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R.I.P Michael Jackson I Love You So Much

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Hi Im Jenni And I LOVE Michael Jackson With All My Heart<3 He Was Truly Something Different. Screw Haters ! Have A Nice Day(:

  • Crying ? About to punch a wall ? MJ Related Plz read.?

    ok so im up later than usual espicially since i got skool 2morrow so im going 2 skool 2morrow looking like a zombie because im staying up for mj.

    then when they bring his coffin out BAM END OF JACKSON FAMILY THING.

    im like WTF ? ARE YOU KIDDING ME ?

    then its from a helicopter view. ok i can deal with dat.

    then they just took that out.


    i get it were not even supposed 2 watch but y bother showing anything if were only going 2 see ppl arrive ?

    ugh im crying because i wont see mj and im pissed because they tricked us.

    how do YOU feel ?

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    Ok now most likely some1 already posted the video.

    but im way to lazy to go and check so ill just post it (:

    Youtube thumbnail

    what do YOU think of it ?

    i dont believe his apology for 1 second !

    and i know this might sound mean but his voice makes me crack up xD

    star for everybody know how much of a crook he is !

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  • MJ FANS: Omg this song is so heart touching?

    omg i was almost crying when I heard this song its so sweet !

    I wish my name was elizabeth :'(

    have you guys heard it ? and what do you think ?

    Youtube thumbnail


    Health > Diseases & Conditions > Heart Diseases

    thats kind of freaky . .

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  • Funny MJ Fact That You May Not Know ? xD?

    did you know the video of in the closet by mj was banned from south africa because of its imagery ? xD

    thats actually pretty hilarous !

    i found it on wikipedia ill paste what it says on here !

    The video for "In the Closet" was Jackson's most sexually provocative piece. It featured supermodel Naomi Campbell in a courtship dance with Jackson. The video was banned in South Africa because of its imagery.

    ahhh i love that video so much im sad people in south africa cant enjoy it D:

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  • What Song Is This ? Please Answer !?

    Ok well the beat is a little bit popish technoish in its own way and i only know the dialogue at the end which goes something like this:

    girl: where the f*ck did you throw my panties?

    Gay guy: I threw them out the window b*tch shut the f*ck up !

    please answer thank you (:

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  • Why is my hair like this ! ? !?

    ok well last year my hair was PERFECT

    everybody was obsessed with my bangs and all i do to my hair is brush and go ! and now . .

    my hair gets soooo frizzy outside ! (no surprise i live in miami florida super humid :|)

    i have brown hair

    THICK HAIR ! (people say my hair is like the tail of a horse !)

    almost to my waist

    i dont know what happened to my hair over 1 summer

    i cut my bangs and hair a lil bit during summer but i doubt thats the reason why its like this :\

    any help ?

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