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  • Extremely sick, Burning up, Muscle pains, Chest pains, Losing sight every now and then plus alot of other stuff!!! What should I do?

    Currently been crook as a dog for the past few days. Started off as a normal flu then the next day I couldn't walk, Muscles started aching, Blurred/lose of sight, Feel like I'm on fire and so much more... What should I do? I've been taking panadol, Been drinking water like no tomorrow, Having warm baths etc etc but nothing is helping. Feels as if it's getting wprse each day

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  • Need urgent help?

    Hey Guys/Girls, my name Is Blake Holmes. Im In desperate need of help as my Girlfriend missed her year 12 school ball as we had a baby girl. She Is really upset and down because of It as she wanted to feel like a princess for a night! So I want to make my own ball for her and make her dream come true. The thing Is I dont know what to do or how to make It how she wanted It to be! She has no Idea Im doing this for her as I want It to be a surprise for her. If anyone can help me make this dream of hers come true please tell me I wanna do anything I can to see her beautiful smile on her face. Thank you

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  • Need girls advice please?

    Me and my girlfriend broke up again its been about 2 weeks now. And over those two weeks she has said to my mates she misses me and all of this ****, and then when we speak she says she doesn't wanna be in a relationship with anyone for awhile now and yet she goes and dates my old mate. And I have warned her about him as every girlfriend he has had he has belted them up and always got violent with them. I forgave her 7 times for cheating on me and when I was having thoughts one day she begged me to sit down and talk to her but the day she had them she just tells me to **** off and stuff like that but the day we broke up she said she loves me all day and then came the part we broke up and after we did she said she still loves me and that. Then she says to my mates she misses me then says she wants to work it out then saying she doesn't then changes it again and then she said she doesn't want me in her life anymore but then she calls me and txts me still and I've been warning her about her new boyfriend but she won't listen to me even his exs have msgd her saying exactly what I've been saying. And a couple of days ago I saw her best mate and she said to me that she still loves me but she is bottleing all of her emotions and feeling for me in a bottle and soon she will realise you two were meant to be. Everyday I have thought about ending my life I'm really confused people I really really need help and would be great if use could add me on facebook to help me out aswell my name is blake john holmes and that's my facebook name aswell please really need help I'm so confused and its honestly screwing with my head now don't no what to do anymore :'(

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  • What do i do now im hell nervous?

    My ex has told me she misses me and still loves me and wants to work it out but wants some space for now just for a couple of weeks it was the best news I've heard in ages cause I still love her but what should I do cause I'm so nervous atm please someone help me with what I should do

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  • can someone please help me with me and my ex?

    hey me and my gf just broke up and she said she has lost the feeling of love between us then the day after we broke up i saw her on the bus and she started crying then she grabbed my arm and put it around her and fell asleep. after that she went to skool saying she regrets breaking up with me and misses me. but then she sent me a msg saying that were done and wont work it out and about 5 mins after her best mate calls me saying that she is speaking to her and she is wanting me back and that what do i do im so confused

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