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  • Online Homeschooling

    I need to find a homeschooling curriculum that can all be done online or just on the computer with little or no help from a parent. I don't want to have to be a teacher...I want all that done online. I don't want to have to receive a bunch of textbooks or pages to print. I want to be able to have the work done all online or with an inexpensive software that downloads onto the computer. This is for an eight grader and I want the basic subjects like math, english, science, social studies, and spanish 2. I also want it to cost under 1000 dollars and it must be Christian based. If someone could really help me it'd be great! I'm getting close to the school year and I really need to find something!

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  • Christian Online Homeschooling

    Where can I find an online homeschooling K-12 curriculum for between 100-300$

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  • Homeschooling Curriculum

    Where can I find A christian homeschooling curriculum that you can do on the computer for 8th graders?

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  • bible quizzing?

    who won eastern regionals for bible quizzing this year? I'm curious whether or not they went to nationals. I want to know JV, JV allstar, varsity, and varsity all star. I'm from the west region and I'm just curious

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    I just got one of these and I know you can answer surveys and get points, but are there somemore ways to do it. And about how many surveys do you get a day? I really want to get 500 points and so far I just have 25.

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  • How do you monkey mush like on jon and kate plus eight?

    I've seen them eat it on tv a few times and I've been curious what the recipe is

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  • I need an unused webkinz code!!!!?

    Please give me an unused code! I'll mark you as best answer! I'm really desperate! But if you give me a fake one, I'll report you. Also, I have already tried the one with the 3/4 and cent signs, but it didn't work...probably because of the weird german letters too...

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  • movies on demand?

    how much is a typical movie on demand?

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  • 2 riddles for those of you who are great at riddlles?

    I'm so bored I can't take it...I'm also pretty's a riddle for any of you who think they can aswer it. #1What American has the largest fam.

    #2What's so brittle that even saying it's name can break it? I have no clue what the answers are, but I'm very curios to know. My friend sent me these riddles and expects me to answer them! I think they're really hard!

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  • Babysitting 4 year olds?

    I am babysitting a very busy and playful 4 year old this week...any ideas on what I can do to keep him occupied?

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  • American Idol?

    My sister wants to audition for American Idol this year...does anyone know when they will be holding auditions in Bostin MA? It would be a great help!!!!!!!!!!

    4 AnswersReality Television1 decade ago
  • I wasnt to become as famous as Hannah montana...any ideas?

    I have always loved acting and singing and want to become as famous as Hannah Montana!

    2 AnswersMusic1 decade ago