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I can be really annoying but usually I'm nice and can try and make you laugh, I generally talk quite a bit and I'd consider myself a good friend. I can see through some people easily mostly if they're lying. I enjoy reading, adventurous stories and mysteries ... There's a lot more but I'd hate to bore anyone. ;)

  • Is There Going To Be A Season 5 To The Series 'The Middle'?

    I've been watching The Middle online and on television and I came to the end of Season 4 ... I was wondering if and when Season 5 was airing, but I couldn't find any information on the matter when I Googled it. The only stuff that came up was about 'Malcolm in the Middle'. Just to be clear I am talking about 'The Middle'. Tis about a family, the Heck's ... Frankie, Mike, Sue, Brick and Axl ... NOT 'Malcolm in the Middle' :) I am quite fond of The Middle and I do hope there is another Season ...

    Anyway, thanks in Advance :)

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  • What's The Name Of This Film?

    I lack details but I can remember bits ... A prince and his servant or something somehow travel into the future (modern days) and they end up spending their nights in some random castle that they find and then the prince falls in love with some woman who drives them around in a horse and carriage at one point ... I know it's a bit vague but any suggestions would be much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance!


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  • Hercules And The Amazon Women?

    I have only seen two of the Hercules films which is Hercules and the Amazon Women and Hercules and the Circle of Fire. In the Amazon women film, Ioluas has a fiance, Anya I think her name is, but then in the series which was after the films (considering that in the some Hercules hadn't even met Deianira), Iolaus seems to want to be with a woman but hasn't been married or anything! What happens with him and Anya in the other films, or are they even in them?? And also if you know where I could watch the other films it would help IMMENSELY! I can't stop thinking about this...

    Thankxx! :-)

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  • Whats this old kids cartoon TV show called?

    Ok, so this is a long shot because this was on about 10 years ago. It's about these nice monster people all living in a castle and there's a dracula Type vampire that's obviously nice because its for kids and he turns into a bat, there was this kind of plant that ate everything and there is also like a man/beast with a lot of facial hair, a it like a lions mane. The man/beast kept doing stupid things all the time and I remember in one of the episodes he had to build a garden shed and this helping hand decided to help him but the hand kept missing things like the door and windows and they kept having to restart.

    Sorry I couldn't help more. Thanks.

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  • Help!! What Is The Name Of This Film?

    Okay... I can't remember much but I do know that there was some kind of guy with a phone in a car talking to a woman who had been kidnapped. I think she made some sort of device out of a broken phone in an attic that she was being kept in, The only person she could reach was him and I think at one point his battery was going dead and he couldn't find a charger, I really don't remember much but it was on Film4 about 3 years ago and it looked really good but I had to leave and so I never saw the end. Can anyone help me with the name?? I know you haven't got much to work with but any suggestions please?? Thank you!!


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  • Can You Factorise These Expressions?

    I can't do them....

    5x² + 20x


    x² - 49

    Thankyou so much for your help!

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  • What's The Name Of This Song Help PLEASE!!?

    Okaii, I can't even remember who sings it but it's a girl who kind of sounds like a young Taylor Swift. I remember the music video... She's in her bedroom at one point playing her I think it was brown and white guitar at the begining and then later on she has a blue guitar and she's playing this guitar solo with a white background behind her. I'm not quite sure but the lyrics have something to do with her old boyfriend not liking her for who she is and her boyfriend now liking her properly, or something along those lines. It's really really bugging me, if anyone has any ideas please help!!



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  • What is Going On Between Egypt and America?

    I don't know much I know that the Egyptian President is stepping down but I don't know anything else. I've heard people talking about it and on the news but I still don't know a lot. I'm not stupid but when it comes to Politics and Government I'm slightly slow so could someone explain whats happening because I haven't got a clue! thankxx


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  • What Episode of That 70's Show Is This?

    Okaii so I know I've seen the episode but I can't remember which one it is. I don't even remember what happens but there's a clip of it on a YouTube video I've seen of Jackie and Hyde. Here's the link:

    Youtube thumbnail

    The bit I'm talking about is the clip from 0:21-0:31. It's really annoying me if someone could tell me what season and episode it is from it would help a lot rather than me like searching forever. I love Jackie and Hyde I think they were the best couple of That 70's Show and I was so disappointed when they didn't get back together. Anyway please help!! thankxx


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  • Are There Any Poor Countries With Natural Resources?

    Are there any places that have a lot of gold, or oil or something that is considerably poor. It's for my essay on developing poorer countries. Thankxx


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  • Has Ethiopia Got any Resources?

    Has Ethiopia got any oil or gold or some sort of natural resources? Thankxx


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  • How Did China Develop So Fast?

    I'm doing an essay on China and how it developed, I know that it took some time but I just need to know how it has gotten to the stage it is in now. I know that parts of it are still in poverty but it is realistically a fairly wealthy country. How did it get that way?? Thankxx so much!


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  • What episode of Prison Break is this?

    I love Prison Break and I haven't seen it it for a while but there is this one episode I really want to watch but I forgot what it's called. It's the one where Sara's friend who worked with her dad dies because of that guy, erm... Wyatt I think he's called, anyway the guy who killed Mahones son kills him and she go's to that bar and then he follows her out and blah blah blah. I can''t remember which episode number it is... Season 4 episode???? PRISON BREAK 4EVA!!!



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  • What Country Has Plenty Of Farmland?

    I'm doing an assignment for Geography and I need to know of a Country that has a lot of farmland or does a lot of farming. Thankxx


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  • What's a good subject to use for a project?

    We have a project for a class we have and we need to choose a subject for it. Me and my friend Beth did one but we don't really like it so we are starting again we just don't know what to do it on. Got any idea's?

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  • Is Moulin Rouge A Good Film?

    I'm bored and one of my friends told me I should watch it. Should I trust her? Is it worth watching and is it funny, or a horror, or thriller??? What genre is it really she said it had Ewan Mcgregor in it and it's a musical! Should I watch it and if not what's a good imaginative film??


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  • What Song Should I Sing?

    At school they are having auditions for a school musical version of Bugsy Malone. You can auditions singing, acting, or going to sing but i need to prove i can actually sing and then they will let me do the play,there are only so many places and lots of people are auditioning so .....WHAT SHOULD I SING ??....x thanks

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  • Is Rihanna Bi??????????????????????????????????

    I don't personally think that she is bi but a lot of people are thinking she is after her Te Amo video, where she kind of looks like a lesbian, but I don't know now I'm not sure is she BI or is it just a different kind of song theme or something? thankxx


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  • About Disney's Pocahontas?

    Ok, well I've just realised that Pocahontas is a bit annoying. In the first film she falls in love with John Smith but then he gets shot and has to go back to London. But they both still love eachother. Then in the second one she fall's in love with John Ralph? What is that about? And suddenly John Smith is a boasting big headed person? In the first film he was nothing like that so why is he now? And John Ralph is in love with Pocahontas and is acting the same way John Smith did in the first film. At first I thought Pocahontas was a bit of a slag. Lol :)

    I know it's a disney animated film but still it just doesn't add up. Can someone please explain why it's so confusing??



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  • Is That Mary Shaw Poem Real?

    I just watched Dead Silence it was really good, I didn't get very scared but I got goose bumps... It was proper good, anyway, I was thinking... is the poem actually a nursery ryme because I mean have you heard it? Because I thought it sounded familiar but it can't be real. Right?? It goes:

    Beware the stare of Mary Shaw

    She had no children, only dolls,

    And if you see her in your dreams,

    Be sure you never ever scream!

    It would be good if it was real I could freak out my friend but I wanted to know is it actually real?? Thankxx


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