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  • Tanking in World of Warcraft?

    I have a protection warrior and would like to be tanking raids as soon as possible but can't find a good one hand weapon to start with.

    Can someone help me find one through heroics or crafting?

    5 AnswersVideo & Online Games1 decade ago
  • Does anyone have a more problematic sister/brother as mine?

    Please. Someone help me with a more sad story than mine.

    My mother baby my little sister (28 years old).

    My sister is her only daughter (she have 3 older sons and 1 daughter) and she treats her like she's the last example of an endangered species.

    My sister never went to her own bank alone.

    My sister never went to the groceries shop (my mother sends me instead).

    My sister never did her own inscription in college (guess who did?)

    My mother says my sister is a girl so I have to take care of her. She still says that even after my sister married :-S

    My sister spends all her weekends in our home since I still live with my mother hogging the television and computer at the same time.

    Recently she got diabetes from eating only junk food and chocolate and now my mother refuses from moving out of the house we rent together to the house she owns (rent free. yay) in another city because she fears my sister will have something and no one will be around to help her.

    My mother convinced me to put their car leasing in my name because her husband name was blacklisted.

    I work off town and only get back at weekends to find her and my brother-in-law in my house complaining about their lives.

    They have a car, their own house (full paid btw) and still expects me to pay her a mastery in physiotherapy because I am the one that 'got lucky' in finding a good job although I had to drop college to pay the home bills (I'm still paying her marriage party) and still didn't got around to have enough money for a proper education.

    I'm getting fed up of this and need to know if someone have a similar problem with their sister/brother.

    7 AnswersFamily1 decade ago
  • Dual boot Windows 7 x Windows XP?

    I have a pc with Windows 7 Ultimate installed but would like to install Windows XP to play some games not supported in Windows 7. Problem is when I tried to install Windows XP in a new partition, my pc copied the installation files then crashed when the pc rebooted itself with a message saying there wasn't an OS in the HD (or something like this). I think I have just screwed the boot sector in my HD, but managed to salvaged my files in another copy of Windows 7.

    My question is: Does anyone know how to install Windows XP in a machine with Windows 7 or I will have to backup my data and install a fresh copy of XP and then Install Windows 7 after?

    5 AnswersOther - Computers1 decade ago
  • Afinal de contas, o universo está acelerando ou desacelerando?

    A teoria do Darwinismo se baseia no fato que o universo é estático, mas eu já li que o universo está se expandindo. O que eu quero saber é se ele está acelerando nessa expansão ou desacelerando.

    1 AnswerFísica1 decade ago
  • Tamanho de transistor?

    Alguém pode me dizer qual é atualmente o menor transistor do mundo? Resposta em mícrons por favor. (Já vi gente tentar responder em centímetros -_-' )

    1 AnswerOutros - Hardware1 decade ago
  • Quem falou e em qual filme?

    Trívia rápida. Qual foi o ATOR e em qual FILME foi dita a frase: "Meu filho, somos peregrinos em uma terra pagã".

    6 AnswersCinema1 decade ago
  • De que filme e ator é essa fala?

    Ok, mais uma trivia. Me responda de qual filme e ator é a fala: “Me lembrei de Carlos Magno - Que meus exércitos sejam as pedras, as árvores e as aves no céu”. Ganha quem for o primeiro a responder corretamente.

    5 AnswersCinema1 decade ago
  • Diga de qual filme é essa fala?

    Mais uma fala de filme. O primeiro que acertar ganha. A frase é "Oh Lord, please don’t let us screw up!"

    5 AnswersCinema1 decade ago
  • Qual dos três filmes da trilogia matrix você mais gostou?

    e explique o que você não gostou nos outros

    7 AnswersCinema1 decade ago