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30 yr. old conserative mother of 3. I'm proud of my children. Married since July 3rd 2006... We decided to marry the day before Independence day because our favorite Holiday! My favorite movies are Anchorman, Thombstone and Goodfella's Music I like varies from Hank sr. to Metallica I live in Kansas City, Kansas!! I love it here... I am generally easy to get along with, but if you attack me I will attack back.. I can accept others opinions, just be prepared to get one back. I love talking Politics, Religion and playing around in Polls and Surveys.. Just because I'm a conservative doesn't mean that I don't welcome Liberals as friends as well... Just understand that I'm not going to agree with you on everything if anything, but I will respect your opinon if you do the same for mine. I believe we can Learn from one another better if we debate rather than argue.

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