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  • Whatever happened to Greenday?

    I'm not really a fan, i'm just wondering what happened to them, they come out with a bunch of hits and then dissapear for a few years... Do you think they're making another album, or is their career just over???

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  • Papa J and mily cyris Fan????

    wtf is wrong with her????????

    She is annoying, she can't turn off the f***ing caps lock, shes obsessed with miley cyrus (and claims she met her) and shes also obsessed with the Jonas brother's dad... thats not normal!!!!!! i hate the phsyco fans like her who worship talentless singers!!!

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  • Getting highlights? 10 pts!!!?

    I have dark brown hair and i'm thinking about getting highlights so I want to know which color would look best i know i DONT want a shade of red so it either has to be a shade of brown or blonde. I also want to know if their is a certain shade that would make my hair look shinier. please attach a picture!! I will give 10 pts for the best answer!!!

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  • love triangle?? 10 pts for best answer!!?

    I promised my friend i'd set her up with the guy she likes at a party tomorrow but the problem is I like him too and she knows i do... supposedly he doesn't like anyone, but someone told me he said he'd go out with her... but hes always flirting with me and hes usually kind of mean to her... i don't know if i should tell him i like him or set him up with her... help!!

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  • speech topic for 8th grade sister??

    my sister needs to choose a speech topic for her english class. it can't be about personal expiriences and it can't be an instructional speech. Last year she did a speech on superstition and won a competition, so she wants a topic that will interest everyone. got any ideas?

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