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  • What did the American Revolutionary War and Mexican War of independence have in common?

    Can you list what they had in common and/or how they differed?

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  • Why are some americans so racist towards mexicans?

    I have a few things id like to point out:

    I've seen so many people say that mexicans come here and take tax payers money but are they stupid or ignorant to the fact that there is taxes on everything and even illegals have to pay taxes. what about all the white people on welfare? A lot of mexicans don't even qualify for welfare but there are a lot of americans who take welfare. My mexican family pays about 80000 in taxes every year, and we don't see a cent back. I'm pretty sure there is also a lot of white people who don't pay their taxes and get money they don't deserve, while my family doesn't get a cent back. And have you ever seen a mexican begging for money on the side of the road?

    I've seen so many black people rant about how George Zimmerman is an obese mexican, he's may have hispanic background but he is not mexican! In fact I agreed with many people he should have charged for killing an innocent person.

    And for those people who say there isnt mexicans in the army well you might want to check your facts, I know so many hispanic families who have children in the army and recently one of my mom's friends lost a son in iraq. so please, you ignorant people check your facts.

    When Mexicans come to America they just want a better life and take the jobs that most americans don't want (harvesting, cleaning, yard work, etc.), and they don't take the jobs of the deployed.

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