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  • Returning to MtG?

    I've been out of the game for some time, but wanting to give it another go. Which sets from the last 10 years are must have? And which ones should I stay away from at all costs?

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  • What movie is this...?

    I can't remember the name of this movie I saw a few months ago. I don't recall there was a big name actor either, so I know it won't be easy. It's about a mom and son who go to a movie, and they take a cab to go home. Turns out it wasn't a cab, and the driver kidnaps them. I believe he ends up killing the mom, but he keeps the kid chained to a bed. the guy gives the kid books to read, and he learns quite a bit about medicine/surgery. a few years later, the kid manages to escape, and goes in search of his dad, who we haven't seen since the beginning of the movie.

    If anyone can tell me the name of the movie, that'd be awesome. I've been to watch it again, but I haven't been able to find it for a couple weeks now. Thanks all.

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  • How competitive could this be?

    It's been some time since I played Magic. Here's the last deck I played:

    3 - Mother of Runes

    2 - Elvish Piper

    3 - Timberwatch Elf

    4 - Skyshroud Elf

    4 - Priest of Titania

    1 - Reya Dawnbringer

    2 - Platinum Angel

    2 - Shivan Hellkite

    1 - Mox Emerald

    1 - Mox Pearl

    1 - Mox Ruby

    1 - Sol Ring

    1 - Black Lotus

    1 - Staff of Domination

    1 - Memory Jar

    2 - Mishra's Helix

    1 - Disenchant

    1 - Berserk

    1 - Fork

    2 - Urza's Rage

    2 - Swords to Plowshares

    1 - Hull Breach

    1 - Regrowth

    1 - Flame Wave

    2 - Mirari's Wake

    1 - Mountain

    2 - Forest

    1 - Strip Mine

    1 - Rith's Grove

    1 - Meteor Crater

    1 - Glimmervoid

    1 - Yavimaya Hollow

    4 - Taiga

    4 - Plateau

    4 - Savannah

    This deck has good speed with plenty 1 & 2 drop cards. Virtually infinite mana with land, elves, and the moxes. It can stall with Mishra's Helix & Platinum Angel. It has good protection with the Mothers & Yavimaya Hollows. Self pumps with Timberwatch & Mirari's Wake. Elvish Piper lets me put creatures on the board without being countered. Killer fatty fliers that protect me, kill opponents' creatures, and all but give me the win. Direct creature removal with Urza's Rage, Shivan Hellkite & Swords to Plow. Mass creature destruction with Flamewave. Card advantage with Memory Jar & Staff of Domination.

    This deck was a lot of fun to play because it throws out so many things at my opponent. I'd like get back into Magic with my old circle of friends, but I know a couple of them have kept up their decks. Since I don't really know what's out there now, what should I worry about or look out for? How do you guys think this would do now, as is? And what updates or changes would you make? I want to keep as much of this as possible intact, but I am open to any and all suggestions.

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  • If your favorite team never existed...?

    which other team do you think you'd be a fan of?

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  • Which division is your least favorite?

    And why. Maybe it's the same one as your favorite team, but you really don't like any of the other teams at all. Maybe it's the division with the team that owns your favorite team. Maybe it's a division with the team that kills yours in IL play. Maybe it's the AL East for obvious reasons (some fans would say that). Which division and why?

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  • Renter's rights legal advice please?

    I live in Chicago with a month to month verbal lease. As far as I know, my roommate, the original tenant, is also on a month to month verbal lease. Today he told me (not asked me) to be out of the apartment by Aug 1. He gave me a handwritten note with today's date and time and I'm assuming he kept the original. I know that by law the LANDLORD has to give me at least 30 days notice if he's serving an eviction. I've never had any issues with the lanlord that would give him justifiable cause to evict me. Does the law still hold true if my ROOMMATE wants to evict me? What grounds, if any, would my roommate have in order to legally evict me by August 1?

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  • Which rivalry is the best?

    Which NON-divisional rivalry is best in the NL and the AL? Before the current 3 division system, MLB had an East & West division system with balanced schedules. This allowed teams to develop a love/hate relationship with each other and rivalries were just a natural part of those relationships. Now that there are 3 divisions and unbalanced schedules, a lot of these teams only play each other 6 or 7 times a year. While playing time against each other for these teams has gone down, an old rivalry aura still exists. Which teams do you think have the best rivalry now that aren't in the same division?

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  • Are you sick of Danica yet?

    After that last race, I decided I've had more than enough of her belly aching about losing races. Truex' bump off the wall would've ended up in ANYBODY'S grill. Danica HAD to get her panties in a bunch & blame somebody else for her inability to get the job done. She's obviously banking on her 'feistiness' getting her some sympathy points. I'm sick of her pathetic attempt to get said points & trying to continuously blame other drivers for her suck *** performance as a driver. She won one race where the top 10 drivers passed on attending. Face it Danica, YOU CAN'T CUT IT IN THIS CIRCUIT!!! GIVE UP & GO DRIVE SOMEWHERE ELSE where pity points can possibly give you a win. She was down 2 laps & she wants to ***** about someone else taking her out of the race?!?! GET REAL DANICA! Stick to the 'minors' & your weak *** GoDaddy commercial!

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  • How can I find the value...?

    Of a $20 bill from 1934? What would be its approximate value if it's in good condition? Is it possibly a collector's item?

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  • Atheists, do you really NOT believe in God, or...?

    Do you just NOT want to be a part of an organized religion? It seems to me that if you don't believe in God, simply saying that you don't believe in Him contradicts your whole belief, or disbelief. Just by acknowledging Him, you've accepted the fact that He exists. If you DO accept that he exists, then what is it that you don't believe in by claiming atheism? Organized religion?

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  • How many different kinds of beer are there?

    Ales, lagers, ports, stouts, IPAs, browns, imperial ales, ambers, etc. What other kinds can you list?

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  • Haven't seen WWE in...?

    WWE got boring for me & I haven't seen it in over a year & a half. What are some of the more interesting storylines on there now?

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  • Need help deciding on a QB...?

    I have Rivers AND Orton on my team. They're #1 & #2 in overall FF points in my league. Which one should I go with on MNF? San Diego has the better D, which may give Orton problems, but Rivers' receiving corps is still a bit light. Orton has better receivers, but Rivers still had a great game when Floyd & Gates were out injured. Who should I go with?

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  • Are there any movies about...?

    Are there any movies that portray blind people & their daily routine? I'm looking more for a documentary than an actual feature film.

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  • What records are in danger...?

    Seems like every year a player is on the verge of achieving a milestone & maybe 1 record is in danger of being broken. Are there any records that we may see broken this year? Doesn't matter if it's pitching, batting, defense, regular season or postseason.

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  • How many different pitchers...?

    With over 1000 stolen bases, how many different pitchers did Ricky Henderson steal off of? How many different catchers? Which pitcher(s) did he steal the most & least off of? Which catcher(s) did he steal the most & least off of? I know it's a lot to ask, but I'm very curious about it.

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  • MtG: Which current formats...?

    Which current formats are equivalent to the old formats? Type I & Type II.

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