hours. She's only been able to sleep throughout the entire night after taking NyQuil.

    When she wants to sleep, she drinks a warm glass of milk and it makes her sleepy then she sleeps, but always wakes up in about 2 or 3 hours. She said she's going to go to the doctor to figure out what the problem is, and how it can be fixed, even if the answer is sleeping pills.

    Any idea on what this is? And any ideas on how to fix the problem without pills?

    P.S. NyQuil puts her to sleep for about 6 hours or more, but she's afraid that it's not healthy to be taking that all the time. She doesn't know what it'll do to her, plus she only takes it when she's sick or something.

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  • Books where the main character(s) have powers and have to learn how to use them?

    I'm looking for a book where the main character has super powers, but has to learn how to use them. The setting of the book, I'd prefer it to be modern. EX: A teenager girl is going to high school, she has special abilities that she's completely aware of, but doesn't know how to use them. At school, she uses them by accident and then realizes that she's not the only one with the powers and is now being taught how to control them etc.

    . . . that's typical stuff ^^, but you should get what I'm saying. SUGGESTIONS ANYONE ?

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  • Reducing the sensitivity of the glans (head of penis)?

    Okay, so in the past couple days I've been able to pull the foreskin back all the way, only twice. But, for some reason, I'm able to do it whenever I please without pain (all when flaccid, of course.) Now, today while erected in the shower, I tried pulling the foreskin back all the way. I got half way with a little discomfort, and was sure I could've brought it back all the way but didn't. So, now I'm testing the sensitivity since I'm getting improvements extremely fast. I'm flaccid, pulled foreskin all the way back, and I'm wearing boxers and sweats and moving around the house doing regular everyday stuff. Is this good? And is such success so quickly normal?

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  • Okay, is this a good or bad thing?

    GUYS, GUYS, GUYYYYYS ! HELP ASAP LOL ! Okay , so for the past 2 days I've been trying to pull the skin back on my penis all the day so I can see the head 100%. And ... I did it. I mean , I used baby oil but I was able to pull it back all the way. Its really sensitive , which I learned causes sex to last a shorter period of time. Im touching it to reduce the sensitivity as much as possible before tomorrow. (I'm not masturbating lol) is what I'm doing good ? Like , does it do any damage ? And I'm flaccid , going to try to get erected with the skin all the way back and see what happens.

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  • I can't pull my foreskin all the way back?

    Okay, so I'm scheduled to go to the doctor to get it checked out. I'm 16, and my foreskin can go back at least half way back on the head. I don't know what's going to happen. Not scared, just curious. Here are my questions :

    1. Retracting it all the way back from the head. Does it make sex last longer due to the loss of sensitivity? It doesn't matter to me whether it's retracted or circumcised. I just want sex to last longer than it does now.

    2. Okay, I know there is a way to retract the foreskin through practice. Stretching in the shower when flaccid to make it go back more when erected. (BTW I can't retract at all when erected. It hurts. Even when flaccid, it hurts a little when it reached a certain point). But, is retracting also done at the doctors by cutting the little thing that is attached to the head and the skin, to keep it attached?

    3. The healing process of getting the little thing cut? And the healing process of getting circumcised?

    I don't care about the pain, it's unavoidable and I'll get past it eventually.

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  • Colleges that do Genetic Engineering ?

    Alright, so I'm in eleventh grade and starting to get my **** together and focus on college. I know that I want to go to a college that has strong Genetic Engineering - but my problem is this . . . I know for sure that it's too late for me to get a scholarship to the college I choose, which is ANOTHER reason why I'm joining either the Marines or the Navy after highschool, since they offer a full paid for college. But, the question is:

    1. I realized that you don't choose your college specifically, they offer colleges for you to go to but not the ones you may want . . . do these colleges offer Genetic Engineering?

  • How to begin writing this story?

    The book is about a teenage girl who woke up on a cold metal table in a brightly lit room. She's confused, and has no memory of her past. The only thing she remembers is New York City . . . that's it. She soon finds out, from the other kids kept locked in cages, that she's in a secret facility. The others have no memory of their past either, and only Raine remembers something, which is New York. She does not know her name, her age or where she's from. But she believes New York will have the answers. She needs to break out and get to New York ASAP, with the help of two friends she met in the facility. Oh, and another thing, they all have special abilities.

    I know how I want to begin the story - her waking up in a strange place with no memory, then locked in a cage and soon forced to fight these mutant things. And also realizing the power she possesses. I know how I want it to begin, but I just don't know how to write it out. Any help or ideas?

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