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rachel 17 sparsholt college im quite easy to talk to so feel free to indulge if you fancy a chat or to see what im about feel free or www.myspace/scream_like_ur_alone facebook - rachel dance sparsholt college peace darlings xx

  • A constant trouble sleeping?

    For the past two nights i havent been able to sleep because i constantly feel the need to wee. when i go which is every five minutes or so its only a small amount and sometimes none at all but it is a constant feeling and is keeping me awake. i was wondering if anyone knows what this is or what can be done to stop it or help it thankyou x

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  • i really need this answered?

    basically i need all the correct information possible on the legislations that relate to a physiotherapist who has been asked to treat a sports horse for muscle pain in the neck. all information useful thankyou xx

    3 AnswersHorses1 decade ago
  • is gonorrhea cureable?

    hi ive recently found out that a previous sexual partner has been diagnosed with gonorrhea. although we used condoms im still worried and ive booked a apointment to be tested/ a full screening. however someone told me that once you have gonorrhea it keeps coming back, like herpes. is this true or can you get rid of it with one course of antibiotics? please any useful answers will be helpful thanks x

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  • how do you get rid of acne?

    on your body?

    any advice like step by step instructions and is there anything really good i could use on the skin ? cheers in advance x

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  • ok this is embarassing but i need to know what they are . . .?

    basically i have spots like mild acne on the insides of my upper thigh, sometimes they get better and you can hardly see them but most of the time they are there, its even worse when i shave it. some of the spots i think are ingrown hairs so i pop them but others are just spots, and they leave scars and marks its really embarassing, if anybody could tell me what they are and if theres anything i could put on them to make them better that would be great cheers x

    2 AnswersWomen's Health1 decade ago
  • hi ok so how much would it cost me to get microdermals . . .?

    in my neck? i was going to get just a straightforward neck piercing but hardly seems worth it as its only semi permant so i decided on microdermals instead to mimic a neck piercing but how much would that cost me in the south of england like whats a rough price? and if anyone else has got this done how was it done, where abouts did you get it and what was the aftercare like for it and what did yours cost you cheers xx

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  • how do i stop it ????

    i used to be the biggest cheat ever, like regardless of whether i was with someone or not id just go out and pull anyway, obviously i realise how wrong that is now and im in a good relationship with someone i really love but i get so jelous and worry hell cheat on me, i know this is the backlash from my cheating but how do i stop it because when i get jelous i say some really nasty things to him that i dont mean thanks in advance people xx

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  • has anybody had areola reduction surgery?

    i really hate the size of mine they make me really unhappy i know its vain but they do has anybody else had this surgery and could you tell me roughly how much youd have to pay, good places to get it done and how old you have to be for this surgery and were you happy with the results and im in the U.K thankyou

    3 AnswersWomen's Health1 decade ago
  • how to get rid of . . . . . ?

    i have these effing disgusting ingrown hairs on my legs you know the ones where they are little red bumps. well how do you get rid of them. i squeeze them but then they bleed then scab over and then a hair grows back there and so the whole thing starts over again and i cant ever get rid of these spots their pretty permanant. i just wanted to know how to get rid of them and keep them away, any creams, exfoliaters anything please cheers xx

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  • excercises for a younge horse on the flat?

    can you give details or web links for me so that i can add some more excercises into his work thankyou xx

    3 AnswersHorses1 decade ago
  • feeding a endurance horse?

    i know that endurance horses need alot of slow release energy to complete their job but what is available out there to feed them and if you own a endurance horse could you help me with what you feed it thankyou xxx

    3 AnswersHorses1 decade ago
  • feeding a riding school horse?

    for my assignment i have to write what i would feed a riding school horse and i wondered if theres anyone out there who owns or works on a riding school and could help me by listing what they would feed their horses and add whatever details they would deem necessary to go with it it would be a great help thankyou

    6 AnswersHorses1 decade ago
  • so do you like red hair?

    basically ive just dyed mine red and wondered what people thought about red hair :)

    12 AnswersHair1 decade ago
  • how much do nipple piercings cost?

    my friend whos had hers done says that any piercing above the waste should be about ten pounds if its a tatooing palour as they get their piercing lience cheap or something but dont know if that true so can you tell me roughly how much a nipple piercing should cost cheers xxx

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  • i want to go redhead but how?

    my hair is dyed almost jet black as you can see from my pic. if i wanted to go red do you think shop bought bleach would strip this colour out an then if i stuck dye over the top would it turn out ok. any ideas out there throw them at me cheers xxx

    oh and btw i dont care how red it goes the louder the better and yes i have tryed just putting a red dye over it it didnt work xxx

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  • please can someone help me?

    can someone give me step by step intsructions on how to change my 360 picture thankyou

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  • can you suggest any games for me ?

    some naughty games you can play with your partner :) no i dont mind going out and getting toys i just want to really exite him for his birthday any suggestions if necessary give details cheers xxxx

    5 AnswersSingles & Dating1 decade ago
  • i know this is stupid but?

    when im with my boyfriend i get to almost having a orgasm and then i push him away i dont know why maybe because i like to be in control and i loose that control when i feel it happening. hes very understanding and says hell help me but wtf why do i do this. sorry if it sounds stupid and thanks for answers xxxx

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  • blue one or red one ?

    just a quick question got two new bras one red one blue please decide which one i should wear tomorrow night because i cant cheers xx

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