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  • Would home pregnancy test be accurate 2 months after unprotected sex?

    I had unprotected sex in April and took the off brand version of plan b for the first time in my life one hour after unprotected sex. Since then, I have not had sex at all and have had my periods in May and June. (This month) I have taken several home pregnancy tests,I even took one this evening. I know I m supposed to take it in the morning ,but I got extreme anxiety and started getting worried that I might be pregnant because I ve gained weight, my breasts look bigger and I want to just know if the results would be accurate by now. I had sex in March and did not get my period but had several negative results. I had sex in April, had my period before I had sex, had period in May, and June. I m just worried. Any feedback would be appreciated. I met my soulmate and I am ready to start my life with him ,but I just need to know I m not pregnant. I expect my next period in 10 days and I have been pretty regular (28 days) since I took the day after pill oddly enough. (Also I wanted to add ,I had protected sex in March,didn t get my period that entire month ,but got it in April, May,and June... I believe I skipped that month because my grandfather suddenly passed away and it was a stressful event as I ve never lost anyone in my life..)

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