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  • Racism and Comedy? Take racism out of it.?

    I need arguments that say why racism and race related jokes should be taken out of comedy. Thank you.

    2 AnswersComedy9 years ago
  • Carey Price 2011 Draft?

    i know its a bit late, but i've been trying 2 find a video when price got called up cause he was chosen at the 2011 all star draft. The one that included james duthie's interview with him. thank you!

    3 AnswersHockey10 years ago
  • Plekanec has a Daughter?!?

    well i was watching on saturday montreal vs carolina on cbc (hnic) and i heard the commentator talking about Tomas Plekanec's new baby girl. He was congratulating him. Did i hear right?

    5 AnswersHockey10 years ago
  • Bacteria: help with a Title?

    i need a title for my research project. its about which area has the most bacteria in the school and if purell really works. something really cool and funny, thanks i'm really stuck!

    2 AnswersJokes & Riddles10 years ago
  • TV Series Nos Canadiens?

    Theres this new canadiens series (going inside a player's life) on bell and they said tsn2 will show it in January. But there's nowhere on the schedule that says they're going to show it and I've been waiting all month. Do you know when they show it? And if you also know, who they already showed? Thank you so much.

    2 AnswersHockey1 decade ago
  • Cost of the Canadiens Fan Practice?

    how much does it cost to get a ticket for the canadien fan practice at the bell centre sunday 23, 2011?

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  • Do You Have To Pay For The Practice?

    hey, im thinking of going to the fan practice at the bell centre on january 23. I wanted to know...Do You Have To Pay Anything? and around how much? thank you

    1 AnswerHockey1 decade ago
  • Who scored in Yahoo Hockey?

    in yahoo fantasy hockey, well if ur in a league and theres a game going on (and own that team) do they tell u who scored from ur team?

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  • I am FED up with Pens & Caps!?

    u know how everyone's going "pens and caps rivalry, the greatest in NHL today blah blah", well wat r they tryin to say? that just because 2 great players (fine the best in the league) are in different teams, that rivalry becomes the GREATEST one that didnt even exist 6 years ago? all they're talkin about is the winter classic, as though flames and habs dont even exist. I dont wanna sound like a whiner, because everyday i log on to the NHL website to see and read nhl news, not wat ovechkin said about crosby yesterday or vice versa. This isnt coming from a stuck up habs fan but a habs fan who's anger's about to burst. who else thinks they're over obsessin bout OVI and Cros.? oh ya now they're making a show about it also, wat r they gonna show anyways? why do i have a feeling crosby and oveckin's face are gonna be stuck infront of the camera the whole show through? Tell me ur opinion.

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  • Is Jaroslav Halak Muslim?

    well i heard halak's nickname is jaro and Allah, so if he muslim? i know he's slovakian but im asking for the religion. Thanks..

    7 AnswersHockey1 decade ago
  • Quick Question on Yahoo Sports Fantasy?

    hello, its my 1st time going the yahoo sports fantasy and i wanted to make sure its free. Is it free? thxx

    8 AnswersHockey1 decade ago
  • Who's most likely to respond?

    i want to send a letter to a habs player, but i cant decide which one is most likely to respond?

    Cammeralli, Moen, Georges, Subban, Gionta, Plecanek, Gomez, Pyatt, Price or Lapierre (4 lappy i'll write it in french). Which one do u think from these? ....Thxxx

    18 AnswersHockey1 decade ago
  • No player wants to play?

    everyone says no player wants to play in montreal but why?

    and which are the players that said something about it?thxx

    13 AnswersHockey1 decade ago
  • Carcillo overreacting?

    remember when carcillo talked about cammeralli sticking his tongue out at him in the playoffs, habs vs philly, wat do u think about it? was it a low act or was carcillo just wanting attention. None of them are my fav team but i just want to know wat others think bout it.

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  • National Anthem Singers?

    can u name me all the singers that sang in the bell centre this year (2009-2010) meaning regular season and playoffs and whatever else. I know nikki sang in montreal bell centre, anyone else?


    1 AnswerHockey1 decade ago
  • What is "Flu Notation"?


    can u tell me a simple definition of a flu notation?


    3 AnswersInfectious Diseases1 decade ago
  • Science Fair ideas for grade 8ths?

    hey guys

    i have a science fair coming up and me and my friend have been racking our brains out to find a topic. Last year we did, factors that affect short term memory loss and we got bronze. We wanted a topic thats not toooo hard but will get us far. Any topics of any kind will be fine! Btw, we will be competing against grade 7, grade 8 for the medals, but for the provincials we'll against grade 7 to 11. THANK YOU!! i appreciate it!!

    2 AnswersOther - Science1 decade ago
  • Staal Overreacting too much?

    hey guys. I know this is a bit late but every time i remember it, anger bursts in me. When Staal got hurt (he got hurt himself) against Montreal in the 2nd round playoffs, do u think his teamates and himself were like overreacting? Cuz like our Markov suffered waaaaay more than him and their players hit him on top and no one really seemed to care (the media and the pens team). Staal just sprained his ankle by himself, and he's a third liner while Markov is the best defenseman in our team and we lost him the first game first period and he's not even coming back for the beginning of the season while Staal here came back by the end of the round. So, do u agree with me?

    *Pens: tell me wat u think

    Habs: do all of u agree with me

    *Others that were watching: i want 2 hear u also

    9 AnswersHockey1 decade ago
  • Montreal Canadiens, Anyone?

    hey guys...well im wondering if any of u guys know if on the montreal canadiens website, if u go straight to "contact us" and u email them about fan pack, do u have to pay? i'll give u guys the link:

    thx! please answer cuz i accidently send them saying i wanted players cards and pocket schedule and i know my parents wont be 2 happy. thx again

    2 AnswersHockey1 decade ago
  • Boston Please its me?

    hey boston (2 others, sorry but im pposting this 4 a specific person and pleaseeee DONT comment stupid stuff and i really couldnt care less of wat u had 2 say)

    anyways boston, u gave me a website that said how to fan mail a player in montreal. well theres this little problem, when ask for fan pack there on the list, it says to give ur address, well do u have 2 pay or do they give the pocket schedule and players cards for free? thx sooo much!!!!!

    5 AnswersHockey1 decade ago