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  • Activating an iPhone on Straight Talk via SIM card?

    If I were to buy an iPhone 5 from Straight Talk (ST) and not activate it via the CDMA method, would it work if I put a ST SIM card into it? I already have ST service with a SIM from ST. If I buy the iPhone, I would cut my SIM to a nano size and use that in the iPhone. Would my service still work if I cut the SIM properly? Also, if I decide that I don't want ST service anymore, would it be possible for me to get a SIM from a different carrier and use it in the iPhone or is it locked specifically to ST?

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  • Physics question regarding projectiles and vectors?

    1) A movie stunt driver speeds horizontally off a 50m high cliff. How fast must the motorcycle leave the cliff top if it is to land on the ground below, 90m from the base of the cliff?

    2) A mail carrier leaves the post office and drives 22.0 km North. She then drives in a direction 30 degrees East of South for 47 km. What is her displacement from the post office?

    Im thinking the pythagorean theorem has to do with both problems, but I'm not sure on how to apply it in each situation.

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  • Will I be eligible to get a "no contract" cellphone from a carrier like Virgin Mobile?

    What about a prepaid phone? Are "no contract" plans literally no contracts or is it similar to getting a normal 2-year plan? I am unsure because I am only 17 and I know that one has to be 18 to sign any sort of contract. I do have a job, if that makes any difference.

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  • Is it possible to get a prepaid or no-contract cellphone while being under 18?

    From a carrier such as Boost Mobile or Virgin Mobile. I'm finding that my life is slowly getting busier and that I'm not always at home. I need something to keep me in contact with others and since I am only 17, I cannot get a phone through a 2-year contract. So through "no contract" or "prepaid" plans, would I be able to get a cellphone then?

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  • Will a 1080 Joule Surge Protector keep my laptop and other appliances safe?

    It is a 3-Outlet 1080 Joule Surge Protector with 2 USB ports for charging things. What will be plugged into the surge protector will be my laptop, a printer, my iPod, and a lamp. I am already buying another surge protector for another area in my home, but I am looking to save some money by getting a small surge protector. This surge protector shuts off when it is non-functioning. Will this surge protector at the very least protect my laptop or is it necessary to get a higher joule surge protector?

    Here is a link to the protector:

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  • Is it possible to use an old primary hard drive as a secondary one? If so, how?

    I recently upgraded my primary laptop drive to an SSD and I am left with my old HDD. I have many things on the old drive that I would like to keep such as my programs. I do not want to have to reinstall all of the programs on the new drive. Would it be possible to just plug in my old drive into the secondary hard drive bay in my laptop and just use it as is without formatting it? Can you give any suggestions as to what I should do to keep my programs if I will have to format the drive?

    Also, how do I direct all of my content folders (i.e Documents, Downloads, etc.) to be on my HDD while all of my program files will be on my SSD? The SSD will improve the performance of the programs if they are on the SSD so I want to keep them there while not wasting its limited space.

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  • How do you get a college degree in a specific field of study?

    Wow. I feel somewhat foolish for asking this, but I'm not sure on the actual process of getting a degree. I want to become a psychiatrist and I know I have to go through a pre-med program at a university before I can gain entry into a medical school. However, I may or may not like the medical field and I may decide to switch my career choice to teaching. Teaching in my state requires that I have at least a bachelors in a particular field. I hope that I can get at least a master's degree in a field related to psychiatry like biology or psychology. How would I do this? Is there a particular set of classes I have to get in order to attain a degree in one of the above mentioned fields?

  • How do you factor this equation of a conic?

    y^2 - 4xy + 4x^2 + 4x + 1 = 2y

    The problem asks to determine whether the graph is a conic or a degenerate conic or if it is a "no graph".

    I've done similar problems, but none have given me this much trouble. In previous problems, I set the equation to look like the equation Ax^2 + Bx + C = 0 or Ay^2 + By + C = 0 and used the quadratic equation to derive the equation for the graph but I haven't done an equation when both variables are present. I'm sure if someone shows me how to do this particular problem, I will be able to do other similar problems. :) So, please include a brief explanation of how to solve this problem when answering. Thank you!

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  • How do I transfer my data from an HDD to an SSD while using the SSD to boot and the HDD for storage?

    I plan on buying an SSD to increase the speediness of my laptop and I am curious as to how I may have the speed of an SSD but the storage space of an HDD. I would like to keep all of my personal data on my current HDD and just boot and run programs off the new SSD. Is there a way to do this without doing a clean install on the new SSD as I would have to buy an OEM disk of windows 7. Thank you!

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  • What kind of gift should I buy my principal?

    My principal has been very understanding and charitable to me as I have gone through much in the past few months. Recently, she offered to pay for all of my tests. I am very grateful for all of the help she has given me and I want to at least give her a token of gratitude to show how grateful I am. I'm not rich so I can't go out and buy something expensive. Any ideas are appreciated! Thank you!

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  • Which Mac would serve as the best primary computer: A MacBook Air, or a MacBook Pro? (More info below)?

    The 13" MacBook Air would have 4GB of DDR3 1333MHz RAM, a 256GB SSD drive, and a 1.8 Dual-Core i7 processor. Costs approximately $1,699.

    The 13" MacBook Pro would have (upgraded from 4GB) 8GB of DDR3 1333MHz RAM, a (upgraded from 500GB HDD) 256GB SSD drive, and a 2.4 Dual-Core i5 processor. Costs approximately $1,699 as well.

    I will primarily use the laptop for word processing, video editing, powerpoints, and video watching. I may also do some casual/minor gaming on it as well. I will also be using Bootcamp in order to boot Windows 7 from it as well as Mac OSX: Lion. In addition, I hope for the laptop to last a good 3-4 years without much deterioration in performance if possible. Price is not much of an issue, but I would like to get the most bang for my buck without buying things that are not needed (i.e. the extra 500 GB HDD and 4GB of RAM I will be left with if I choose the Pro). Any opinions are welcome and I hope that people can share their experiences with these laptops as they will help me a great deal in deciding which one will fit my needs the most. Thank you!

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  • Do Windows 7 Home Premium x64 bit retail disks have bloatware on them or is it a clean install?

    I wanted to put Windows 7 on my Mac via Bootcamp, but I do not want to put it on my Mac if there is junk on the windows disk. I just would like the clean version. Would I have to buy a different version of windows like Windows Ultimate or would Home Premium be good enough?

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  • What happens to the bills when a parent passes away?

    My father and I recently went through the loss of my mother a few months ago. Unfortunately, my dad has terminal cancer and will essentially leave me by myself since I am an only child. My uncle has volunteered to take care of me since he lives next door to where I live. He was going to allow me to live in the house by myself so I was wondering, what happens to the bills that me and my father pay for the house I would be staying in? i.e. cable, phone, internet (not including utilities and rent). Would they remain or would they stop since my father would be passing? Only serious people need answer. Thank you!

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  • A question regarding a minor managing Social Security Funds?

    I am 16 years old. Me and my father both receive funds from Social Security and our finances are managed by a representative payee. Unfortunately, the representative payee does not carry out their job properly and gives all funds to my father to use at my father's discretion. The other day I was contacted by the Social Security Administration regarding the use of my benefits from my mother's passing, and the benefits allotted for the care of me. I reported to them that I felt my funds were being misused by my father, and they responded by saying that if I had my own bank account, my benefits could be directly deposited into my account to prevent my father from misusing my funds. They mentioned that my checks and my father's checks were separate and that my checks need not be managed by our financial payee. They also mentioned that on occasion, they do this so that benefits are being used for the recipient appropriately without having to cause turmoil in the family.

    So, my question is whether this is even possible. I am aware that you must be over 18 in order to not be considered a minor. Since I am only 16, and I have my own bank account, would this even be an option for me? What other option would I have if this is not a viable option? Thank you in advance! :)

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  • What are some methods to get rid of lust from my life?

    I am not at all religious and I am not doing this for any kind of one religion. I would rather live my life without lust because feelings of lust reminds me of a past mistake I made. Someone may recommend removing the source of lust from my life but unfortunately that cannot be done because its people that are the source of my feelings of lust. What else can I do? I would like to live my life happier than currently.

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  • When calculating tax, why do you add a one to a percent in decimal form?

    For example, If the state tax is 4%, the decimal form will be 0.04. But I know it is much less work to just add a 1 to make the number 1.04. I know that by multiplying this number to the total, it will preserve the total and will subtract the percent from the total, but why does it work this way? I'm not sure if I explained this well, so let me know if you do not understand.

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  • My Father keeps borrowing money from me to pay for his habits. What should I do?

    My father is asking me for money whenever he knows I have it. He uses this money to fund his smoking and alcohol addiction. He doesn't work and neither do I. He always pays his bills but the reason we don't have money is that he is constantly borrowing from people to buy his beer and cigarettes. I am not able to buy clothes when I need them and we are just barely surviving. I know I should get a job, but I believe if I get a job I will not have enough time to finish school work and I will not be able to get into a good college. I am currently a Sophomore. What should I do?

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  • Would someone please critique my poem for my English class?

    My assignment was to make a poem that described myself appearance-wise. I meshed my appearance with my personality in the poem to make it more interesting. It is not required to have the poem proof read before turning it in but I would like to get a good grade on it. If there is any errors or parts that need to be taken out please mention them. Please be very critical when looking over this!

    The softest part of me, my jet-black hair,

    crafted to perfection and yet it features great flaw.

    My glasses offer view to my gloomy eyes.

    Behind my circular black veils of emptiness is a void

    a record of many a trial and tribulation.

    With these abysmal lenses to my soul,

    I cast a tired and spiteful stare upon those beneath me.

    A slight smirk across my face, I know something you don't.

    However, my mouth remains closed to still my quick tongue.

    They are one in the same with my ears: hidden yet sharp.

    We were only required to mention our faces and I did not know how else to describe my face. Again, please give constructive comments and read this very critically. What do you think I should add? What should I take out? What is good? What's bad? Thank you very much everyone for your help! :)

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  • Would the CIA World Factbook be considered a primary source or a secondary source?

    I need to research on the economy of Portugal and I am limited to primary sources. The factbook has a lot of useful information and I was wondering weather it was a primary source or not since it is from a government intelligence agency.

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